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AVN 2013 Wrap Up – West Coast Tour Part 1

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I’ve been putting off writing this wrap up for weeks and months.  There was a time when I was completely open about everything in my life.  I was an open book.  In recent times I’ve chosen to live a more private life.  Part of it is wanting to live up to the fantasy, people don’t want their fantasy girl to be a real person.  Part of it is just wanting parts of my life just for me.

AVN was something I was really, really excited about this year.  I’ve only ever brought a lover with me one other time and it was disastrous.  Guys get in the way.  They don’t understand that while it’s fun, it’s also work.  I can’t work a convention floor all day then party all night 3 days in a row.  Business needs to come first.  This year I was bringing someone who seemed to get it and was excited about it.  I wasn’t going to be dealing with negativity and bitching.  I was thrilled.  But, something happened that was so horrible I will probably never speak to that person ever again.  I cancelled his plane ticket; he was uninvited.  Let’s just leave it at that.

I changed my ticket to come a day early since the performance I was supposed to do in NYC got cancelled.  My awesome publicist, Erica Icon aka The Rub Pr,  let me crash with her that night.  She is really amazing.  Going into the convention, trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go to get badges, etc can be really overwhelming.  It was really nice having her next to me and taking me where I needed to go, making sure my badge was there, etc.  It makes a huge difference.  Usually I deal with all that by myself and by the time I get my badge I’m so frazzled I just want to go back home! Erika kept me calm :)

I shot with Maya Sinstress in the early evening.  We have lots of mutual friends but had never really hung out before.  She was so beautiful and sweet and friendly.  I liked her instantly and we had good chemistry on film.  Unfortunately the slave we shot with couldn’t take a lot but still we had fun.

Thursday night I went to Jack the Zipper’s screening for his latest film.  I really love his work.  Unfortunately there were sound issues after the first scene.  What I saw was pretty hot though I have no idea how he’s going to distribute it! There was a plastic bag over a girl’s head, bondage with penetration.  These are things one can get away with on some sites on the internet but most DVD distributors won’t touch.  I think it’s silly.  It’s what the customer wants.  The chick in the scene had a hot body but she kept laughing like an insane person vs a person having fun.  I suppose that’s why he kept fucking her harder.   Even though she annoyed me, it was a hot scene.  I look forward to seeing the rest!

Friday night I worked the Biker Lube booth where they were debuting their new line of floggers.  These were not your average floggers.  As Powder of the NYC Tribe said,  “most floggers will last a couple years, these are so well made this flogger will last me the rest of my life”.  This is from someone who plays and plays often.  What’s cool about the floggers other than being well made is they’re customizable.  My favorite was the brass knuckles handle.  I wasn’t sure what the range of motion would be like using it but it was fine.  You can get 25% off by entering the code “JULIE” at their site,  These are high end implements so 25% is a LOT.   There’s a fun clip and an article about me whipping Rob Perez of XCritic on their site

That evening I had dinner with the lovely Sheri Darling, her slave and another Domme.  She was staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel which had an amazing view.  I was envious! We went to a fancy french restaurant courtesy of Her slave.  It’s so nice when one gets to be pampered!   You can find more of Sheri, her amazing boobs and ever growing collection of latex on Her site

Later I went to the NYC Tribe Party.  They throw a very exclusive after party in a huge suite.  You can find all kinds of kinky debauchery there.  During the party I started to get depressed and left.  Before leaving Maya and her crew noticed that I wasn’t really ok and they adopted me for the weekend which was really really sweet.  They went as far as going to collect all my luggage and having me stay with them so I wouldn’t be alone.  I’ve never had anyone go out of their way for me to that extent, especially people I had just met!  Things like this give me new hope for humanity!  Not all people suck!

I’m getting out of order! Saturday I had 3 sessions.  I rarely book more than 2 a day.  I put a lot into each session to make them as intense as possible and it’s draining for me. I never like to just be going through the motions.  The last of the 3 sessions was super intense.  It had breath play and forced smoke inhalation which are two of my favorite things.  We set off the smoke alarm which has never happened!  Luckily I was able to disconnect it :)

Saturday night was the big night – the awards!  I was excited to be getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.  I had selected a Ralph Lauren gown for my dress.  I didn’t want to be in latex that night. I wanted to look elegant and classy like everyone else.  Unfortunately not everyone appreciated that as one interviewer gave me a lot of shit for not representing my freak flag.  I’ve never been one that fits in a box.  I am a multi-faceted person.  It’s like telling someone they can only fuck in one position – fetish people are normal people too!  Doing red carpets is always demoralizing.  You’re pushed through like cattle and on the rare occasion you actually to speak in an interview the questions are usually dumb and sex related.  I always hope I will get to talk about my work, but no.  It’s always – have you done this random sex act? or something equally banal.  The awards started and I got my 5 seconds of Fame when they announced the Hall of Fame Inductees.  I had thought we would get to go on stage but no.  It’s the biggest award one can get but apparently the anal awards are more important.  I didn’t win any of the other categories I was nominated for and spent most of the rest of the night pissed off.  There’s a reason I don’t go to these things.  I never win and am mad.  I can be mad at home.

Sunday I just chilled w Maya and crew and an epic practical joke ensued.  I’ve told the story to other people and apparently it’s not as funny if you weren’t there.  I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks. Just know it involved enemas and unicorns.  :)

Monday I shot with JJ Plush, GotCuffs and Dixie Comet.  JJ is always fun to tie up, her elbows go together like butter and it’s fun stuffing that giant mouth of hers.  I tied her on a kitchen counter to add an element of danger.  She couldn’t really struggle lest she might fall face first.  I dig psychological torment like that.  I think it makes it much more fun.  It’s way harder to stay still than it is to move around.   Then we did a scene where she tops me, which is a rare thing.  It’s funny, she says I’m the only one she feels weird about tying.  The plot of that scene was that she dropped in on her boyfriend and found me in his house! The result “When Girlfriends Collide!”  We also did a scene with all 3 women tied up which was different.  I called it “A Night in Vegas” and you can buy the clip on my clips4sale store, or on my members site

The next morning bright and early I hopped on a bus to LA.  Not knowing Vegas at all, or expecting to have to take a cab to the bus depot, I chose the furthest one away from where i was staying.  So much for saving $ by taking the bus!  Every trip, every adventure is a learning experience.

Follow Maya Sinstress on Twitter – she posts awesome and fun pics of her wacky adventures, many of which involve unicorns.  I love her feed —

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