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Colliers de Khan

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Makers of the finest quality bespoke collars and cuffs. Only natural materials are used, English veg tanned leather from Le Prevo for the main collar, soft gloving leather for the linings from Pittards, solid brass or stainless steel for the furniture, linen thread waxed with bee’s wax. All items are made to order and precisely to customers specifications. No metal comes into contact with the skin so those with metal allergies can rest assured. All items are made to last even with frequent wearing. Each collar or pair of cuffs take three or four days to make.

The leather part of each item is totally hand made using basic leather crafting tools, the nearest thing to a machine used is a hole punch! Metal parts are sourced from saddlery suppliers, foundries or machine shops. Collars and cuffs have received acclaim wherever they have been seen and very much appreciated by all wearers.

In an exciting time for CDK new products are being developed with harness and corsets at the design stage. CDK are more than happy to discuss building any leather item.


Ben le Roter has been making things from leather, brass and wood for some thirty years. Creations were initially for personal use, until he entered the fetish scene Always appreciating things of high quality he couldn’t find anything that came up to his exacting standards when it came to finding a collar and cuffs for his partner. Thus he decided that he should turn his hand to making a set himself and Colliers de Khan was born.

Testimonials (verbatim)

Amazing design and craftsmanship
OMG…your collars are GORGEOUS! The workmanship is amazing and they both fit perfectly and look simply stunning on.
I am SOOOOOO thrilled I cannot even express my pleasure, but I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 
I never saw more beautiful and so well done collar, a real piece of art:)
Wowee what an amazing surprise in the post today!!! I had absolutely no idea! And as beautiful as I expected they would be. I am a lucky girl :)) xx
They are gorgeous, I’m excited to wear them & relieve the stiffness!
The collars are amazing. I wish I knew how to make something similar to those.
I opened the black one first and it looks great, when I opened the black/red with gold spikes I was amazed…..that thing is beautiful….seriously that collar is amazing. The gold spikes are wonderful and shiny
It is beautiful. Thank you KK, it’s fantastic
It’s absolutely amazing in every detail! I will be proud to wear it in London on Saturday! xx
Ciaoooo, JUST GOT YOUR FABULOUS COLLAR! IT’S AN AMAZING MASTERPIECE OF JEWELLERY!!! going to take some pics later. thank you! your talent is incredible! this is pure class, thank you xx
The collar just arrived and WOW amazing :)
I did a quick test fit and fits perfectly not to tight not too loose and the looks are more then expected :).
It smells like a new car ^_^. And the glove inner lining is perfect… And the stiff leather… Well lets say i respect your fingers ^_^.

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