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Intense - A story by BindMe



Tonight was an intense night. As you know from the photo album, we’re kinda busy with Japanese bondage. One of the most intense parts of that is suspension. This asks for knowledge of safety, your rope, faith in the sub and the sub needs a lot of faith in her Dom.

Tonight this has happened for the first time here. (parts of it were already there)

Armed with a construction-lamp, for the nice pictures and a good dose of good mood for a bondage-session, I went to my lovely sub Debora. (SMoochieSmoochie ….*grin*) In advance I told here what was going to happen. It is very physically demanding to hang is such a bondage, so I didn’t want to surprise her during the binding. The basic bondage is the same as what we do more often and what you have seen before from us. But with just that last piece added…….. After I had tied her standing up for the torso and breast, I let her kneel to bind her legs. She wasn’t going to hang high for security and self confidence for a first time. With a number of good ropes the second part was added. The connecting on the ring in the ceiling. First her upper body up….. what made her hang a bit while I tied her legs a bit more and connected it to th ring. The moment I was ready tieing and ready to “lift” her a deep sigh….. final check … and upsiedaisy!!!!… in the air (even if it is only 30cm = ±1 ft).I actually found it remarkably easy, that last bit. But it is a real happening when you hang someone like that…… I clearly felt responsibility at that moment, but surely too the kick of it. Wow!!!! Checking if nothing moves….whether it is tight and sturdy enough….and ask first if she is OK….. and she was. Strenuous as it is, it was also verrrrrry exciting, sexy, horny, deep, and demanding. To be short: it was good!

I didn’t leave her hanging there for too long. Shoot a few pics fast….for our offspring *grin* and our own memory. Just sit with her for short while…ask if she’s OK….. and enjoy the moment. That’s how it felt. It was something we had in our minds for a while so……

And then…. gently let her down (on the floor). After a tight hug and a deep look in her eyes I saw it was good…. and that she’s mine. What happened next?…. let your fantasy go wild… then you can make up the rest with the pictures…



That it was intense is a fact…and oooohh so nice too…

But the feeling, trust and security are well.

After a long “foreplay” during which I am made completely immobile, there is the moment of flying, actually without me really noticing what was happening, it doesn’t hurt, just the rope that is around my waist makes it somewhat harder to breath…. A strange feeling of panic has crossed my mind, but I feel the nourishing hands of my Dom and I feel safe.

I am swinging in my own livingroom…. yihaaaa!
I am not up there for long; I am released from my position pouting…. and I want more more more……. After some good deep breathing in and out, I am up again… Still the rope is too tight around my waist and both hands are going numb…. I say “stop” because I wouldn’t want to hyperventilate or so. Somewhat groggy and at the same time very proud of myself, I am recovering sitting on the floor, my Dom kisses/ pinches me and I feel GREAT!!

Together we are on the floor talking en “recovering” from something we both have been eager to do.

Again tomorrow? Who will tell, I think it is addictive…..


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