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Jeff Gord Interview – Part 1

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Interview: Jeff Gord part 1

It all started when he was five years old and he saw a young chick with a great butt dressed in seamed net tights and calf boots at a pantomime. Jeff adds, “the young chick was a college student at Leicester University, probably 19 or 20”.

He had no idea why at that age, but it made him feel warm and fuzzy all over when she turned around and he saw her butt cheeks mincing around in those tights. He was getting really annoyed when she kept turning to face the audience and spouting all those irrelevant lines. He remembers thinking that if she was tied up she would not be able to turn around and hide her butt.

It was all downhill from there. However, unlike many out there who seem to be content with one specific area of fetish and BDSM that they hone and perfect over the years, Jeff seems to be endowed with a fetish brain that flies around like a ricocheting bullet. He keeps moving on; – although having said that, the main basic themes remain in one way or another whatever he currently is considering to be in vogue. Those would be, Objectification, Control, with Humiliation coming in as third that is not essential, but often, because it works for the gal, it also works for him. There may be other fetish traits in there, so he will add them to this as and when he remembers them in the future.

Jeff’s strongest obsession is with women converted into doll-like creatures, often with their personalities stripped away by costuming, hoods and corsets etc. This is his way of removing and playing with their considerable power by objectifying them and creating creatures of immense sexual allure with perfection of line. But these doll creatures also have to be tightly restrained, or Controlled. Reshaping their bodies with the indents of tight cinching is essential in the control aspect for Jeff Gord.

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The interview

SM: What is forniphilia and how did you discover your interest in it?
JG: Forniphilia is a word we created back in 1998 to describe a particular category of bondage fun. The creator was a Canadian guy (Aaron Bradley) who at the time was our webmaster.

It is the art of turning a human into an item of furniture or a decorative object, usually in a bondage context and with objectification being the primary goal. In my case it always involves women. I am not wired to play with guys, TV or TS, although I do get asked a lot.I have tried it but the magic is just not there..

I have always loved the thought of using women as items of furniture, especially if it makes escape or movement impossible. I guess it is the thought of having such a powerful sexual being totally under control:- of being able to leave this sex object for any length of time and then just come back and enjoy it whenever you want. Fortunately a lot of ladies also enjoy this concept from the other side of the equation.

SM: What was the longest time you spent on one particular Gord project?
JG: Months :-) In fact some projects have been started, and then left for years and restarted as new materials or techniques allowed me to proceed further with a project that looked like it could not be done.

SM: Does every machine have a fuck mechanism attached to it? Any exceptions?
JG: No. Originally none of them had fucking machines attached. I only started adding fucking machines when members and other people at the House of Gord asked me to. My interest in the bound female form does not have to include penetration or fucking for it to work form me. My main interest is tight bondage and objectification.

SM: How long have you been creating?
JG: Mentally, I have been dreaming up ideas since I was five or six years old :-) Physically, I started building my first real life devices in about 1970

SM: The weather-vane was another exceptional piece; can you tell us something about the preparation for it?
JG: Not much to tell really. The main concern was of course safety. That tower has a heavy bell hanging inside, so the structure is far stronger then it would normally need to be. It was the perfect choice for a weather vane. It was simply a matter of making a strong steel frame to fit over the roof and extending many bolts down into the structure below. The actual steel support for the girl was then built, tested and adjusted in the workshop and just carried up and slotted onto the heavy duty pivot tube. Then all it required was the girl to climb up the ladders and arrange herself in it so that I could strap her in.

SM: How often are you in your workshop?
JG: Almost every day. Sometimes all day, sometimes for just a few minutes. There is always something to fix or build at House of Gord

SM: Looking back over the years, what would you think was your best machine?
JG: I have been asked that so many times, and the answer is still the same. Each time I build what I think is the best device ever, another idea comes along that is better.

SM: Can you tell us, what was the most challenging Gord project that you have been working on in the past year?
JG: Hmmm! ????????? In the past year, probably the devices mounted on the truck. It takes a lot of thought to make sure each one is safe, and yet looks aesthetic. It is easy to make things safe with massive chunks of steel, but that spoils the look of the device. I like them to look precarious, almost unsafe or not strong enough, even though they are often strong enough to lift the truck with.

SM: Do you have any patents? Can you tell us about them?
JG: You can’t patent a sex device in the USA. They stopped doing it years ago.

SM: Describe some of the technical problems you have to solve when you create your machines.
JG: Every one has a different challenge. The main challenge is always adjustability without bulk or looking ugly. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a Mark I woman. They all vary and they all need different settings to be able to allow them to sustain the extreme bondage levels we achieve

SM: You have inspired many, who inspires you?
JG: The great artists, John Willie, Stanton, Jim, Bob Bishop and many others, and of course WOMEN. They may make a vague comment about some sensation or other that gets them horny, so I figure how to incorporate that into some bizarre device.

SM: What motivates you?
JG: LOL. I am horny and I love looking at bound women, what else does one need. I consider women to be powerful and often dangerous creatures so I enjoy the illusion of having them under control

SM: Why do you have your girls dress up in spandex? Is there any particular reason?
JG: I love to see the female form expressed in the most perfect form with all the curves and lines enhanced. Spandex, Lycra and Latex allow a fit woman to enjoy the perfection of the youthful body well into the fifties if they stay in shape. A little bit of cellulite here and there doesn’t even show. If a woman feels good about the way she looks, she glows and you can see that in the way they enjoy themselves.

SM: How many machines do you currently own and where do you store all your stuff?
JG: I have lost track of all the devices and machines. Many are dismantled and stored, others have been stripped of spares and used to build new devices. I have six garages and many spare rooms at the house to store things in.

SM: Is it expensive to make your machines?
JG: VERY EXPENSIVE. And this is the problem these days. These idiots who post our work everywhere for free are slowly killing us and all the other bondage websites that try to make good gear. If we cannot get paying members who are all getting it for free on file swap sites, we cannot afford to build more. I am not sure how long we can continue with the current trend.

SM: Can you describe yourself in 5 adjectives?
JG: How about just four words – A mad bondage scientist :-))) or Nuts, Bent, Kinky, Adventurer (sexual) Philosopher (amateur)

SM: What do you enjoy most about your work?
JG: Working with fantastic fun ladies

SM: Do you consider yourself a sadist?
JG: No. As John Willie said, I like to bother ladies, I don’t want to hurt them. All of my work is very tongue in cheek. I don’t go with the Master / Slave thing. I don’t consider I am superior to the female of the species. In fact I often think they are superior in many ways. My favourite saying is
“When God gave out the tools of life, he gave man a dick and physical strength;- then he gave women the rest of the damned toolbox”

SM: If you were able, how would you conquer the problem of copyright infringement?
JG: Change the law and give us a season where we can go and shoot the bastards. Otherwise, the moral wankers who bitch about all the porn on the Internet should allow us to use the Law that is already in place. If the FBI were to actually follow up on their claim to pursue copyright theft, they would not even have to work to get the evidence. WE WOULD SUPPLY ALL THEY NEED.

It was once estimated that if all the stolen and illegally posted porn was removed from the Internet, the porn out there would be less than 20% of what it is now. NO ONE on any porn crusade has ever managed to even dent it with all the legal bullshit they have tried so here is their chance if they really want to make a difference. We, the producers try to keep it from minors, thieves and illegal posters don’t give a shit.

SM: How many different ways are there to make a gordian hood ornament?
JG: Don’t know, I’m still working on the answer to that one :-))))))))))))))))))) So far I can see no limits other than running out of amazing women who like being bolted to the front of a truck

to be continued….



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