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A Good Hood

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I adore latex and masks and so I understand the importance of a good hood. we all have our favoured styles and idea of what flatters us best but here are some tips which I think will help you find a hood which suits your face best. After all- when you wear a mask you draw attention to what is revealed- be it your eyes and mouth or even less than that- and it must be framed properly.

I personally think smaller eyeholes and mouth holes are very flattering, but consider what you like, here are some pros and cons of the varying options.

Large eye holes/ mouth holes
*They show more of the face which means- if you wear make up, more work
*If you feel slightly claustrophobic wider eye holes etc can feel less oppressive.
*More space for expression/ movement.

Designers- HW Designs/ Rubber 55/ Slinky Skin

Small eye hole/ mouth holes
*Smaller holes frame the features more neatly if they fit correctly
*They provide coverage for ageing skin-
I suggest to get the most flattering look from a hood with wider eye holes if you have older skin to ensure that the skin is pushed under the latex so it is tighter. Otherwise they skin can puff out of the eye hole or wrinkles be made to look deeper by being pushed by the latex.
*Can be uncomfortable or too intense for some

Designers- Studio gum/ Rubber 55/ Slinky Skin/ Guminique / Jazzy Fashion

Pinhole eyes
*Can be hard to get used to/ eyelashes can get caught

Slinky Skin/ Latex Nemisis

Rounded/ tear drop eyes
*Nice feminine design, often compliments make up

Rubber 55/ Breathless/ Latex Nemisis/ Triple L/ Jazzy Fashion

Circular eyes
*If ill-fitting can look bad
*quite a basic aesthetic- quite dehumanising.


Anatomical holes
*these can be very flattering for any gender, especially if well cut to fit our eyes/ mouth
*Can create a very nice rubber doll aesthetic

Rubber’s Finest


Flap down noses
*If they fit you well they look great but if they’re not a good fit the flap nose pattern can look quite clunky


Curved pointed noses
*again if it fits nicely it will look lovely but if its too small or large it will be uncomfortable or look baggy.
*Some people are cautious of the smaller nose holes but I’ve never had an issue with breathing through them.

Rubber 55/ Slinky Skin/ Jazzy Fashion

The fit of your hood
Buy your good to fit your head- don’t go too large, its better to be a little too small and let it stretch a little- the latex as a big of give in it and a good fit will firm up a jawline and high light cheek bones whereas a poor fit will look like a rubber bag!

Sheet latex/ Moulded

Both can give a good fit- and quality can vary from vendor to vendor- good moulded latex masks are great- Rubber’s Finest and Studio Gum’s are divine. But equally a well make sheet hood is delicious too. Be wary off cheep hoods moulded or otherwise- they are likely to fit poorly and be unflattering.

About the Author
Cynth Icorn is a young fetish model, performer and club promoter based in London, England.

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