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Clover Interview

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Clover Interview

She is very passionate about rope, she models and performs, as well as makes impressive photos of Japanese rope work done by WykD Dave. Her photography focuses on the feelings involved in rope play, not just the pretty ties, and she tells stories with her pictures. Dave: “Of course Clover’s a huge part of everything. Without her photography would people ever have noticed?”


SM: What Inspired you to write the Rope Bottoms guide?
Clover: I had noticed more and more vanilla photographers wanting to take pictures of rope bondage, without any safety awareness and not getting good tuition then tying and suspending models and potentially putting them at great risk. The increase of people in clubs, play parties and private tying and suspending people without any safety awareness was also an inspiration. However, the main reason I wrote the rope bottom guide was to equip bottoms to make informed decisions and give them some information to know when they might be in danger. If bottoms become pickier and safety aware hopefully it will stop dangerous and irresponsible tops.

SM:Are you planning on writing anything else?
Clover: I write for my website I am not a good writer though, I just do it because I enjoy it. I have awful grammar, spelling and my thoughts meander a lot. I write about things that inspire me, piss me off and about various happenings in my life.

SM: Why do you identify yourself as submissive – masochist?
Clover: I identify as submissive masochist because I am both, to varying degrees most of the time. I go through phases of thinking I am more masochist or more submissive but at the end of the day they are just labels and I am just me. I have previously over thought labels to the point they no longer made sense. I have decided to stop trying to put myself in a box and just enjoy life.

SM: Why do you like to be tied up?
Clover: Oh gosh! This is a hard one to answer. I just do. I love the feeling, both physically and emotionally.  I love the connection it offers with someone I trust tying me. It can be so many different things, relaxing, a release, stressful, blissful, horny, sensual, sexual, rough, raw, painful, terrifying, loving, caressing…. and so on. Whats not to love?

SM: Do you like to be tied by other people, other then Dave?
Clover: It depends who they are. I am very picky who I will allow to tie me, mainly due to safety but it is also down to other factors, if I have a connection with them, their confidence, style of tying, personality, skill level, how they handle the rope and so on… I am always more than happy to bottom during lessons, any way I can facilitate people learning the better. For scenes I have to have a connection, attraction or desire to be tied by a person. So the answer really does depend…

SM: Any new projects that you are working on?
Clover: At the moment I am re-building after a lighting strike destroyed it. What are the chances? I am looking at it as a good thing as 99.9% of it was not very good.

SM: Anything else you like to do other then bondage?
Clover: Oh yes. Lots. I love modeling and am really enjoying photography, particularly the editing aspect of it. I run and swim a lot. I love whips, canes, spankings, roleplay, straps, spanking shoots, wax play and general torture until I cry and beyond scenes. I love a good movie with a nice bottle of wine, particularly in the company of good friends… it’s strange to list my likes without mentioning rope.

SM: How and why did you get interested in photography?
Clover: My interest in photography came long before modeling. Modeling was a result of my interest in photography. I was, and still am, a fan of the works of China Hamilton, Frederick Fontenoy, Vlad Gavenovsky and Rod Macdonald, I contacted Rod who kindly offered to teach me, he offered to shoot me and show me how the process worked. At first I was reluctant but was curious which got the better of me. I then got caught up in a modeling whirlwind which relaxed a year later when I picked up my camera. I wanted to create erotic images, I was attracted to images filled with emotion and stories, images that allowed my imagination to go wild. This is what I wanted to create. I love rope so it was only natural when Dave and I began seeing each other that we work together to create images.

SM: Are you a videographer as well as a photographer?
Clover: No, video is something I would like to explore, although I think I would enjoy photography more, I would still like to try some video work.

SM: Do you like to attend events? Most memorable event and why?
Clover: I love to attend events, particularly rope events. I love the opportunity to see my friends from all over the world, meet people I have been chatting with on places like FetLife, working with photographers and models I would not normally have the opportunity to work with and see rope artists from all over the globe.

SM: Ireland holds a special place in your heart can you tell us more?
Clover: Well, it’s where it all started for me. My fist BDSM anything was a fetish club in Dublin called Nimhneach, I went along less than a week after discovering I was submissive. I have never looked back. I have very fond memories of those first few months into the scene despite doing some blindingly stupid things, it was mostly good and regret none of it.

SM: Your very active in your community can you tell us about your munches and workshops?
Clover: I think education in BDSM is the way forward, and so I want to facilitate this in my local community. So far it has been a success and I have managed to run these demonstrations free, I am looking forward to seeing the evenings developing. Hosting the local munch came about by accident, I did it anyway and then was asked to do it officially, it’s a good group, we get a lot of new people along every month and it’s a fun night.

SM: How do you like to relax?
Clover: In rope, watching a movie, cuddling, with friends, reading a good book, deep in a scene, editing rope images, one rope, after a good workout, a Lush bath with lots of bubbles… the lit goes on

SM: Do you have any hobbies?
Clover: Yes, photography, modeling, editing, teaching, swimming, gym, running, I have picked up learning rope bondage again recently.

SM: Three people you would like to see interviewed?
Clover: Lotus Lily, Osada Steve and DutchDame

SM: Who inspires you and why?
Clover: So many people, my friends all inspire me in different ways, most of the models I shoot inspire me and the photographers I work with too, WykD_Dave is a huge inspiration in more way than he realises. Sugiura Norio I one of many wonderful photographers, just glance around FetLife, we have a wonderfully creative and talented community. China Hamilton deserves a mention; he is a wonderful mentor, generous with his time and skill. Akira Naka is one of my favorite riggers and huge inspiration for my photography.

SM: Do you have any role models? And why are they your role model?
Clover: Dutch Dame is a wonderful role model, I won’t mention it here but she knows why.

SM: If it isn’t too personal what floats your kinky boat?
Clover: Rope, Whips, Canes and breath play, being roughed up, hair pulling, face slapping, things I don’t enjoy, being made to cry, neck whip, neck rope, anything to do with my neck.

SM: What types of BDSM/Fetish play do you like other then Bondage?
Clover: As above, generally stingy impact play and rough play oh and did I mention my neck?

SM: Do you have a favorite fantasy?
Clover: Yes, yes I do. There is no way in hell I am saying it or typing it in public… ever. Lol!


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