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This Is How It All Began…

One Very Cold Wintery Evening, A Very Petite Little Girl Named Paris, Sat All Alone In Her Room Playing With Her Dolls. She Dreamed Of Becoming Just Like Them. Her Mind Was Full Of Sexy, Perverted And Very Unusual Thoughts. She Would Touch Herself In Her Most Private Parts, As Images Of Shiny Rubber Doll like Creatures, With Glistening Black Flesh & Big Hard Penetrating Dildo’s, Would Dance Before Her Like An Endless Fetish B Movie…
She Knew She Was Not Like The Other Girls… Her Human Existence Began To Fade Away. She Found Herself Slowly Being Transformed Into A Tiny Rubber Dolly, Dressed Up In All Sorts Of Bizarre Rubber Encasement’s and very Tight Catsuits, Unusual Rubber hoods and Masks, Sky High High Heels, Breath Restrictive Gasmasks And Finding Herself Living In a Sexy illustrious Rubber Dream. She Was No Longer Human. She Is A Real Live Little Rubber Dolly.

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