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Kayla Lords

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Kayla is a sex-blogger, an indie author who writes BDSM erotica, and a natural submissive who identifies most as a babygirl. She also lives and works in a very vanilla world that has no idea what happens when she go behind closed doors and opens up her laptop.
She discovered the Dominance and submission lifestyle in 2012 and never looked back. For her, D/s is about a deep connection with her Dominant. One of her goals since early 2013 has been to show people the real-life aspects of a D/s relationship – while turning them on with kinky, erotic scenes and images.

She might be a little in the Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic, but has sharp claws when necessary. She discovered more about herself sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically in the lifestyle than all the years of her life before 2012.
On her website, she writes about masturbation, spankings, pain, her submission, and a million other things that pertain to her sexual life. Feel free to join her there at To take a look at the books she has written, check her out on Amazon or Goodreads. If you’re a more visual person, She’s on Tumblr too.

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