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Hood-Lovers Relaunched!

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Hoods are my top ‘fetish’ loves. I got my first one when I worked at Zeigeist (fetish shop) on the Holloway Road London N7. It was a laced-back Libidex hood in VERY thin latex…just like a second skin. This ultra-thin latex is notoriously hard to work with. However this hood was made at the skilled hands of Helen Saffary the original owner of Libidex. She still lives in East London and I see her rushing by my house sometimes.

At the time I worked at Zeigeist, they also produced a fetish magazine of the same name; and I was the features editor. It’s very hard to remember dates after all these years, but I hadn’t started my own club by then, so it was over 18 years ago. Atsuko Kudo came to work in our latex workshop, as Zeitgeist also made their own range. All these years later and she’s never left. However, now it’s her shop in the same building. She spoke very little English when she first arrived at the building, but what a sweetie. Daithi [prounounced Dhaw-hee] made the rubber hoods at Zeitgeist, and everything else. He had perfected his craft at Demask in Amsterdam. I would go to him with an idea and he would make it happen. I never bought anything off-the-peg and never have since!  I stayed there for about five years and left after crow-baring my friend Simon into my job. It was time for me to move on.

The Annual Skin Two Rubber Ball is where I would reveal my new hood creations. Back then I was pretty much the only person wearing, what I called, a ‘glam’ hood. Meaning not the ‘gimp’ style worn by so many men. But one with large eye and mouth holes.

My hood journey has not only been a long one but an interesting one too. I met a photographer at a party just over ten years ago and we have made some amazing images together during that time.  Maria Coletsis lives in Vancouver, so there have only ever been a couple of shoots a year but there are still zillions of shots. Some unseen.

I’ve also been shot by the very famous photographer RANKIN, whom I knew at London Collage of Printing. He shot the cover for a magazine I was Editor for – Succession. Trevor Watson, a very close friend of mine and has taken many pictures of me, back in the day. And I feature in a couple of his books.

All my hoods are from either Breathless (favourite), Rubber55 and Libidex. Dolenta at Breathless has flattering eye and mouth holes, plus the hoods are a great fit. If you can, always go into a store and see what suits you. It’s always better to try on, than buying online. We all have different shaped heads, some are larger, some smaller eyes or narrower eyes, etc.

The next part of the hooded journey is to redesign my old hoodlovers site. This has all been possible with the collaboration and partnership of the talented Fetish Webmistress – Miss May. Through our shared love of hoods we are lovingly reworking and subsequently relaunching the site at the Rubber Cult event on Dec 7th 2013 in the City Of London.  There will be an annual fee to access the full members area. Probably not much more than a tenner per year and this will cover our hosting and domain charges, admin and any other fees that may arise. This is going to be a near enough to non-profit project for us. We will therefore not being paying for contributions. Please get in touch if you have a body of work – large or small, professional or non-professional.

The gorgeous Paris and Master Baron will be joining us for the celebrations on Dec 7th at Rubber Cult. It’s an honour to have them.

Miss kim

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