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Lisa and the Princess In Azerbaijan Pt 1

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Lisa Doll went down the pale steps towards the restaurant when one of the staff stopped her. The Yukarai Karvansarai Hotel in Sheki, northern Azerbaijan was a large hollow brick shoe box of a shape two storey’s high with an old fashioned courtyard complete with ornamental pond and pretty garden.

Lisa had been very taken with the town when she arrived the night before. She had needed a break from the mad bustling jamboree of the different cities she spent her time jetting to, with its lovely old buildings and cobbled streets, Sheki had a very genuine charm. When she looked from her bedroom window and out into the quiet street below she knew she had made the right choice.

The air was clean and the sun had already warmed away the night time frost, the atmosphere of the place and town making up for the lingering Soviet era condition of the room she was staying in and the occasional frosty reception from some of the older members of the staff who had lived through it all.

‘Your English friend with the orange hair is waiting for you. Breakfast is running late, I blame Uncle Haji.’ the staff member said as a laugh emerged from under his immaculately kept moustache which was balanced above a several of bags of cumin.

‘Thank you.’ said Lisa, ‘When I was at reception they told me not to buy my currency from Uncle Haji and laughed. Is he related to everyone here?’
‘There is a little bit of Uncle Haji in all of us. Especially in this hotel.’ he chuckled genially with almost flawless English and spirited the cumin away towards the kitchens in an fluid hurry.

Apart from the staff who would suddenly appear, converse and disappear in a similar genial way, the hotel had that between seasons emptiness to it. The restaurant had a thin veneer of diners which were being served tea from a hot samovar to compensate for the late arrival of breakfast. Before looking Lisa knew she would find the Princess sat near the one of windows looking out onto the street, drinking tea and watching the world go buy as she penned her latest story.

‘How’s the dog?’ said the Princess with a laugh and a broad smile, looking up from the page and putting down her pen as Lisa sat down.
‘The dog is sulking. To alleviate falling down the stairs and breaking its leg, it snuck into my walk in wardrobe while I was asleep and chewed up the most expensive pair of shoes it could find. Not my ten year old trainers, my slippers or my bloody wellies. But the most expensive, shiny, personal favourite bit of footwear it could get its wee chops on. Apart from that the old mutt is now in tip top health, leg breaking nose dives down the stairs not with-standing.’ said Lisa as a hot cup of tea was placed in front of her by the same member of staff who had chatted to her earlier.

‘Breakfast is still running a little bit late and Uncle Haji is nowhere to be found.’ he shrugged with another laugh and was gone.
‘If it had happened in Sheki, she could have blamed Uncle Haji as well!’ laughed the Princess.
‘Every single person I speak to in here, its Uncle Haji this and Uncle Haji that.’ said Lisa drinking her tea and wanting breakfast.
‘Uncle Haji stories are the local sport. They let you in on it the moment you get through the door. If you get stuck in a lift with someone you’ll get a long winded story about another one of his mis-adventures. There’s hundreds apparently, so you haven’t heard the last of Uncle Haji’
‘Uncle Haji has been moved from running the kitchens and we are now serving breakfast.’ said the same member of staff again and continued darting to and fro between the various tables to impart the same genial information to the other diners.
‘Will you go continental or are you feeling up to the baclava?’ asked the Princess.
‘When in Sheki…’ laughed Lisa and suddenly there were two plates of fresh baclava in front of them, ‘So what the hell are you doing in the middle of Azerbaijan, Princess Indigo Miss?’ Lisa enquired in her own distinctive fashion.
‘I know two of the richest oil barons in Baku. A husband and wife team who visit me when they’re in London. They own most of Azerbaijan and a big chunk of hotel Karvansarai. We keep having this on going argument about renewable energy and one day they turned round and said “If you want us to invest in renewables what have you got to trade?” so here I am. They’ve put all of their connections at my disposal and they’re letting me stay in the oil baron suite.’
‘Well they obviously have some other hobbies apart from oil!’ exclaimed Lisa, ‘After my stay in Baku, I left with half a dozen carpets and a lifetime supply of WD-40. I didn’t meet any billionaires but I got plenty of interesting offers each time I left my room at the hotel.’
‘I bet you did, you little tartan minx.’ said the Princess and looked around to order a fresh cup of tea.
The impromptu waiter who had waylaid Lisa, saw her glance and brought one straight to her table.
‘Straight from the samovar, with the compliments of the   Karvansarai Hotel ‘ and before the Princess even said thank you he was off on another errand.
‘So why have you dragged me half way round the world apart from to take my baclava virginity?’ asked Lisa.
‘Let’s just say I got a very interesting email just before I boarded my flight.’ said the Princess with a smutty grin.
‘You get all sorts of interesting emails all the time Miss, what was so special about this one?’ retorted Lisa her voice full of Caledonian suspicions.
‘This one was about the real reason why my billionaire oil baron friends had visited me in London.’ said the Princess like a cat that had just stolen the double cream delivery van.
‘What did it say?’ said Lisa with a huge dollop of trepidation sitting on top of a large slice of ‘I’ve been set up’ gateaux.
‘It appears they wanted an introduction to a cheeky little Scots slave but neither of them had the nerve to ask me. So they offered to seal the deal on their renewables investment program if I could get you to come over. I got an email this morning they just bought a billion dollars worth of solar panels all because of you.’ said the Princess.
‘They spent a billion dollars because of me!’ said Lisa so loudly everyone in the restaurant heard,’Just what am I expected to do in return!?’
‘Anything they tell you to.’ said Princess with a snigger.
‘The internet is unnatural! Kinky people shouldn’t be allowed to communicate with each other.’ Lisa yelled totally losing her cool as the Princess’ phone rang.

‘Yes she’s here…You’ve sent someone to pick her up…It’s ok she’s done kidnap scenario’s before she’s game for anything.’ said the Princess.
‘What! Have you gone completely stark staring bonkers?!’ protested Lisa.
‘Your passport has been confiscated, your possessions seized and a security teaming are just pulling up across the street.’ said the Princess indicting the black Mercedes van outside.
‘What the hell are you doing, Miss!?’ said Lisa standing up slightly horrified.
‘You said you wanted a holiday.’ said the Princess with an evil chuckle.
‘This is Nantucket all over again.’ muttered Lisa backing away from the table as the Princess sat there grinning.

Three very beautiful young women dressed in black combat gear, who looked as if they had taken a short break from spending all day in the gym burst forth from the van, dashed across the street, crashed into the lobby and began running noisily down the walk way towards the restaurant, making Lisa instantly regret telling her deepest fantasies to a big ginger snitch with a supermodels body and a cat litter tray for a brain.
‘I hate you sometimes, Miss.’ said Lisa got up from her seat, then turned and ran.
‘You’re very welcome.’ replied the Princess as Lisa crashed through the kitchens and emerged into the courtyard in a state of panic.

It was an out of breath Lisa Doll that said a thankful little prayer that saw was wearing training shoes after her early morning swim in the Karavansarai Hotel pool which had seen rather better days.
‘Give me chance to catch a breath yeh wee buggers.’ cursed Lisa as the door behind her banged open noisily and she started running again in earnest.
Lisa dashed across the breadth of the courtyard, trampling the flowers in the process and almost knocking over the chatty waiter carrying over more fresh supplies for the kitchen. Her three agile assailants darted round the scattered bundles and pursued Lisa into the ground floor of the hotel.

Lisa didn’t stop to apologize as she knocked over the Karavansarai Hotel manager, only to hear him mutter something about Uncle Haji as he got back up and got knocked down again by her fleet footed pursuers.
The other staff in the hotel stood back not interfering but watching the proceedings with an eager curiosity and several cheers as furniture was knocked over, lamps upturned and one or two windows broken in the ensuing unrestrained mayhem.
Someone how Lisa found herself in the Karavansarai reception about to leg it through the front door when she was promptly sat on by her three ‘friends’ who were a lot stronger than they looked, which was quite strong actually.

‘That’s no fair.’ groaned Lisa as her hands were pushed behind her back and a pair of handcuffs closed round them and she continued to cuss a blue streak in colloquial Glaswegian, saying several colourful words and phrases that had never been heard before in northern Azerbaijan.
Her three new companions hoisted her to her feet and her last words were ‘Give my love to Uncle Haji.’ to the waiter who she had spoken to earlier who watched with a horrified look on his face as she was bustled through the main doors, escorted across the street and dumped as roughly as the three young security guards could manage into the back of the waiting Mercedes van.
‘Bugger.’ said Lisa ironically quoting the Princess.

Two of her pursuers stood on the pavement looking at her, while the third crossed back over the street and went back into the hotel.
‘Someone better sit on her Mehbara.’ said the tallest of the  two, as the driver confirmed the capture on her phone.
‘I’ll do it Aynura. I’m good at squishing little things.’ replied the more statuesque and extremely beautifully Mehbara, adjusting her synthetic fingerless gloves before climbing into the van.
The spread-eagled Lisa felt a taught bundle of muscle descend upon her and pin her firmly down, while Aynura set down on a bench secured to the side of the van and strapped herself in. The van door was still open and with her face pressed down Lisa could see into the street and the windows of the old brick building in front of her.
Into the vicinity of Lisa’s gaze stepped the third pursuer and a fourth woman, who was clearly the team leader and also the driver. Behind them was a fifth person, who although Lisa couldn’t see her face, she could identify her by the long strands of orange hair.
‘An excellent job girls. It was a privilege to watch you work.
Don’t let the little Scots minx give you any lip. She’s very ticklish by the way. I don’t think that’s in the notes.’ Lisa heard the Princess say.
‘Aw, why on earth did you tell them that, you ginger haired bampot!’ yelled Lisa and let out a mighty cry as Mehbara’s two firm fingers pinched the skin together on her soft Scots behind.
‘Hello Lisa.’ said the Princess and laughed unrepentantly.
‘You are in so much trouble you big English fruitcake.’ shouted Lisa which only caused an encore from Mehbara and an even louder sound.
‘Be good and if you can’t be good be quiet.’ laughed the Princess again.
‘I think I missed the terms and conditions.’ answered Lisa through gritted teeth.
‘There aren’t any!’ retorted the Princess and slammed the van door.

The van pulled out and Lisa felt an emotional urge to be able to see the smallest glimpse of the town of Sheki one last time. Most of all she wanted to see just one simple tree. One simple tree would have made it all better.
Instead she felt an uninvited hand rubbing her rhythmically until she moaned involuntarily, then the teasing immediately withdrawn with a little chuckle.
‘No more for you, little bitch.’ whispered Mehbara in her ear.
‘Fuck.’ said a frustrated Lisa quietly, being a veteran of such games just made her more not less susceptible to them.
‘We’re going to have a very homesick and sexually frustrated English girl in captivity if you keep doing that Mehbara.’ laughed Aynura.
‘I’m not English.’ piped up Lisa without being able to help herself.
‘She’s a homesick Scottish girl. That trip to Cesky, you remember I told you Aynura? This one was there, and a very bad girl she was.’ laughed Mehbara sarcastically.
‘You were at the Castle?’ Lisa replied not remembering the face from the hordes of kinky women who had attended.
‘We’re going to make that weekend seem like a badly made vase  given as a birthday present by Uncle Haji.’ said Mehbara who leaned forward and gave the skin on Lisa’s shoulder a quick sharp bite.
‘No rules Scottish girl, that’s what your orange friend said, now be quiet, I have much sharper teeth than Mehbara.’ scolded Aynura enjoying herself.
There was a little bump on the road as they left the city by the south road which took the wind out of Lisa before she could reply.
‘Hey Uncle Haji, drive more carefully.’ shouted Mehbara to the driver.
‘We’re not in Sheki anymore, you can stop all the Uncle Haji talk.’ replied the driver and thrashed the van left and right just to make a point, throwing around everyone in the back of the van.
‘We have a lot of Uncle Haji’s where I come from.’ said Lisa after everyone had stopped complaining.
‘You’re not in Scotland now.’ said Mehbara.
‘Perhaps I can take her with me when I go back to Harvard. I need someone to carry my bags and rest my kindle on when I’m studying.’ called out Aynura making everyone in the van laugh except Lisa.
‘I hate the internet.’ said Lisa protesting.
‘We heard you’re on there quite a lot though Scottish girl.’ answered back Aynura.
‘It’s just a hobby.’ replied Lisa sheepishly for which she received a playful tug on her long pony tail from Mehbara.
‘Perhaps I shouldn’t let you anywhere near my kindle, perhaps you’d been better as a coffee table or a human book shelf.’ retorted Aynura.

Mehbara’s phone rang and the mood changed. Lisa recognized the word Cesky and the word Scottish. The conversation was a short one. Unseen by Lisa, Mehbara and Aynura nodded at each other. Words were exchanged with the driver and the van pulled up.
Mehbara got up opened the side door of the van to reveal a wide expanse of scrub land and the driver got out to talk to her as Aynura unbuckled herself and clambered out to join her.
As the driver came into view Lisa watched Mehbara punch her hard in the face, the stomach, then kick her legs from under her and apply handcuffs. As the woman in the passenger seat leapt out she was met by Aynura who gave her similar treatment, until there were two women handcuffed in the dirt.
Lisa felt the rules change right in front of her and as Mehbara and Aynura exchanged words and made phone calls. After a thirty minute wait another van pulled up and a new passenger was dumped on the floor of the van alongside Lisa.
‘Hello Lisa, what an unexpected surprise.’ said Lisa’s new companion sheepishly as she shook her bright orange hair from her eyes.

The van pulled off and before an argument broke out between the two captives in the back there was an order for silence and for a hour or so no one spoke. Aynura then turned the van east and the mood quickly relaxed. They were on the road to Baku and had a long journey ahead of them.
‘What the hell did you think you were doing Princess Indigo, Miss?’ said Lisa in a rushed whisper that brought no censure from the front of the van.
‘I thought you’d enjoy it! I didn’t expect to end up taking part.’ protested the Princess.
‘I bet you didn’t!’ answered Lisa, finding talking after lying face down in the back of a van for several hours frustrating and awkward,’Have you any idea what’s going on here, apart from the obvious?’
‘It’s most probably the oil barons from Baku. They like to change the rules.’ said the Princess sounding worried.
‘Changing them to what!’ asked Lisa between gritted teeth.
‘How the hell should I know!’ said Princess raising her voice.
‘You’ll find out. Plenty in store for the pair of you. You won’t get to be my kindle rest after all Scottish girl.’ chuckled Aynura.
‘She’s had a lucky escape but only just.’ pitched in Mehbara.
‘Great, just fucking great. Do you ever run out of bright idea’s, you big ginger menace?’ cursed Lisa.
‘Some day’s I just drink tea.’ said the Princess slightly hurt.
‘This is the last time you get to drag me into all your mischief, Miss.’ scolded Lisa.
‘My mischief, what about when you finally showed up in Sydney! There was no end of mayhem from the moment you arrived!’ exploded the Princess her temper getting the better of her.
‘I didn’t hear any “Ok Lisa, I’m going to leave you to it and have a wander round the tourist traps in the Rocks for the afternoon. Find a paperweight made from the most poisonous spider in the southern hemisphere to send back to the family Indigo.”‘ came Lisa’s heated reply.
‘Those things are hideous. “The nasty little bugger crawled out from under the fridge. It’s in the middle of the kitchen beneath one of those glasses Auntie Mary bought us last Christmas. I know let’s dip it in perspex and sell it in the shop!”‘ answered the Princess her most unconvincing Australian accent.
‘We’re getting side tracked again Miss.’ said Lisa with a sigh.
‘It’s better than staying at home watching the telly.’ replied the Princess.
‘The house is on fire but at least it’s warm.’ quipped Lisa back almost instantly and they both started laughing until they were rudely shouted at to be quiet.

The van drove all day and all night. They stopped periodically and were roughly administered a bottle of water. Intermittently they were let out in the middle of nowhere to stretch their tired limbs while the their overseers made phone calls and sarcastic remarks.
On several occasions they would be driven into a small town and from a private residence the petrol tank would be refilled from a large metal can and their two captors would have a little to eat. Once the side door popped open and an ill advised attempt to escape resulted in both Lisa and the Princess falling out of the van flat onto the concrete in full sight of their hosts. They were admonished severely and forcefully returned to it.

It was past midnight when they reached their destination. From the remarks in the front seats it was obvious they had reached Baku. After negotiating the winding streets they reached the gates of a large modern building complex and following quite a lengthy discussion with a intercom they were let inside.
The van drove into an underground garage and where they were testily retracted and pushed into a lift. The mood was tired and irritable, little was said. A further journey down two very new coffee coloured marbled corridors led to an office where they were expected, made to sit on the floor and told not to interrupt.
A well presented woman in her early sixties spoke to Aynura and Mehbara forthrightly in Azerbijani. The words Scottish, English and orange hair were used. It was soon apparent the woman was called Yeva.
‘They speak English? Good, I will deal with them myself. Word has been sent that they are here. Go get some sleep the pair of you.’ said Yeva curtly, Aynura and Mehbara left without saying any goodbyes.

Yeva reached down and helped them both to their feet but did not remove the handcuffs. She looked them both up and down, then walked round them with an obvious air of disapproval.
‘You smell far worse than you look the pair of you. Perhaps you will improve when you are cleaner. At the moment I am not sure why anybody would make such fuss over a Scottish girl and a traffic accident of orange hair.’ said Yeva, her voice was a mixture of several flavours neither of which resembled the accents of the ones who had brought them.
‘The toilet facilities in the wilderness were all out of hand towels.’ said Lisa croakily as they were pushed back out into the  marbled corridor and into a mirrored lift where they got a long look at how travelled worn they appeared
‘It was dusty we tried our best to fit in.’ added the Princess her voice in a similar condition, the lift doors closing on them.
‘You didn’t paint your faces blue like Mel Gibson?’ remarked Yeva with a sardonic laugh as they moved upwards.
‘He’s Australian not Scots.’ replied Lisa relieved at the slightest bit of levity.
‘Not many kangaroo’s in Scotland.’ replied Yeva warming to the pair of them a little.
‘There are some penguins though.’ chipped in the Princess, even managing a smile which was quite a feat under the circumstances.
‘Penguins. Your friends orange hair has gone to her brain.’ retorted Yeva.
‘I’ve been telling her that for years. But she is right they have penguins in Edinburgh, they’re funny like that there. I’m from Glasgow where the wildlife’s a bit more colorful.’ explained Lisa as best she could.
‘Your accent isn’t the same as the others.’ observed the Princess.
‘That’s because I’m half Armenian and half Russian in a country where it is inconvenient to be either.’ came a stern answer which made the Princess regret making the comment in the first place.

The lift came to a halt, the doors opened and broke the silence.
‘Well at least we’ve stopped hearing Uncle Haji jokes.’ Lisa piped up trying to lift the mood as they stepped out into another marbled corridor with large frosted glass panels and small shrubs in rectangular coffee coloured marbled little gardens.
‘Ha, you certainly have been to Sheki, the pair of you.’ Yeva laughed, smiling a little.
‘We were having breakfast.’ said the Princess as innocently as she could manage.
‘Then someone had a bright idea to play kidnapping but at least it backfired.’ Lisa added.
‘Just a little.’ the Princess replied pulling an apologetic face.
‘I didn’t even get to finish my baclava!’ Lisa remarked opening old wounds.
‘I had a fresh cup of tea in front of me when they grabbed me!’ exclaimed the Princess.
‘I’m heart broken on your behalf, Miss.’ Lisa said with an over exaggerated empathy.
‘It’s a long drive from Sheki.’ laughed Yeva and they both looked at her slightly red faced.

It was soon apparent that this floor was being redecorated as there was electrical equipment, indoor scaffolding, painting gear and sheets everywhere. As it was so late at night there were no other people around.
Yeva led them through a doorway, down a flight of grey concrete steps, out through to a small crossroads among the corridors and then on to the servants quarters and a shower block. The woman pulled out a pair of keys, undid their handcuffs and put them in her pocket.
She pulled out a pair of medical scissors with rounded ends knelt down and began to cut Lisa’s leggings. The Princess stepped forward and said a loud ‘Hey!’
‘I second that.’ said Lisa indignantly.
‘They are not fit to wear and neither of you are in a position to complain.’ said the woman and continued until Lisa stood there totally naked and not best pleased, ‘You next orange hair.’ said Yeva sternly not tolerating any arguments.
The Princess begrudgingly acquiesced and soon both of them stood looking dirty naked, bedraggled and unhappy.
‘You have five minutes to get rid of that awful smell.’ Yeva ordered and pointed to the showers, then went over to the switch on the wall and turned them all on at once.
They both looked around for some soap and shampoo. There was a long cupboard set into the wall at the far end and they retrieved what they needed and immersed themselves gratefully under the water.
‘Hurry up, it is very late. We only have a small amount of water to waste on the pair of you.’ Yeva shouted loudly above the dim of the rushing water.
Feeling suitably admonished they quickened their pace and both proceeded to wash their hair as quickly as they could.
‘Go dry yourselves.’ instructed Yeva testily as she turned off the water then stood by the doorway, deliberately turning off the lights.
‘Sweet little guest house they got going on here. I hope you’re taking notes.’ hissed Lisa Doll at the Princess as they hurriedly toweled themselves in the semi darkness.
‘I hid my pencil in a special place.’ snapped the Princess back at her.
‘No talking, just dry!’ came a yell from the far end of the room.
‘We’ve got a right one here.’ muttered Lisa so only the Princess could hear.
‘I quite like her, she’s very good.’ said the Princess half jokingly.
‘You would.’ cussed Lisa.
‘Time’s up!’ Yeva yelled at them.

Lisa and the Princess walked back to towards the doorway both feeling self conscious and slightly afraid of the situation they found themselves in.
‘What are those?’ asked Yeva looking between the legs of the two European t-girls as they stood in the half light.
‘What?’ said Lisa genuinely not understanding the question.
‘Those creatures between your pale thighs.’ Yeva said sarcastically.
‘It’s my pet ocelot I take on holidays. I’m not sure what hers is.’ replied the Princess with a tired sarcasm of her own.
‘I’ll call the goat doctor in the morning to take a look at them.’ said Yeva disdainfull, ‘Now come with me.’

They followed her silently, exchanging worried looks with each other. Their journey as they reached a block of toilets and Yeva opened a disabled cubicle and gestured for them to enter. Inside were two mattresses on the floor, each with a single sheet.
‘Can we at least have something to eat before you lock us in.’ pleaded the Princess.
‘No.’ was Yeva’s curt reply, ‘Someone will let you out in the morning.’
‘Can we have some pillows and another sheet?’ said Lisa trying to stretch out the moment as long as possible.
‘Pillows are not allowed.’ said Yeva uncategorically, pushing them both inside and locking the door from the outside.

The two of them were woken from a fitful night of tossing, turning and bickering by a loud banging on the door.
‘Wake up Scottish girl, orange hair!’ came the sound of Mehbara’s voice, followed by the sound of the door unlocking.
Lisa and the Princess stood up bleary eyed and unhappy, not having any idea what the time was. The door opened and Mehbara stood before them dressed in a more formal security outfit complete with a black jacket and dark sunglasses. She had in her hand a long piece of wooden cane.
‘Open your eyes it’s morning.’ came her insistent voice, ‘I’m not afraid to come in and get you!’ she added with a sharp gesture that indicated they should both come outside.
‘Ok, ok, we’re coming.’ said the Princess bitterly and stepped outside, giving the cane as wide berth as possible.
Lisa followed with some reluctance following the Princess’ led and standing as far as she could manage from Mehbara’s cane.
‘Did you sleep well?’ Mehbara enquired with a forceful tone as they stood there a little afraid.
‘No, we couldn’t find the light switch and the bright light kept us awake all night.’ admitted Lisa.
‘That’s to stop you banging your head. You should say thank you.’ replied Mehbara with a curt laugh, tapping the cane against her outer thigh.
‘Thank you for making sure we didn’t bump our heads in the night.’ said Lisa as gratefully as she could manage under the circumstances, which wasn’t very much.
‘Better Scottish girl, and what about you orange hair?’ said Mehbara.
‘Thank you for your hospitality.’ said the Princess not at all convincingly and received a hard rap across her flank which made her scowl but say nothing.
‘Do not look at me like that orange hair.’ said Mehbara in a challenging tone.
‘Perhaps we should just get breakfast over with.’ said Lisa breaking the tension.
‘I’m glad one of you has some brain cells in her little European head.’ commented Mehbara and led the way.

Mehbara returned them to the showers, where they were expected to clean themselves in double quick time. There was no chatter allowed on this occasion and when they were finished Mehbara grabbed them both by the ears and dragged them over to the storage cupboard. Throwing towels at them, she repeatedly slapped their legs with her cane as they dried themselves and swore at them when they yelped.
‘I can see you glowering in the corner orange hair. I will separate the two of you, if you continue with your disapproving looks.’ Mehbara barked.
Lisa and the Princess looked at each other and dropped their gazes to the floor.
‘Better! You are not guests here either of you. Act accordingly or be dealt with.’ she said in a tone that underlined her security job, tapping her foot on the tiled floor in an agitated manner.
Murmurs of compliance were given and they were led through more long marbled corridors, past several tropical indoor green houses and ornamental fountains.
The passages had began to fill up with staff of various functions. The naked bodies of the visitors bringing laughter and comments which the two of them were unable to understand. It was obvious from the reactions though, that it was not a total surprise to have people moving through the building in this way.

On several occasions a squad of female security guards who clearly recognized Mehbara, stopped and inspected the two of them. Pressing them up against the wall and running multiple hands simultaneously across skin which was still damp from showering.
Although the place did not seem like a university, it clear was that whoever ran the building was deliberately employing and mentoring a full female staff. There was a more permissive sub culture within these walls than outside.
The inspections became more amorous and kisses were stolen and there was gentle pulling of the hair. There was a playful quality to it but authority quickly expressed itself the moment either of them even slightly pulled away. Once or twice a cool barrel of a rifle would brush against their skin reminding them of the seriousness of their situation.
One by one the guards each gave the two of them a parting kiss. The more tactile and sensual of which were responded to. Others were rougher and had a manner about them that left Lisa and the Princess feeling cold and wary.
When they had finished the security guards made a circle and Mehbara stepped up to kiss them both roughly, then slapped them each in turn across the face, echoed by rowdy cheers. Leaving Lisa and the Princess with a cocktail of arousal, hurt feelings, ruffled feathers and awakened desires.

Mehbara pushed them both towards a small reception area and then unexpectedly into a large showroom of latex and fetish clothing. There were specially built alcoves filled with overflowing closets, mannequins, racks and cupboards. All bursting out with assorted outfits and accessories. Adjacent was an entire room dedicated to boots and shoes.
‘Did we just die and reach the kinky after-life Miss?’ said Lisa looking at the Princess who was gazing around somewhat jealously at all she saw.
‘Something happened when we were getting groped in the corridor, I’m just not sure what it was.’ replied the Princess who’s list of lesbian fantasies was now a little longer.

Princess Indigo was famously owned by the legendary gothic goddess Hypnotic Haylee and being pawed by armed strangers made little bells of guilt ring in her head. As a Domme herself, Princess Indigo disliked having her feathers ruffled by the uninvited. She knew enough about their situation to know that both she and Lisa were in a great deal of trouble.
Both of them had always been attracted to strong women and it was obvious that Lisa was having the same conflicted feelings the Princess was experiencing herself. The Princess had often dreamed of being locked away far from the world by her Goddess to explore whatever lesbian fantasies the two of them had.
Hypnotic Haylee was as much a multi faceted creature as the Princess was. To be touched by a group of women without the insistence or supervision of Goddess Haylee, unsettled the Princess greatly. This partial fulfillment of deep fantasies without the key ingredient brought a bewildered look to the Princess’ face as she smoothed out the designer latex dress that was forcefully selected for her. Lisa emerged from the adjoining room in stockings and an elaborate latex corset.
‘I think they all have invisible feet in Azerbaijan.’ Lisa declared adjusting her stockings after being unable to find shoes that fit.
‘There is no time for you to waste finding some that fit, you will just have to walk in your stockings.’ ordered Mehbara and swiped the cane at the tops of Lisa’s thighs.

The Princess’ temper finally snapped and she made a grab for the cane and snatched it quickly from Mehbara’s hand before her grip could tighten. Only to have it snatched immediately back.
‘Do not be stupid orange hair. I have only been playing. Do not challenge me or I will stop my playing and you will truly see why I was given my job.’ said Mehbara raising her voice a fraction and standing face to face with the Princess to emphasize her point.
Lisa nudged the Princess with her elbow stopping her from challenging Mehbara a second time and the tension abated a little.
‘It is time for you to have breakfast and meet your host.’ said Mehbara and they were instantly on the move again.

Lisa and the Princess were ordered into a neighboring lift and
then out into the vast main lobby of the building which was filling up with more early morning arrivals. Becoming a spectacle while being signed out at the front desk they were then led outside through the large row of glass doors.
In the middle of a huge coffee coloured marble square, in front of the largest of all fountains in the complex they stopped. The trio looking down at the beautiful city of Baku, spread out before them, resplendent in the morning sun.
With a few simple words they were ordered across the square into the large residential building on the other side. It was older and even more grandiose than many of the majestic buildings in the city below.

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