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Jeff Gord Interview Part 2

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On September 3rd, 2013, the world lost one of the great names in fetish bondage.
Jeff Gord (house of Gord) passed away age 67.

A true fetish innovator, bondage lover and mechanical engineer, Jeff was an inspiration for many and became a synonym for forniphilia, a word that he invented to describe his work.
Scene Magazine published part 1 of an interview we had with Jeff in August 2011, and now present you with part 2, in remembrance of his lifework and inspiration.


SM: Did you ever consider putting any of your machines up for sale?
JG: Yes, and I have sold some, but the problem is, many would be too dangerous in unskilled hands. I was offered a lot of money for the Bitch Bender and i turned it down. If someone decided to play around with all the safety devices or try to go take a girl beyond her capabilities it could be very dangerous.

SM: How did “Naked Gord” come about?
JG: My wife at that time Lady Serena thought that people would like to see naked gals on my equipment.

SM: We don’t see it often, but you seem to be quite skilled with the whip. Is that another self-taught skill?
JG: I guess so :-) It just sort of came from watching others. I can use a whip, but it isn’t really my main scene at all. I will do it if it works for the ladies and occasionally, because I can and they can’t resist:-) But that would only be with a gal I know to be into whips and stuff

SM: Do you have a favorite color?
JG: Black, Blue, Silver, depends on what the gal looks good in :-)

SM: You like to apply electrical stimulation in your sessions. Do you use ready-made stims or do you construct those yourself too?
JG: I mostly use off the shelf Tens stims. I used to build them, I am electrical engineer by profession, but i just don’t have the time these days

SM: You do not seem to be interested in water torture too much. Any particular reasons?
JG: Not true . I just haven’t got around to it yet :-)

SM: Of all the different mechanisms on your creations, like electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, etcera. Which is the hardest to control?
JG: Pneumatics. It is latent energy if there is any pressure even if the pump is not running. That does not apply with hydraulics if there is no accumulator in the system. It is not as precise as hydraulics.

SM: Are you still drawing cartoons? Or anything else?
JG: No not now. I just have too much to do and I get my kicks from real life bondage ladies now :-))

SM: Who would be an artist that you admire and why?
JG: I admire many artists, John Willie, Stanton, Bob Bishop, Ozvaldo to name but a few. I admire their skill and imagination and they inspire me to try and bring their creations to life

SM: Can you tell us about your fucking machines at the House Of Gord? Are they one speed fits all?
JG: Evey one is different and they all use different means to power them. Some of them are powered by electric motors, some by air cylinders. The mobile versions are pretty much all powered from the rotating road wheels. In the case of mobile machines the road speed is directly proportional to the fucking speed. With air, the speed and ferocity of the stroke can be varied from a very gentle stroke, to a powerful thudding jackhammer sensation.

SM: What celebrity would you like to have at the House of Gord to try a Gord machine on?
JG: :-) Currently that would be Liv Tyler. She looked so cool and so natural in the movie “The Ledge” in bondage with a perfectly fitted ball gag in her mouth. She is a stunningly beautiful lady. I first noticed her in the movie “Meet Joe Black”

SM: How do you like being famous?
JG: I’m famous ??? I guess I am. It has its problems and it has its good moments.

SM: Your Favorite tool to use in your workshop?
JG: Strange question, depends what I am building. My favourite tool would be the one that does the job in hand. LOL

SM: Do you have a Favorite Inventor?
JG: Old time movie star Buster Keaton. He had some fantastic inventions

SM: Do you listen to music while you are building or creating?
JG: Sometimes. I particularly like Circ du Soliel – Alegria, and the tracks Alegria and Kalendéro . Kalendéro takes me back to a raft race on the Tugela river back in 1980. I also like Queen, and Enya. Dare I say it, and The Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever tracks. That takes me back to the days I lived in Durban.

SM: What would be your Favorite type of Food?
JG: These days, healthy foods. I cook or prepare most everything I eat these days and avoid processed crap like the plague. Since doing that and dropping all the bullshit meds the quacks were shoving at me, I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I have created a couple of dishes, and one sort of traveled across the globe as various people who samples it here took it back to their own country. One such dish would be my Chicken Fricassee, which was renamed Frikkin’ Chickasee by my German girlfriend at that time.

SM: You said earlier that you don’t go with the Master/slave dynamic, Is there any exchange of power when you play?
JG: Of course. When a woman allows you to bind her and basically take control of her life and well being, she is handing you her power to play with and she is trusting you to protect her and hand that power back..

SM: What is the Most difficult part of running the HouseOfGord?
JG: Trying to keep up with the constant demands of the internet and the piracy. The internet is voracious, and sometimes obnoxious people really piss me off when they get shitty. I call these people “Keyboard Commandoes”. They only have power as long as they have a keyboard. They would not have the balls to talk to you like that face to face.

SM: Boobs or hinees?
JG: Huh? What is Hinees ? You mean ass ? If so, yes. The first thing I look at is a gals ass. Nothing like a bubble butt in tight jeans. I have walked many miles out of my way in past years following a tight female butt in jeans.

SM: If you were able to travel back in time who would you like to talk with?
JG: John Willie, Stanton, Bob Bishop, Graham Sutliffe

SM: What is your most favorite movie to watch?
JG: Lots of them, all have some gorgeous gal in bondage. I like some of the horror movies with great bondage scenes like Saw 5 with the gal chained in a freezer, but I hate it when they die. The same with Hostel II. That fabulous scene where the gal is cranked along a track over the slaughter pit, naked and inverted, and then they fucked it all up by slicing her up. The original Hitcher with the gal stretched between the truck was amazing, I had already worked out a gazzillion ways to save her, and then she got ripped in half. I was SO PISSED at those dumb ass cops for missing all the options to stop him driving forwards.
I love the damsel in distress scenario, but I have no wish to take it further than that.

SM: If someone where to make a movie about your life who would play Jeff Gord?
JG: Hmm! Interesting thought ???? I thought Patrick Stewart, but then he does not portray the tongue in cheek humour I have.
Ha! Ha! Why not Charlie Sheen.
You should have asked who would I want to direct it. Speilburg. Have you any idea what we could do together with his skill set and resources added to mine. It would be a blockbuster
Of course 7 of 9 from Voyager and T Pol from Startrek Enterprise would have to be in it; – in trouble and bound most of the time. Both chicks with attitude. I love that type.

SM: Can you tell us anything about the farmers pig sty on the welsh mountain?
JG: :-) It was the pig sty at the farm house I bought and rebuilt. It was the place where House of Gord started. The very first magazine Fantasy of Gord 1 was printed and collated there. People often used to say the paper the magazine was made from had a strange smell. :-)))

SM: Describe a boring day?
JG: Working with bank crap, lawyers, or some other fiscal and / or bureaucratic bullshit.


In Memoriam: Jeff Gord
May 5th, 1946 – September 3rd, 2013

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