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Dorian Grey – The Best Club in NYC Right Now

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I had vowed to stop going out in NYC.  I hated the way the fetish clubs I used to frequent had changed, other parties were just fucking boring with low music and people watching play scenes ever so quietly.  I like to get rowdy.  I needed something different.

Enter Dorian Grey.  My pal Lydia Vengeance was one of the hosts so the pics from the event kept popping up in my Facebook feed.  Finally, after Montreal Fetish Weekend, I made the plunge w a Domme friend that was visiting.  We put on our rubber and walked into a scene out of a dream with spiral staircases, chandeliers, and girls dancing on the bar.  The venue was fabulous and everywhere we turned people were decked out.  The energy was amazing.  It’s not a fetish club, there’s people from all different scenes.  I love that there are so many different styles going on vs everyone in their fetish uniforms.  I ran into a ton of people I knew (and liked) that night.  I had a great conversation with someone who recognized me about life, art, etc.  It wasn’t the standard fetish club conversation that tires me – what are you into?  can you spank me?  come watch me play with this other Mistress.  That shit bores me.  I’m over it.  The music was great.  The creeper factor is zero.

Then they lost their venue.  They missed one week and then it was on again.   I went for My slave’s birthday after meeting a friend’s friend for dinner.  Though the new venue, Bowery Electric, is set up differently, it’s still cool.  I love that there are several different areas all with amazing music.  Instead of running from the bad music, I’m often torn between this room and that room because it’s all awesome.

I went again recently with my friend Miss Sheri Darling and 2 slaves, one of which We put in a leather dog hood.  We took over an area in the back room and played.  It was fun.  No one was getting into our space and we felt free in a way I have a hard time feeling at fetish and play parties.

I love that the host, Kayvon Zand, is so approachable.  He’s not a dick. He remembers Me every time I come to one of his events.  He went around and wished everyone a happy thanksgiving.  He understands what it means to be a host.  While at his club I feel welcome. There’s no drama or ego.  I’ve listened to great music, been rowdy, and had awesome conversations like one I had with Baby Loves Latex’s Renee Masoomian after I noticed she was wearing sock garters to hold up her stockings.  Our mutual love for old man sexy chic was discovered.  Sock garters! Grey sweaters! yes! Yes! YES!

The event keeps expanding and now also includes a downstairs level with a big stage that has a variety of performers and musical guests.  Every time I’ve been to Dorian Grey it’s been totally different.  Every time it’s been awesome and I don’t want to go home.

Dorian Grey is held every Wednesday at the Bowery Electric 327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

Mistress Julie Simone

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