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After Care, Commercial vs Personal Spaces

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After Care, Commercial vs Personal Spaces

One of the many reasons I prefer to session out of My Own space is the issue of aftercare.
Aftercare doesn’t only relate to taking care of open cuts.  For the record, marking only happens when it’s an agreed upon/consensual and is always discussed beforehand.  In aftercare there is also a psychological element that one can’t put on a timer.  After sessions it’s important for many to have the time to come down from their experience which depending on the play can be quite intense.  I also like to chat for a few minutes to make sure the person’s head is in a good space when he leaves, sometimes play experiences can be triggers.
That doesn’t mean one will be subjected to an uncomfortable, regimented question-answer period, it can easily be small talk on an unrelated matter.  Having that time is something that is very important to Me.  While I can be quite vicious with my actions, at the core I am a very nurturing person.  I want the people I play with to feel safe, secure and accepted.  A ticking clock with knocks on the door and people walking around in the halls can’t provide that atmosphere.  It takes away from the personal touch of the experience, it cuts into the energy exchange and warmth.

Julie Simone

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