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I am a Doll.

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DollMaker begins My transformation today with the careful insertion of my circle contact lenses. They enhance my eyes give me my starry doll like look.

Next, my makeup is carefully applied. Not too much and just enough color for a light porcelain dolly face.  After this He begins to dress me in my torpedo titty catsuit and zips me up nice and slow. I love to hear the sound of the zipper and feel the tightness of my latex catsuit enclosing my plastic body. It always makes me giggle and sometimes DollMaker zips me up several times just to hear me laugh and giggle over and over again.

For this very special doll occasion I have heaps of glamourous, frilly Latex accessories to make me look all dolly fancy. A double ruffle collar with black latex ribbon and matching black latex bow in Sugar, Sweet, Bubble gum, pink latex gets placed securely around my neck tightly. Matching ruffled anklets and wrist cuffs are placed around my ankles and wrists. I just love all the elaborate, flouncy, ruffles and bows.

We have all day to evolve and transform & DollMaker is in no hurry. He takes His time dressing me. Sometimes he plays with my nipples just to hear me giggle more and more.

DollMaker becomes more serious and the transformation continues.

The next part of my dolly attire is my service maids pinafore, decorated with tiny pretty black hearts, ruffles and matching bows. It fastens in the back with a large pink shiny bow. A special Black latex bow ring is placed on my finger & pretty pink latex bows are attached to my pink stilettos and then placed on my dolly feet.

Lastly, He curls my locks and brushes my hair and places my service maid’s cap upon my head.

He stands me in front of the mirror. How I love to look in the mirror and stare at the doll i have become. I twirl and twirl around and around just for Him and I know He is very pleased. He embraces me and places a soft kiss upon my dolly lips. I am now ready to serve DollMaker an elegant Tea Party made just for Him.

I love being a doll!❤

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