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Dollification Extreme Fetish

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Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! I love everything about pretty, fancy, frilly, & cuddly dolls. I do believe it all began with my barbie doll. I wanted to be like her in every way. I wanted to dress like her, walk like her, look like her and be exactly like her. I tried my best to copy everything about her. I could never get enough of her. The attraction to dolls  is so strong for me & includes the desire to fantasize in a sexual way. An obsession complete that gives me the utmost  pleasure just daydreaming of being a doll.

But now I have realized it isn’t just barbie that I want to transform and evolve into, there are now other types of dolls, like Lolita, Kawaii, kigurumi, aRubberdoll, clockwork, anime and porcelain dolls.  I am attracted  to dolls and doll like objects such as barbie dolls, ragdolls, Rubberdolls, and dolly figurines, that it is almost my complete obsession and has been for as long as I can remember.

But  my  most favorite real fantasy is being transformed into a real live rubber dolly. Over the years I have studied various articles about this fetish and have found heaps of information on the internet. Dollification is the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a “living doll.”

If you are into such extreme fetishes such as dollification you will find your self in the process or have already achieved the end result of becoming  a doll. Most doll desire to be owned or have a doll maker. One who controls them.
The involved parties include Doll and owner/dollmaker. My fetish is the process of being made by the dollMaker and having him take control. It is his decisions of what i am going to wear or what I am going to do, or say, or where I am to go. But dollification is a little more complicated. It is the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a “living doll.”

Individuals who desire this process-as well as those who are transforming and evolving or have already achieved an end result-may be described as “dolls,” and most desire  to be owned. The parties involved in dollification are referred to as “Owner”and “doll”; this is comparable to a Master/slave or Dom/sub relationship.

Mental traits of a doll include but are not limited to: enjoyment of objectification and natural subservience, the underlying will to be transformed through one’s own and/or outside forces into a living doll, ultimately, the capacity to feel/see oneself in a dollific manner, which the doll will continuously strive to achieve and/or improve.

Physical traits of a doll-in process or complete-include but are not limited to: corsets, stiletto heels, thigh highs/stockings, rubber/vinyl/plastic suits, dresses, skirts, makeup, etc. along with all other body modifications. Long hair to a shaved head, A-cup to DD (and larger), any height, clothed or not, still to feisty- the physical traits are all relative to each individual doll and its own fit into and relationship with dollification and therefore presents a doll personality.

Ultimately the ideal physical aspect of the doll is set forth by the doll itself, an Owner, or a combination of both.

Note: It is important to realize that there is no intention here to degrade or diminish the doll-particularly, as it may appear to some, in comparison with the Owner. This is a symbiotic relationship: Yin and Yang. Those who are familiar with M/s or D/s relationships are aware of the innate equality of such relationships, paradoxical though it may seem.

If you have ever wondered or wanted to know what the term Dollification is all about? Over the years I have accumulated all sorts of various information’s about the subject at hand. I hope this helps explains in full about this extreme fetish. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at


Rubber Love and Latex Kisses

aRubberdoll ❥❣ ❤

You can find more about the fetish of Dollification at is a movie that i am currently working on and is in first stage production and explores deeply into the fetish of  Dollification.

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2 Responses to Dollification Extreme Fetish

  • this is a very interesting article, especially what you say about the doll-owner relation being yin-yang. I never felt it that way, since dollification for me also associated with being forced to be passive, not being able to move/talk, being an object of desire….. It is great to see howmany perspectives there are… thanks alot.


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