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Master Liam

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As a Lifestyle and Professional Dominant, I am also recognized in the adult industry as an Actor, Producer and Filmmaker. I am known for My extremely sadistic and intense style. Smart, a bit dark, cynical, kind, eclectic, funny, gentle but firm… oldest surviving of 6 kids…ex seminarian (Fuller Seminary in Pasadena Ca)…lover of Hollywood, London and Paris…spiritual in a questioning kind of way (My mother was East Indian Hinduist and father was Roman Catholic) …admirer of artists and the creative process…entrepreneur and business savvy…follower of fashion…loyal… Welsh/ Northern India American…a person who likes interesting people of any persuasion, as long as they are passionate about their life and have a sense of who they are. I am also a Performance Artist, specializing in theatrical demonstrations including but not limited to hook suspensions and expert bullwhip manipulation.

I work from Servitus LA, a fully equipped, discreet dungeon and film studios (“Snakeoil Media Productions”) in downtown Los Angeles. As a natural Dominant Male. I view Myself as sort of a Ring Leader, choreographing a bizarre carnival of the extreme visuals, except My trained animals are humans and they jump through the hoops. I have extensive training in psychology and am adept at mind control. you will find yourself easily coerced by My charismatic and charming personality. I am gentle but firm. However, do not mistake My kindness for weakness. I am selfish, self centered, self seeking, shallow and find My pleasure in your pain. you will have to work very hard to keep My attention as I am also easily distracted. And I will dismiss you in an instant if any display insolence.

I am not a passive aggressive; I am very aggressive! I am skilled in the education and training of the submissive, slave and aspiring Dom. I teach My slaves how to improve themselves, to become stronger, wiser and find themselves in new levels of eroticism never explored before.

Take a ride with Me into a world you have only fantasized about before. you will become obsessed with a need to please Me and be in My powerful presence. your rightful place is at My feet…My boot crushing your will. I am not a misogynist, predator nor brutalizer, or in any way prejudice against race, color, sex or religion. Those that seek to gain My attention, come to Me willingly and with understanding of My practices. I practice the philosophy of “RACK” (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and am very safe and legal. Do not come to Me under the influence of drugs or alcohol (this is not tolerable). Be well rested and hydrated and ready for play.

My list of favorite fetishes and specialties: * Mummification/Encasement/Sensory Deprivation/Breath play * Interrogation/Uniform Fetish/Inspection * Role Play * Rope Bondage * Humiliation * NT/CT * Ball Busting * Mindfuck/Psychodrama/Psycho Asylum * Fire Play/Cupping/Wax Play * Impact Play (Bullwhips, Single Tail, Paddles, Flogging, Canes, Spanking, Kicking, Punching) * Pressure Point Play (over ten years of Martial Arts training) * Medical * Electrical * Tickling * Slave Training * Age Play (you can call Me Daddy!) * Public Humiliation * Position/Posture Training * Etiquette Training/Corrections * Dacryphilia (arousal from tears) * Bastinado * Face Slapping, Hair Pulling, Spitting * Fetishes (Uniforms, Medical, Butcher, Shoes/Boots, PVC, Leather, Latex, Rubber, Hats) * Animal Training (puppy, kitty)

I am available for Private Dom scenes (females or couples only),Movies, events and performance with My troupe The Carnival of Pain. I can be reached at:

Thank you

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