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Princess Indigo

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Princess Indigo is a flame haired English Transgender Dominatrix, artist, writer, blogger and twitter star. Famous for her loud good mornings, tea drinking obsession and orange locks; she has built herself a cult following of over 10,000 fans. In spite of her many talents, it is her warm friendly but decidedly nutty personality for which she is best known.

Part of the fetish scene since 2009, she was initially a submissive she fell madly in love with a charismatic writer and Mistress who trained her to become a Dominatrix. This rollercoaster love affair changed the course of the Princess’ life forever.

With her background in theatre, the arts and comic books when she went on to meet the larger than life artist and fetish veteran Veronica Vinyl they immediately hit it off. Inspiring the Princess to become a fetish artist herself and begin writing a crazy science fiction/fantasy novel based on their adventures.

She then joined twitter and launched the fetish blog Chateau Indigo with pictures of the famous Russian glamour model turned Dominatrix Lana Cox. The blog was an instant success and within a few months the Princess was a familiar face in the online fetish community. Then in a radical change of direction, she moved into digital art and became an underground fetish star in her own right.

After much success with her artwork she began writing blogs and later short stories. Creating a rich fantasy world, living out her fetish supermodel dreams of travelling the world, driving a purple Rolls Royce Silver Cloud whilst dressed in shockingly tight latex. Like Sherlock Holmes before her she has a fictional address on a real London street, residing in Gordon Square in the heart of Bloomsbury, a stone’s throw from the British Museum.

There is an anarchic spirit that runs through her personality and work which is much evident in her bawdy friendships with her fetish home girls Lisa Doll, Belinda Z and Tigress Melli. Of all her friendships it is the Scottish slave girl Lisa, with her rapacious wit, that most shaped the Princess we know today.

As the Princess career progressed and her reputation grew, she  developed a large following amongst the sissy community. Her warm friendly exterior belies a dark twisted, remorselessly seductive soul which has made sissy after sissy melt like chocolate. With a taste for orgasm control combined with forced feminisation, she has become a spellbindingly powerful Dominatrix indeed.

Princess Indigo is also famous for being the treasured pet of legendary Hypnotic Haylee. Who along with her alter ego Vox Siren has a huge cult following of her own. The subsequent artwork, stories and the blog When Two Fires Meet inspired by their friendship have been hugely popular. All of which led to the creation of the series Goodnight Moon for In Haylee We Trust which fuses their two fantasy worlds together.

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