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If you are an Alternative, Fetish or BDSM related business, you can reach your potential customers worldwide through SceneMagazine.

We are the finest Alternative / Fetish / BDSM Online International Magazine On The Web.

Our online magazine is the ideal place to reach surfers in the fetish market all around the world.

We are reaching new customers and keeping old ones happy in the Fetish Community worldwide everyday and our numbers keep growing.

Individual Advertising Options:

We can put together a advertising package geared specifically for your business. Your ad can be viewed on every page of SceneMagazine giving you maximum exposure. Space is limited.
Become a valued advertiser of SceneMagazine and place your paid ad with us. Options and Pricing are as follows:

Platinum Plus
Position: Sidebar, upper position (top 5 rows)
1 month,
 banner size 275×275 (WxH)= €65
3 months, banner size 275×275 (WxH) = €180

Position: Sidebar, upper position (top 5 rows)
1 month
 banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €40
3 months 
banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €105

Gold Plus
Position: Sidebar middle position (row 5 through 10)
1 month
 banner size max 275×275 (WxH) = €50
3 months 
banner size max 275×275 (WxH) = €135

Position: Sidebar, middle position (row 5 through 10)
1 month
, banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €35
3 months, 
banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €90

Position: Sidebar, lower position (below row 10)
1 month,
 banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €30
3 months, 
banner size 135×135 (WxH) = €75

Position: Top row in the footer
1 month, bannersize 100×50 (WxH) = €35
3months, bannersize 100×50 (WxH) = €90


If you love our magazine and would like to help keep SceneMagazine a free publication and show your kindness and appreciation with a donation, all donations are welcome.

Scene magazine reaches a wide range of readers, offering an eclectic menu of subject related articles which also covers a vast genre of subject related material geared specifically for people interested and/or living in an Alternative/Fetish/BDSM Lifestyle. We are constantly developing Scene Magazine and you will always find something fun, new and alternative here.

Any Questions? Email us at

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