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Lady Azelle

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Lady Azelle is an intellectual, insightful, & statuesque Dominatrix. Dubbing herself the ‘Domme Next Door’, She brings a grounded approach to Her domination. Her background in psychology is drawn from work experience as well as Her college and university education. She would describe herself as a perpetual student of human nature. She marches to the beat of Her own drum as She continues Her never-ending journey into the depths of the submissive mind.

She blogs regularly on Her experiences as a Pro Domme and as a Lifestyle Domme. Her monthly Newsletter is well-received and reaching an ever-growing audience. When not writing about Her experiences and tying people up for Her pleasure and amusement She can be found at the local gym, volunteering in Her community, travelling, and curled up in a window (or in the warmer months under a tree) with a good book.

Being dominant isn’t something that She learned or discovered as an adult. Some of her earliest childhood memories involve tying boys to trees with skipping ropes. She was also known to bury boys in snow forts, telling them not to move until She returned from dinner. The joy she experienced when She returned and found that they had obeyed Her is carried with Her to this day when Her submissives and slaves make Her proud. Those who know Her are wise enough not to mistake Her genuinely warm smile for an inability to be strict and stern. In fact, delightful sadism often puts that smile on Her face.

Azelle translates to ‘noble & distinguished’ and She is both. She is naturally provocative, sensual and passionate. She has a great zest and an appreciation for life, and treats it as an adventure; willing to bring others along for the ride. The ride must be earned though, as indicated by Her catchphrase ‘What have you done to deserve Me?’.

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