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Ashley Renee Interview

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Ashley Renee Interview

During a shoot for Penthouse, photographer Ken Marcus picked up on the submissive behaviors of Ashley, and suggested her to contact Simone Devin for a bondage shoot. During that shoot, Simone also gave Ashley her stage name: Ashley Renee. From that moment on, Ashley’s career took a turn as she soon became a popular bondage model.

The list of magazines she appeared in is just too long to sum up, but some of the bigger names include; Penthouse, Hustler, High Society, Leg Show, Hustler’s Busty Beauties, Club, Easy Rider and many many more.

Scene Magazine gives you a little insight in the girl that became Miss Bondage World, Best Model of the Century, and Best Model of the Year!


SM: Can you tell us about your website?
AR: My website is my heart and soul. It’s my life. I pour all of myself into it, so it’s extremely personal. I update it weekly with new videos, photo sets, ‘behind the scenes’ images, archives, artwork, diaries, and a special section featuring me untied in non-bondage related fetishes. My site also features a forum where members can ask me whatever they want.

SM: Are you on any social media networks? Where can people find you?
AR: I can be found on as well as on Twitter at On the Twitter URL, I had to add the word “real”, because “Ashley Renee” had already been taken by someone else.

SM: What’s you favorite type of bondage?
AR: Well, my very favorite bondage position is a very strict strappado. Not only is it an aesthetically beautiful position, but it provides ‘easy access’ and is comfortable for any type of play.

SM: And your favorite bondage toy?
AR: I love gags. I’m a total ‘gag girl’. I also like all kinds of vibrators.

SM: When and how did you get interested in BDSM?
AR: I have always been heavily into D/S play, ever since I can remember. However, I didn’t get into bondage until later on. I didn’t even know there was such thing. After shooting a centerfold for Penthouse magazine, the photographer, who had observed my extremely submissive behavior, introduced me to a bondage photographer…..and the rest is history.

SM: Who inspires you?
AR: I’m inspired by real players (not the ones that just pretend for the money or for instant fame.) I really look up to my friends Lorelei, Lew Rubens, and Damon Pierce

SM: You have won numerous awards, can you tell us about them?
AR: Probably the biggest and most notable award I’ve won is, “Miss Bondage World”, awarded by “Bonvue.” I still hold the title. I’ve also won “Best Bondage Model of the Century”, and “Best Bondage Model” numerous years in a row. I’ve also been awarded “Most Fun to Work With”, “Fan Favorite”, and most recently, “Worlds Top Ten Bondage Models”, by

SM: Do you go to Fetish parties or Fetish Events?
AR: I just recently started going out to a bondage nightclub to play. I don’t know what took me so long. Guess I’d better make up for lost time! I’ve always turned down going to conventions in the past because I’m actually really shy and I get nervous easily. I’d probably lose sleep the 6 months leading up to the event, so I just figured I’d spare myself the anxiety.

SM: What do you like about bondage?
AR: Everything! I like what it represents. I like that I feel complete when I’m tied up. I feel quite vulnerable in real life, so when I’m in bondage it feels like a natural state of being. When I struggle it feels like everything I wish I could say, but can’t.

SM: What are your future plans anything fun coming up?
AR: I have a lot of interviews coming up and I was offered a book deal. I’m sorting out all the details now! I’m really excited about it!

SM: How do you keep fit and in good shape?
AR: Well, thank you…. I’m flattered you noticed. I take a kick boxing class nearly everyday. I’m a total workout fanatic. I can’t start my day until I’m done at the gym. But once that’s over, I’m up for anything! Oh, and I eat whatever I want. That’s the best part!

SM: Three people you would like to see interviewed by Scene Magazine?
AR: I’d love to see Lorelei interviewed. She’s so interesting and has a lot to say about everything. I think she’d be incredible. I also think Damon Pierce is fascinating, as well as Entropy, because he makes the coolest whips I’ve ever seen and felt!

SM: What do you like to do when you’re not shooting for your website or being tied up?
AR: Well lately, I’ve been going to “play” parties….but in general, I like romantic dinners and of course great movies. I also love just hanging out and getting deeply involved in conversation.

SM: How’s your love life?
AR: What love life…? I’m holding onto hope that it will be improving soon.

SM: Favorite food?
AR: It’s sushi, by far. I go nearly everyday. I’m addicted.

SM: Favorite part of the world?
AR: I’d really love to visit Japan. Besides my sushi and bondage addiction, I’m heavily into Shibari, bare feet and bonsai trees. I also collect their little wooden dolls, and “Hello Kitty” rocks my world. So, I think Japan would be the perfect place for me to go, don’t you?

SM: Any inspirational words of wisdom or motivational thoughts for our pervy readers?
AR: Hmm…. I’m not sure I have any deeply profound “words of wisdom”, but I think the most important thing is to be true to yourself and your nature. I’d wouldn’t advice fighting against it, and I feel that, once you accept yourself, everything else will work itself out.


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