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Dermadonna Custom Tattoos – Downtown Amsterdam

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Dermadonna Custom Tattoos

Custom Tattoo Studio, Downtown Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dermadonna Custom Tattoos is mainly a Custom shop. 
This means as often as possible each piece is designed Individually for you, the Client.
Although “walk-ins” are always Welcome, Dermadonna mainly works with scheduled appointments. Tele:0031(0)20-7736614

 The first step is a personal consultation, where you can discuss your project and a rough sketch can be made of your tattoo.  Please bring any reference material or photos you would like to use in your design: it all helps, so don’t be shy with sketches. This initial sketch will be transformed into a detailed line drawing. You’ll get to approve the design before start tattooing so any changes/modifications that need to be made can be done before your appointment.

Rosana’s advice is to think twice before you’ll decide to do it, after all it will be a mark for life so you’ll have to be sure to want one (or two, or three…).  Also take a close look and be very careful of what to choose, tattoos are very personal and it’s a shame if you’ll regret your choice in the future.
Rosana says “the best choice is to make your own design or let the artist design something that really fits you or your needs. This way it’s most likely you still love it after some period of time or even better, your whole life!”

Here is some sample tattoo art work from  DermaDonna Custom Tattoos   and more can be found at her website.

And here is some beautiful work in progress.

Also: Rosana illustrated a book called The Tarot of Power
Joe Cavanaugh (Author), Rosana Jakob aka Dermadonna (Illustrator)

The power of the Symbols of the Tarot lies within its intrinsic nature to stimulate thought. By illuminating the past, clarifying the present, and envisioning possible futures, Symbols of the Tarot facilitate awareness, adaptability, and creativity. These abilities can be focused to create health, wealth, and power. The essence of this book is to enable you to achieve goals. Create the reality you desire. Recognize and take advantage of patterns. Invigorate your passions and develop deep insight. Emerge victorious in your adventures.
Check it out on The Tarot of Power

Dermadonna Custom TattoosTele: 0031(0)20-7736614


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