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Exotica Detroit 2013 Wrap Up

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I got booked to headline Exotica Detroit right after I had announced my fall schedule.  In print, of course.  This was an event I had been wanting to attend and would be my first headlining gig.  I have performed at tons of events, but have never been the headliner.  I was excited!!

I quickly re-arranged my schedule, cut my LA tour short and pulled my pal Vengeance Designs in on the gig so I’d have a travel buddy.  I flew home from LA late on Monday and left super early on Thursday to head to detroit.

The host hotel wouldn’t allow pets so I booked a different hotel relatively close by.   I should have trusted the organizer’s opinion and left my dog at home!  Our hotel was a dump!  There were people living at the hotel.  When we drove up we saw them lounging in chairs outside with several bicycles piled up.  It felt weird leaving all dolled up.  It crossed my mind a few times that we’d come back and all our stuff would be gone.   It was sketchy!  On the other hand,  it is  really nice to have my dog with me when I travel.  She gets so excited when I come back to the room; it’s a little slice of home to make some of my trips more enjoyable/cozy

On Friday Exotica started!  We got to the venue to set up our booth and there were posters hanging up on the street with my photo on them!!!  The venue was huge and laid out in a really cool way with 3 separate areas.  I was super happy there was a real stage and curtains!   Too many promoters don’t place enough importance on those things.  I absolutely hate performing on floor level.  It’s a disservice to your performers and to the guests of the party since 95% of them won’t be able to see what’s going on.  You lose that sense of glamour and separation when you’re on the floor as well, you could be anybody.  Having curtains is a luxury I rarely get to have.  My other pet peeve as I’ve started doing stage shows with lots of props, is having to set up my show with everyone watching,  It also takes away the element of surprise.

The vending room had a wide variety of things to buy from sex toys, to Leather by Danny, Dragon tails, slappers, paddles, cyber goth wear by Evolution Division, latex, art, fashion accessories books and even bonsai trees!   The ceiling was nice and high so I was able to hang up my tall banner and have people actually be able to see the whole thing.  I had dvds, tshirts, wood block prints, and matted prints for sale.  All the staff badges had my photo on them which was super cool.  I have a ton of badges from events I’ve attended but unless they made me a one off with my pic on it, they all have someone else’s photo on it.  My pic was also on the front page of the program.  They did a great job of making me feel like a star!

After the vending area closed I raced back to my hotel to walk my dog and get ready for the party.  When I got to the hotel I realized I hadn’t grabbed the dress I wanted to wear, I had accidentally grabbed some latex pants instead!  With no shirt… Thankfully I had another dress by Lust Designs in my room and I raced back to the venue so i could MC the fashion show.  I’ve never MC’d anything before.  I’m a bit quiet and shy, no one ever asks me to do things like that (and for good reason).  I talked to all the designers, got a little blurb together to say about each one and we were off!  The 1st one was really strange but creative.  I’m still not quite sure what I saw :)  In between some of the shows I helped Lydia get some of her models in their latex before running back to the stage to announce their show.

After the fashion shows I had to change and get ready for my own show.  I had a local girl in it that was super cute.  She was in the fashion show as well and baked cookies and brownies for everyone.  They were amazing and the brownies come in mason jars to keep them nice and moist.  YUM!  Blue Brownie Bank is the name the company.   She came earlier in the day to rehearse and was even on time.  (so rare for models) .  It was nice to be doing a show with someone who was excited about it vs bitching and being difficult/acting like they were doing me a favor.  The show had her as an impatient patient that I shoot up with drugs using a large needle, put in a straightjacket, then put a clear sauna bag over her head, tie her legs together with rubber tubing and put a rebreather device in her mouth.  I used a penis pump to engorge her clit, then used a hitachi on her.  After I made her cum I decided I was bored with her so I removed the breathing device and blocked her air hole with my hand, slowing taking her last breath and killing her.  I wrapped her in a clear latex sheet, fondled her, then gave her a last kiss before twirling the table around and wheeling her off stage.  FUN!!

After my show was over the party was basically over.  That part sucked.  I’ve been spoiled by going on early so I can still enjoy the party.   Sat was more vending during the day, then lots of performances at night.  As i was getting ready for my own show I wasn’t able to catch very many of them but I made sure to watch Erica Furness perform since we were sharing a dressing room and she seemed like a cool chick.  She did one performance with whipping a long ass bullwhip, it had to be at least 7 ft, maybe 8. Then she did fire spinning tricks.  My favorite was when she balanced it on her head.   It reminded me of when I was younger and was femme training myself.  My  mom was in the military and fairly butch, I must have read something in a book and took it upon myself to train myself how to be a lady, walk in heels and to be able to balance a dictionary on my head while walking.

Maya Sinstress decided at the last minute to come to Exotica.  I was thrilled as she’s one of my favorite people. She walked for Vengeance Designs Friday and agreed to be in my show on Saturday which was a modification of the show I did for Miss Rubber World.  I sent her a text to bring her biggest strap on and the unicorn mask and it was on.  Anyone who follows her tweets or Facebook posts knows all about her epic unicorn adventures.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to get up on it.  They are legendary.  Apparently the unicorn has never been in a stage show.  I was happy to pop that cherry (though actually she popped mine in the show!) .  The beginning of the show involves pony play with Lydia Vengeance and I.  I transformed her into my show pony, I rode her, stripped one of my 3 layers of latex clothing off, then fucked her with a strap on.  In this version Maya was sitting on a human furniture boy who wore an inflatable hood and was watching the action, nodding approvingly as we put on the show for her.  After my pony had been fucked I put on a gas mask and did some sexy solo action.  Maya stood up, put on the unicorn mask (which had been hidden up until this point), grabbed the gas mask off my head then fucked me doggy style while pulling my hair.  It wasn’t merely gratuitous, it was a morality play of sort as the unicorn was exacting revenge on behalf of the pony.  People in attendance were like “what the fuck did we just watch?”  No one was expecting the unicorn :)  Success! People who have seen the photos on social networks have expressed that they were torn between being disturbed and being turned on (sometimes at the same time).

But wait, there’s more!  After the event was an after party where we had lots of ridiculous shenanigans.  Pics were taken.  Noir Halo is amazing and fun.  She makes the best faces and is up for almost anything.  I had a blast getting to know her a bit over the weekend.  Tormenting a friend I’ve known for 10+ years but had never played with was even more fun. Having 3 blondes gang up on him couldn’t have been that awful for him either :P  Moments like the ones I had that weekend make it all worthwhile.

All in all the whole weekend was a BLAST!  Everyone was so nice.  There was none of the pretentious clique crap that happens at some other events.  People weren’t there to talk smack, they were there to have fun.  It’s nice to perform in a place where you feel like whatever you do is going to be accepted and enjoyed, not criticized and critiqued.  The DJs were super down to earth as well which is also really important to me  I can’t stand getting attitude when I request something.  DJs of the world, here’s how to make me happy – play Ministry for me.  Works every. single. time.

They are working on next year’s event already! Plans are to bring the event to a swanky hotel.  Sponsorship opportunities are available, check the website,  for more details and drop my name when you sign up.  Detroit has lots of cool places to shoot.  So many abandoned buildings and beautiful spots that would be great for photographers and models of all levels.  The weather that time of year really is perfect as well.  It’s not so hot you’re sweating balls in your latex or whatever you choose to wear but you’re not freezing either.

Hope to see you at Exotica next year!
Mistress Julie Simone

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