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All Rubber Lovers On Deck! – 14th Annual Club RUB Rubber Awards Report

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All Rubber On Deck! - 14th Annual Club RUB Rubber Awards Report

This was Scene-Magazine’s first excursion to the Annual Rubber Awards at Club RUB in London. It all began much sooner then the October 14th Date, for editors Baron and Paris. There were flights to book, flyers to print, Rubber Outfits to assemble, prizes to gather, Passports to find, tickets to buy, bags to pack, trains and planes to catch, and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Much anticipation was in the air and all the social networks were buzzing about this long awaited event, The 14th Annual Club RUB Rubber Awards.

Scene-Magazine was one of the official sponsors of the event, along with well known Latex Fashion Designers, Authors, Artists, and Businesses in the Fetish industry. Many prizes were available for this Rubber event. (A list of all official sponsors can be found further down.)

Twitters were tweeted back and forth amongst friends and colleagues also anticipating and attending the fetish event. Miss Kim led the social campaign on twitter, Facebook, fetlife and every other social network available. Everyone was on board with her as they all had the same mission, to try to have one of of the best Rubber Awards ever!!! Everyone was keeping in touch. Everyone was excited!

For Scene-Magazine Editors Baron and Paris, the day of the awards began bright and early at 6:00 am. A last minute check of bags and credentials led them out the door and on their way, with Paris having her hair styled at Kinki Salon in Amsterdam, just before they had to leave for the Schiphol airport to catch their flight to England.

Paris talked Baron’s ear off about meeting Miss Kim of Club RUB whom she has been following on Fetlife for sometime and recently met online and has become friendly with. Miss Kim is no stranger to Scene-Mag since she was interviewed and featured in the August edition. Paris speaks very highly of the Club Promoter and Fetish Fashion Stylist and could not wait to meet the fetish fashionista in her territory of London’s Club RUB.

The day was wonderful for flying and their flight was smooth and effortless as can be. Not a cloud in the sky. A perfect take off and perfect landing.
They arrived at Heathrow in no time at all, had a nice dinner in a romantic little pub somewhere in the airport. A relaxing and elegant atmosphere helped with any nervousness on Paris’s part.

After they finished a delicious dinner the plan was to catch a taxi straight to the HMS President 1918 along the Victoria Embankment and to do some sight seeing along the way. But Baron’s love of trains and his penchant for his pennies made him look happily towards “the Tubes” for an alternative, less expensive route to the ARA. Paris stood with her hand on her hip and sighed loudly, “but Baron, what about sight seeing”!!! Still pumped with excitement the two boarded the extremely crowded Piccadilly-line and traveled all the way to The Victoria Embankment. The train was crowded but the atmosphere was good. Baron assured Paris that they would return to London for a longer holiday, “someday”.

They arrived at the Embankment station and walked hurriedly out into the warm harvest evening towards the River Thames in Westminster City. The views were quite breathtaking, as taxis, cars, double Decker buses and even the odd biker traveled along the Embankment.

The city lights were bright as they walked across the road, but they had no idea where the HMS President 1918 could be. They asked a souvenir vendor for much needed directions. He pointed way down the road and told them it was right before the second bridge. They had a very long walk in front of them but the views were astounding as they passed sights like the Corinthia London Hotel, views of Big Ben, The London Eye, all the beautiful sculptures and breathtaking architecture along the River. Many ohhhhhhs!! and ahhhhhhs!!! where exchanged as they walked together towards their destination. This all made the walk a lot shorter then it really was and that much more enjoyable. Paris snapped photos with her iphone along the way.

The famous lines were exchanged many times from Paris to Baron, “Are we there yet”? Do you see it? Is that the ship? Until finally in all it’s glory they landed right in front of the majestic, honorable HMS President 1918.

Finally they had arrived on this exciting October Night. They stood and looked at each other and said We Made it !!! We’re here!!!! We are going to meet Miss Kim and party the night away!!

Everything was perfect until….. they had to board the ship. You see a very steep plank connected the street to the entrance of the vessel. Paris has a fear of heights, and the combination of that fear, plus a low tide, made their entrance to the party very awkward and almost impossible. With a little help, (Thank you so much Baron, Kevin, Miss Kim, and Captain Steve) that final hurdle was taken.
What a very unusual way to meet the Lovely Miss Kim, (dressed in a stunning red latex jacket, red and white print slacks with a matching red and white cute latex hat) for the very first time, and one experience Paris and Baron will never every forget.

As they stepped onto the ship they were immediately greeted by Club RUB Personnel and were guided straight into the changing room. Baron and Paris hurriedly opened their bags and changed into their rubber attire as to not miss a thing. As they finished dressing, shined up their rubber, they kissed and made it out onto the ships hull, checked their coats and bags and proceeded up the steps into the main ballroom. It was still early yet and they had time to leisurely take a tour of the ship, taking everything in and finding their way around.

The main ball room was quite spacious and decorated with long flowing white curtains while white twinkly lights adorned the high ceilings and dripped down like diamonds. Tables and chairs were placed for guest to sit close to the main stage. Beautiful shiny Awards lined a table in the center. The familiar Club RUB Banner was visible overhead.

The Rubber guest arrived in steady intervals, it was an awesome sight to see friends and new acquaintances dressed in there Rubber Finest. There was so much to take in. Judges had a special table to view and judge the awards. A mysterious lady dressed in a glamourous long blue inflatable latex dress captured Paris’s attention for the remainder of the evening. Paris was seated along with all of the judges as the contest began. The contestants paraded on stage showing off their shiny attire. And the judges surely had their work cut out for them. The final decisions were made and handed to Miss Kim for the awards ceremony later that night.

Judges included; Goddess Ira, Fetish photographer Richard Knightly, and of course Paris Paradis, choosing the Best Extra Special Rubber.

After the Contest, it was time to dance the night away, but there was more to do aboard the HMS President. In another part of the ship “Photo Booth” had build a set where guests could have their photo taken in a really fun professional decor. Baron and Paris gave it a try and will post photos as soon as they receive them from “” (an exceptionally super adventure and a must for any party.)

At midnight the awards were handed out to the lucky winners. There were many categories and fantastic prizes to give:

Best Rubber Man – D-vote
Best Creative Rubber – Libidex
Best Rubber Lady – Atsuko Kudo
Best Old School Rubber – Demask
Best Extra Special Rubber – Scene-Magazine
Best Rubber Couple – Breathless
Best Rubber Uniform – Bondinage
Best Colourful Rubber – Westward Bound
Best Rubber Boy – Latex 101
Best Rubber Dress – Honour Latex
Best Full Rubber – House of Harlot
Best Rubber Hood – Rubber 55 £60 hood.
Best Rubber Accessory – Lady Lucie Latex £50 gift certificate.
Best Cartoonesque Rubber – Gernot
Best Home Made Rubber – 3xL/Rubber Life.
Spot prize: Violaceous Latex £50 gift certificate.
Spot prize: Shhh! Couture £50 gift certificate.
Spot prizes: Skin Two Magazine Issue 62.

Magnificent stage performances could be watched throughout the night and Baron and Paris found themselves running from one end of the ship to the other. There was so much Fetish Fun to be enjoyed. Baron frantically snapped photos along the way for the magazine as to try and not miss a single opportunity. In the belly of the ship, an impressive dungeon gave people an opportunity to play or buy Fetish Items from Nick of Domestics. It was there that Baron and Paris met Heather downy of London Fetish Fair, along with Matt of Bondage Engineering. The conversation was good and interesting amongst new fetish friends.

We witnessed Brilliant performances from Goddess Ira, Cynth Icorn, The Late Night Shop and Bondage Engineering

People congregated on all parts of the ship, talking, drinking, partying, laughing and making fast friends. Oh, and the DJ was fantastic!

The night was drawing to an end for Baron and Paris. They needed to catch a very early morning flight back to The Netherlands.
A little sadness came over them as the thought of leaving this exciting adventure loomed before them. The high energy evening was coming to an end for the Scene-Magazine editors and they would have to leave their new-found friends they had made that evening, on-board The HMS President 1918 on the Victoria Embankment.

They said there farewells to Miss Kim and thanked her for a wonderful evening. Their last minutes on the ship before they departed, the Dj played a remix of U2’s New Years Day with the chorus of, “I will be with you again” reassuring them that they would someday return to this fantastic city of London, Miss Kim and Club RUB.

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