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Interview Gorean Lord

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The best way to break the narrow limits of your freedom .. Is by experiencing the liberation of the bonds of submission. (Gorean Lord)

SM: What kind of Master are you? Describe Gorean Lord
GL: I consider myself a demanding Master. I spent 7 years serving in the army (Navy Seals) and I am definitely not the sergeant in the army that says “do this, do that”, but I ask my slave to do things, My way. If she does not want to do that, I will have someone else do it. It is the balance between the slaves. If you want to be the best kajira, the one slave, you have to serve me the way I want you to. I push, but I do not grasp. I only have 4 rules that cover everything.
1) Master is right
2) Master is always right.
3) In case slave is right, rules one and two apply again
4) Rule is: everything said by the Master
That is the whole point; As a master I am right. As a person I could be wrong, but you need to follow the Master in his steps.

SM: What do you look for in a slave?
GL: I do not need a slave-robot that just says “yes Master,” I need her to use her mind. After all, she needs to have feelings, a soul. She has to have personality. I don’t care about her exterior, her looks.
A Master is a creator, a sculptor. He sees a statue in a stone. A slave is a statue, surrounded by stone taboos. As a sculptor, every day, the Master chips away at the stone that surrounds the statue, thereby freeing the slave he envisioned. The slave is Master’s creation.
When you think of Da Vinci, you think about the Mona Lisa. When you think Mona Lisa, You think of Da Vinci. The creator and the creation share the same power, just in a different way.

SM: On fetlife you state that friends adjust to your philosophy, can you explain what you mean?
GL: In my lifestyle, I am against anything that has to do with money. You have to give to the people, and they give back. I consider knowledge a currency. Knowledge is something you gather and store in a wallet. When you open the wallet, the knowledge is there. I can communicate with people and exchange it. That is my philosophy.

SM: Since You live in Greece, can you tell us a little about the Greek BDSM/fetish community?
GL: Because of the Greek/Orthodox religion, The BDSM/fetish community was very close, small, and mostly underground. Most of the people had to hide their true feelings. But the internet has made the community grow, and BDSM/fetish has become more fashionable. We now even have some parties here, like Torture Garden, but things are still pretty low-key.

SM: Can you tell us exactly what Gorean means to you?
GL: Gorean comes from the 27 novels that John Norman wrote. In themselves they are not the best novels, but Norman took a lot of ancient cultures, morals and techniques, from Roman, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, to Babylonian and put everything together as one. Even the names he used came from those worlds. Since I am Greek, that is all very close to me. I can recognize the names, and I know the history of ancient Greek slaves. It all looks very familiar to me, so I took the Gor protocol and translated it into an ancient Greek edition, a little different than the traditional American Goreans. You see, they are very cruel and hard, and believe the slaves have no rights. I believe that slaves give their slavery to the ones they admire or love and grant him power. We are not living on some Gorean planet, I consider my home as my Gorean world. We are the directors and actors in our own book.

SM: Do you own more than one slave?
GL: A Master cannot take a slave to be his, the slaves gives herself to the Master. There are a lot of women that want to be my slave, but it is not that easy. I train a number of them, to become a slave, to become a creation. They have to follow my way of thinking, step in my footsteps, and if they are strong enough, they will become slaves. But in a small harem, only one can be the kajira. All the others follow behind her.

SM: On your fetlife profile, you have an enormous collection of photo’s, portraying your various collars, whips, etcetera. How did you acquire the skills to make such fantastic creations?
GL: It’s something natural. Look at it as survival skills. You just make do with what you have, and you learn and improve, and you will acquire all the skills that you need. That’s how I work. I always create and never stop.

SM: Who Inspires you? Or where do you get your inspiration from?
GL: I meet people and they inspire me, so when I make a collar or whip for them, it is going to be a very personal creation with it’s own spirit. I never do the same thing twice.

SM: How does the Gorean lifestyle fit in with your everyday life?
GL: Everything we do is influenced by the lifestyle, it has become our everyday life. Whatever we do, it is done in a certain way.

SM: What do you like to do for entertainment or fun?
GL: I like scuba diving, painting, writing, cooking and para sailing.

SM: We learned from your profile that you do not sell any of your creations. Does that have anything to do with a philosophy?
GL: A lot of people, all over the world have one of my collars. But they did not buy them. I gave them those collars because I like them. If I would have sold them, those collars would not have the same spirit, they would not have any meaning, they would just be a thing.

SM: Do you you consider yourself a romantic?
GL: Of course! Without romance we do not live.

SM: Do you read a lot of philosophy?
GL: Yes, I read it and I also write it. I have my own book, although it is not published. It’s like my collars, I don’t sell it.

SM: In chatrooms, Gorean life is often harsh and ruthless. Is your lifestyle any easier?
GL: Yes, like I said before, on IRC slaves have no rights at all. I do not consider that very realistic as my philosophy is that a Master and a slave are like two sides of a coin. Only if the coin has two sides it has a value. Take away one and there is nothing left.

SM: Everyone Loves you? How does this make you feel?
GL: I’m not sure about the love. I get a lot of “Wow’s” but is that love? Some people like me, or they like what I do. Many people do not see me, the person, only what I do.

SM: If you could change any rules in the books of Gor what would you change?
GL: I never try o change anybody’s rules. I try to learn people to look behind the rules, because hiding behind the rules are the humans. Those people have feelings, negative days, happy days, they differ every day.

SM: What is the One True Way?
GL: To live, to love and to learn. (Leo Buscaglia)

I found myself mesmerized by His philosophy and after the interview I felt as if I needed more of His teachings & more of His training.
He agreed to train me as a slave under His philosophies and with His permission, I can document my experience here at
Paris Paradis❣

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