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Lisa and the Princess in Azerbaijan part 2

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Lisa took another glance over at the Flame Towers and the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. They crossed the square and walked up the steps to the plush entrance of an old sandstone building created for a long dead dignitary. She turned and took a lingering look at the Carpet Museum, which had been the most enjoyable part of her stay in Baku.
The interior of the richly terraced mansion house was in complete contrast to the great marble slab across the square. There were beautifully woven carpets, hanging lanterns, exotically tiled alcoves and stained glass windows in every direction.
There were even a few males dotted about the place and a genial man at the reception desk with a resplendent black and grey moustache signed them into a large old fashioned guest book. He did not bat an eyelid at their attire or act in the lascivious manner they were half expecting.
The process was almost over when it was noticed that part of Lisa’s outfit was torn and Mehbara insisted that she could not be expected to proceed without a replacement.
The man behind the desk reached was unphased by Mehbara’s heated words calmly reached for his phone. Within moments a shiny sailor suit was brought down as an impromptu substitute.
‘All I need now is a boat.’ said Lisa as she emerged in her new outfit.

After this unexpected interruption, Lisa and the Princess  were led up a magnificently carpeted set of wood paneled steps, a refreshing contrast to the constant elevator trips.
As they reached the upper corridor staff went to and fro pushing trolleys laden with food or carrying bed linen, others were in heated conversations on their phones about the next set of tasks they had to fulfill.
There was a sense of great wealth and luxury in every corner the building, even down to the crystal doorknobs with their gold plated fittings. The phone on Mehbara’s hip rang, she answered quickly and curtly in Azeri, the call obviously about Lisa and the Princess and there were several affirmations they were on their way.
They reached a large rectangular landing that resembled a small hall. It was lined with cedar wood doorways and a dozen stained glass windows leaving labyrinthine impressions on the two guests.
Directly in front of them was a large cedar wood stairway, Lisa and the Princess were lead up it onto a small landing overlooked by a huge geometric stain glass window. Underneath sat large vases four feet high and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.
This led up a last flight of stairs out onto an even large landing than before. By a large open entrance was a large cedar wood desk with the head of mansion house security sat behind it.
He was tall thin and refined, with a grey well groomed moustache to match. He had a nasty scar on his right arm and old gouges on the cheeks of his face. He beckoned them over with one efficient movement of his hand and spoke sternly and calmly to Mehbara then pushed a register book towards them with a gold plated pen nestled in the pages. Beside his computer keyboard was a silver plated sub machine gun.

Instead of waving them through he opened one of the drawers of  his cedarwood desk, pulled out a DVD, a sharpie marker pen and proffered them up at Lisa; who found herself looking at one of her own bondage films.
‘Sign.’ he said with curt politeness and Lisa raised her eyebrows and scrawled her signature across the front not knowing what to say.
‘Thank.’ the head of security replied in a consistent manner, not having the English to complete the phrase and then pulled out a brace of publicity photos of both Lisa and the Princess, complete with another pen.
‘These…’ he gestured after he had laid them on the desk.
Lisa and the Princess looked at each other, glanced at Mehbara who indicated that they should do as they were bid and the photos were quickly signed.
‘Thank.’ he said and bowed his head.
‘You’re welcome sweetie.’ said the Princess as politely as she could manage, ‘If I had any lipstick I’d seal it with a kiss.’ which made Lisa laugh in spite of herself.
The security chief had enough comprehension of the words to cause him to immediately rummage through the draws of his desk hastily and to everyone’s surprise pull out a tube of red lipstick.
The Princess laughed said a few choice words under her breath, took it from his hand, applied it and wetted her lips provocatively.
As she began to examine the photos to find a suitable recipient for her lipstick kiss the head of security held up his hand and shook his head. He then picked up his silver plated machine gun, pulled out the clip and offered it to the Princess.
‘That!’ said the Princess quite shocked.
‘Please.’ he replied simply and courteously.
‘Oh very well.’ she said taking the sub machine gun from his hands, ‘Lisa whatever you’re thinking keep it to yourself.’ as she looked at it uncertainly for a moment.
‘Get out of my mind you big ginger menace.’ said Lisa and laughed.
‘I knew it.’ chuckled the Princess and then planted a big lipstick kiss on the stock of the sub machine and then handed it back to its grateful owner with the best devastating smile she had in her pocket.
‘Thank!’ he said emphatically, clutching his closed fist to his chest to underline his gratitude.
The head of security of the mansion house said a few emotional words to Mehbara and heartily waved them all through as if they were old friends.
‘That was the most dangerous man in Baku.’ said Mehbara before either Lisa or the Princess could speak.

Mehbara led them down a long carpeted corridor with white walls with a cedar wood ceiling and doors. There was laughter and conversation coming from behind some of the doors which reassured and unsettled them at the same time.
They came to a large set of double cedarwood doors and Mehbara knocked respectfully. There was a loud female retort in Azeri from the other side, Mehbara opened the doors and they entered.
They found themselves in an ornate sunken tiled square. The tiles were many shades of blue. There was a raised colonnade on all sides and steps leading down to the small courtyard. There was the sound of birds singing that could be heard through small stained glass windows set in the ceiling.
As they were led down the steps in the centre of the room they could see a dog kennel with the head of an eldery causcasian male sticking out. As far as they could see he was only wearing a dog collar. Beyond the kennel, dressed in a long off the shoulder black dress was their startling beautiful host Ofeliya.
Ofeliya did not acknowledge them and paced up and down as she spoke rapidly in Azeri on the phone. They stood there expectantly and the conversation came to an end as Ofeliya swore down the phone in English and hung up on her caller.
‘I’m getting divorced!’ Ofeliya exclaimed in a tone more suitable to having one’s laptop stolen than the end of a marriage.
‘How very tragic and sudden.’ replied the Princess not waiting for introductions and explanations.
‘Let’s not shed tears over soured milk. Mehbara you’re dismissed, go make sure the rooms are ready.’ Ofeliya said with a preoccupied wave of her hand.
‘I will do it now.’ said Mehbara with a nod of her head and promptly left.
‘Any particular reason? For the divorce I mean.’ enquired Lisa unsure of the etiquette for such a situation.
‘More than I can shake a carpet at.’ said Ofeliya pulling a face and cutting off the previous caller as they tried to ring her back.
‘Is that why we’re here?’ asked the Princess bluntly.
‘To help you celebrate your divorce.’ finished Lisa as the Princess’ words did not register with their distracted billionaire host.
‘I decided to lay claim to the two things that would hurt my husband the most.’ said Ofeliya walking slowly towards them her composure returning.
‘That would be us!’ responded the Princess raising her voice.
‘But I’ve never even met him!.’ interjected Lisa.
‘He’s seen all your films and so have I. I wanted to acquire you both for myself and then serve the divorce papers. I love hearing a grown man cry, even if it’s only down the phone.’ Ofeliya said with a laugh of satisfaction.
‘I think they were telling fibs about all the solar panels and wind farms miss.’ said Lisa dryly.
‘You’re going to have to earn your little eco-friendly master plan one solar panel at a time. Wind farms are for special occasions.’ replied Ofeliya coolly, calmly and extremely sexily, her gaze fixed firmly on Lisa.
At these words the naked grey haired man in the kennel began to growl and bark agressively.
‘I want me Ma.’ came a caustic Glaswegian voice.
‘We should ring her.’ added the Princess.
‘We’d never get her through customs, she has issues with authority figures. If they asked to search her luggage they’d be an international incident. She’s older than me so she knows much more colourful Scots cuss words than I do.’ replied Lisa acidly, imagined the scene in her mind and then shook her head.
‘”No Mister Customs Man I’m not going to explain why my Ma called you a ‘Wee bampot’, you’ll have to ask her yourself.”‘ interjected Ofeliya with an astonishingly perfect impression of Lisa.
‘She’s been to Scotland, I can tell.’ said Lisa instantly.
‘Twice. I went to an energy conference then stayed in the Hebrides the year after.’ replied Ofeliya.
‘She went back for more, she’s insane.’ retorted Lisa instantly regretting her levity.
‘I can see why the Princess likes you so much.’ replied Ofeliya drawing in closer.
‘Don’t listen to her, she’s a mad ginger fool.’ said Lisa nervously.
‘You get a whole windfarm just for that remark.’ responded Ofeliya.
‘Destroy all windfarms.’ said the human dog in his kennel and barked furiously, ‘Smash the solar panels, hunt the all whales, shoot all the tigers. I want my rhino kebab and panda burger!’ he yelled and yapped excitedly.
‘Heel!’ yelled Ofeliya and the man shot out of his kennel on all fours and was suddenly knelt at her feet,’Show me your paws.’ Ofeliya snapped and retrieved a cane from a stand beside the kennel.
‘Keep your filthy mouth shut while I have guests, dog boy.’ she scolded and gave the upturned palms of his hands a swat with the cane.
The human dog whimpered and scurried back into its kennel and whimpered and hung his head.
‘My over zealous husband was going to sell our mutual assets to an American oil billionaire without asking me first. When I found out about it I invited him over and made him a better offer. Isn’t that right little doggie.’ Ofeliya laughed.
‘Woof, woof.’ barked the human dog, perking up a little.
‘I’ve had a few human dogs but they ran away.’ commented the Princess.
‘They sneek out the front door while she’s got the kettle on.’ quipped Lisa.
‘Your problem Princess Indigo is that you’re not so much a Dominatrix as a crazy, orange haired English bitch.’ said Ofeliya extremely cuttingly.
‘I get distracted.’ replied the Princess pulling face.
‘By cute East European girls you want to rescue.’ snorted Ofeliya.
‘True.’ said the Princess with a grin, which caused the dog in the kennel to bark mirthfully.
‘Silence!’ commanded Ofelia,’The Princess is right about one thing dog boy. When you and my husband have fracked every last cent of oil from the ground and your stock price plummets, when your grand children are throwing themselves off Brookyln bridge, the companies who invested in wind farms, solar panels and fusion reactors, not to mention flood defences will be laughing so loud. I dont intend my grand children to be poor do you understand little doggie? So wake up and smell the coffee or get off the bus!’ Ofeliya yelled gave the side of the kennel a kick and the oil billionaire went inside and hid.
‘I love you.’ said a meek little voice from the back of the kennel.
‘The sweet sound of capitulation.’ said the Princess smiling.
‘Which brings us to the both of you.’ said Ofeliya in a humourless tone and the room went silent.

‘Send us home Ofeliya. You’ve made your point to your husband. Just let us go.’ said the Princess emphatically.
‘No.’ came Ofeliya’s cold reply, ‘That’s not how this shall be.’
‘She hasn’t had her chicken soup, she’ll get very grumpy.’ Lisa said filling the frosty air that followed this exchange.
‘I don’t care how grumpy you get Princess. I have a new Scottish toy to play with and you will not get in the way. You Princess Indigo will be sent to entertain Aynura, Mehbara and Yeva. When all of your pride is gone you’ll be sent to me. If either of you refuse or try to escape you’ll end up in a whorehouse for the militia in Baku or at the bottom of the Caspian sea. Do we all understand each now?’ Ofeliya declared laying her cards on the table.
‘I preferred it when we were sat in Sheki talking about windfarms for the twenty seconds before I got kidnapped. So much for being on holiday.’ said Lisa forlornly looking at the floor.
‘I’ve never been any good at holidays, I always get bored and wish I was off somewhere else.’ replied the Princess.
‘Are there any tickets left?’ replied Lisa sharply only to be interrupted by the sound of Ofeliya ringing a large silver bell.

Within moments Yeva stepped through a side door in the collonade, she walked up to the edge and bowed curtly without saying anything.
‘Take the Scottish girl to my play chambers, you can amuse yourself with the Princess for the rest of the day.’ Ofeliya instructed.
‘May I take her into Baku?’ enquired Yeva.
‘Yes but stay with her at all times. If you return without her you will be greatly punished.’ cautioned Ofeliya.
‘I will keep a firm eye on the little orange haired rat Madame.’ said Yeva without humour, then walked around the collonade down into the little square, took Lisa and the Princess by the elbows and lead them away.

They both found themselves pulled by the elbows down the long carpeted corridors, up and down stairs until Lisa was unceremoniously pushed into a richly decorated ante chamber and the door resolutely shut in her face.
The room was dark which with rich coloured drapes and cushions scattered on the floor. There were several ornamental couches each separated by a translucent curtain. On several little tables incense burned and old fashioned oil lamps hung from the walls with flames glowing behind their coloured glass. A tiled fountain with a bronze lions head was set into the wall.
The door that had been shut in her face opened but it was neither of the people she was expecting. In came the Head of Security carrying the second of his two famous silver sub machine guns producing a horrified look on her face.
‘Ofeliya will be here in a minute.’ Lisa blurted out as decisively as she could manage, running through her list of Glasgow swearey words and trying to work out which would be the most effective for giving the brush off to a man with a deadly weapon.
‘No, Miss Doll, no.’ he said stopping in his tracks, shaking, and doing his best to convey his intentions were honorable.
When Lisa had calmed down a little he held up the twin sub machine gun to the one the Princess had kissed, handed her a lipstick and said plaintively ‘You sign?’
‘Oh! Well, if you’re not going to shoot me with it.’ she answered with a relieved laugh, took the lipstick, applied it liberally and gave his sub machine gun a big old fashioned kiss.
‘Thank. I will never fire this again.’ he declared clasping it to him as if it were a new born child.
‘Ofeliya…’ hinted Lisa in case he might be spurred on to ask for other favours.
‘Thank.’ he said again with a short bow and left without saying goodbye.
There was a frightening gentility to the man that stayed with her after he had gone. It made her imagination speculate about the life he led and fear for the answers. All countries had their shadows and she had just met one.

Lisa was kept waiting for a good half hour before Ofeliya swept into the room. ‘You’re causing such a buzz in the building.
All the staff are talking about the Scottish girl and her orange haired English friend.’ said Ofeliya closing the door behind her and locking it.
‘We have that affect on people.’ said Lisa laughing nervously and taking a step backward.
‘You are out of my sight for five minutes and already there is wild talk of how Uzeyir sneaked in here, begged you to kiss one of his famous silver plated sub machine guns and pleaded with you to run away with him.’ Ofeliya declared with a smirk, the gossip already embellishing the small incident.
‘He might have popped in to show me some pictures of the Carpet Museum at night. I didn’t expect it to look like a giant rolled up carpet. I’m still not over the shock and he was very understanding.’ Lisa found herself babbling as Ofeliya inched towards her.
‘After hosting Eurovision nothing has been the same in Baku.’ laughed Ofeliya inspecting Lisa with an intent stare.
‘It was the same with Glasgow after we hosted the European City of Culture. We didn’t rebuild the entire city afterwards though.’ said Lisa hesitantly as Ofeliya drew closer.
‘You are very cheeky, I like that about you. We’re going to have a lot of fun together you and I.’ Ofeliya said running her hands up and down Lisa’s arm.
‘I’m just here for the dushbara and to get some armudu glasses for my sisters.’ Lisa replied with a tremor to her voice.
‘Then you will be very disappointed. It’s going to be a long day Lisa Doll, I think you better have a drink of water.’, came Ofeliya’s voice, the mood instantly changing as she reached over and closed her fingers around Lisa’s ponytail.
Before she could react Lisa was dragged over towards the fountain. She grabbed hold of the tiled basin of the water fountain and made her arms and body go rigid as Ofeliya began to push Lisa’s head forward.
‘It is poor protocol not to accept hospitality in my country.’ snapped Ofeliya pushing harder, then getting a tighter hold on Lisa’s ponytail and pulled her head into the water filled basin, gave it a good shake and pulled it back out again.
‘I had a good little quip lined up there but it’s gone.’ Lisa’s spluttered as water dripped all over the plush carpet, only to have her head immediately dunked back in the water and pulled back out again.
‘I didn’t swallow very much that time I forgot.’ gasped Lisa with the last shreds of her wit.
‘Try again Scottish girl.’ snarled Ofeliya and forced Lisa’s head back into the water a little longer than was necessary, until Lisa began to visibly panic and was released.
Ofeliya fetched a towel and dried Lisa’s hair and face roughly until Lisa asked with a slightly frayed temper ‘Was any of that really necessary?’
‘Consider it an introduction to your new life.’ explained Ofeliya her eyes wide.
‘Hoo fucking ray.’ said Lisa under her breath.
‘I think it’s time to move things along you willful little bitch.’ said Ofeliya angrily snatching Lisa’s ponytail and dragging her into an adjoining room.

Lisa was hauled into a large sand stone square with a tinted glass ceiling and a sandal wood tiled floor which filled the square with its aroma. The lighting was stark which matched the rest of the decor as the square had been converted into a large dungeon.
As Lisa stood looking around she was pulled into the centre of the room without being able to catch her breath. Before she could comment Lisa was given a hard push making her stumble forward and end up on the floor on all fours.
As Lisa tried to sit up she was immediately admonished, ‘Don’t you dare attempt to rise!’ Ofeliya spat at her.
‘Sorry.’ said Lisa quietly.
‘Sorry what!’ shouted Ofeliya.
‘Sorry Mistress.’ replied Lisa with genuine shame.
‘I know the Princess does not like the term, but I have no time for her self indulgent conceits. You will address Me as Mistress or you will be punished. Is that clear bitch?’ came Ofeliya’s angry voice.
‘Yes Mistress.’ replied Lisa, not looking up.
‘You are going to spend a lot of time in this room, Lisa.’ Ofeliya informed her, stepping closer.
‘Currently I have a spectacular view of the floor.’ Lisa said with a note of frustration in her voice.
‘The sandal wood has a very fine grain, take a closer look.’ Ofeliya responded curtly, the weight of her foot on Lisa’s shoulder
forcing Lisa’s face to the ground.
‘I think I can see it now.’ Lisa answered with a grunt.
‘This is how far down the ladder you are Lisa Doll. Right at the bottom, beneath my feet. Badly treated, stepped on, with no way home.’ gloated Ofeliya.
‘Is this the interview stage or did I get the job.’ blurted out Lisa, her sarcasm growing worse the more serious things became.
‘You’re film career is over Lisa Doll. When I’ve finished with you, you’ll be sent to a brothel in the Old Town, giving blow jobs to syphilitic old men.’ Ofeliya conjured mockingly, giving Lisa’s pony tail an unexpected tug.
‘I don’t think my sense of humour would go down well in a Baku brothel.’ gasped Lisa and got a heel point pushed into her shoulder as a reward.
‘They’re already bidding for your contract you little Scottish bitch. I’m going to throw the money from the top of the Flame Tower so everyone in the city will know what became of the women my husband coveted so much.’ laughed Ofeliya removing her heel and stepping back.
Lisa wearily sat up nursing her shoulder. In the direction she was facing the far wall had a large glass arch set into it that looked out on gardens and a huge fountain. There was birdsong and the sound of rushing water echoed in the room.
To her right was a storage room with a set of metal steps around the side leading up to a small bedroom on the roof. On either side of her were three giant mirrors hung from the walls.
The rest of the room was filled with all manner of benches, bondage crosses, dentist chairs and an ornate throne. On a different occasion Lisa would have loved to inspect every piece of designer fetish furniture.

Ofeliya’s phone rang and she answered in impatient Azeri, her resounding from the wall of the large stone room. There were heated words at the other end and an even more heated response for being interrupted in her game. A compromise was reached and the conversation abruptly ended.
‘I have a legal meeting.’ came Ofeliya’s blunt summary of the conversation.
‘Just drop me off in Nizami Street and I’ll find my own way home.’ Lisa said breathing a visible sigh of relief.
‘I need you to assist me with my meeting.’ came the unexpected reply.
‘This is only my second visit to Baku, I’m not sure I’d be any help.’ Lisa said quickly.
‘You have your uses. Get on all fours and try to look like a pony. I need some transportation to my meeting and you are going to provide it.’ Ofeliya commanded and grabbed a long riding crop left on a nearby bench and gave Lisa a painful lash across her behind.
‘Don’t people usually ride them outdoors.’ answered Lisa as she assumed the position.
‘Shut up and don’t soil the sandal wood.’ snapped Ofeliya and gave her a kick on the thigh just to underline the point.
Lisa braced herself as she felt Ofeliya’s sensuous frame lower itself onto her, which was followed by a painful strike to her left thigh.
‘Get moving pony. Don’t make me late for my meeting.’ Ofeliya commanded grabbing Lisa’s pony tail and pulling it twice making Lisa wince.
Lisa took the first few steps forward feeling painful pressure on her knees from the hard floor.
‘Turn left pony, we’re not leaving the same way we came in.’ came Ofeliya’s stern instruction.
As Lisa slowly shuffled round she could see a door in beyond one of the large mirrors and after a grunt of approval from Ofeliya she headed off in that direction.
Lisa’s body was betraying her and she felt herself slowly being turned on by such close contact to this exotic sadistic stranger. The fear of her situation just sent a burst of lust through her little Scottish body.
‘I hate biology.’ thought Lisa to herself as they finally reached the doorway.
Ofeliya clambered off gave Lisa another kick and commanded her to get up and open the door. As soon as Lisa got up she received a series of quick slashes of the crop which did not stop as she held the door open and let Ofeliya through in the wooden paneled hallway.
As Lisa let it close she was forcibly turned round and smooth soft hands explored her buttocks and thighs. Moments later the pleasure ended and she was slapped on the behind then forced back on all fours on the carpeted corridor.
‘Ow!’ cried Lisa as Ofeliya lowered herself upon her once more and gave her buttock a sharp pinch.
Without warning Ofeliya lifted the hem of her long dress and placed it over Lisa’s head sending an incandescent thrill of excitement throughout her entire body.
‘Forward my pretty little Scottish bitch.’ Ofeliya commanded and hit her twice with the riding crop just for good measure.
‘I hate you.’ thought Lisa as she found herself moving eagerly forward as she breathed in the intoxicating fragrances from the fabric covering her face.

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