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Her Story – How They Met – Irresistible Iris

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Master and me. We met fourteen years ago .  We met at work, and one night,
we went out together.  This was no ordinary party where we went, we went to
a fetish party in the heart of Amsterdam, in a church to be specific. Right
there we fell in love.

It was a wonderful time, from day one we were together and we spent every
waking moment; talking, laughing,  making love.
After a couple of years we got married and had two children together.
The fetish nightlife was our playground and we had a lot of outrageous fun
with friends, dressing up, dancing and playing until daybreak.

Over the years we’ve grown and we learned a lot about each other.  Master
taught me how to trust Him completely. To understand that if I wanted to be
His perfect slave girl, I had a lot of learning to do.  I am a girl who can
be difficult and stubborn, who always wants to make funny jokes, and who has
a very strong opinion. But in my heart I am just a little girl who needs
this special person who can be all these things to her: a best friend, a
daddy, a loyal husband, a good father to her children, a mentor.

To make a D/s relationship succeed I believe it’s necessary to learn how to
give and receive for both Dominant as submissive.  Some people say it’s
similar to dancing; If you feel the chemistry, all you have to do is listen
to the music and hold each other, your mind doesn’t need to do a lot, your
body will find the right rhythm.

I cannot imagine my life in any other way. I ‘ve found my soul mate, my
balance, and I’m enjoying the music. In fact, I cannot stop moving.

Irresistible Iris

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