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Louva Interview

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Louva Interview

Louva is a world renowned  fetish model and make-up artist. She has worked with top-Photographers around the world (and still does). Together with her husband Anton she (co) owns DeMask and spends a lot of her time designing in the Amsterdam DeMask store. On top of that all, she is also a loving mother of two.


SM: Do you attend all the Fetish parties and events?
Louva: Whenever I can according to my need and possibility in my busy life.

SM: What are your most favorite themes of fetish outfits to wear?
Louva: Rubber corset, rubber catsuit, rubber, rubber, rubber…… and sometimes cool and relax in leather.

SM: What is the most important thing you want to teach your children, that they will remember?
Louva: Respect, courage, wisdom and compassion.

SM: What is beauty?

Louva: A pure heart.

SM: What else do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
Louva: My kingdom of love and happiness.

SM: Are you a dancer?
Louva: More or less, that depends my mood and time in the night, ha ha.

SM: What was it like for you growing up?
Louva: Surviving, hoping, fighting, being fair and loyal, always do and give my best.

SM: You have been photographed by many photographers all around the world, is there anyone that you have not worked with, but would like to?
Louva: Yes I wish I could have worked with Helmut Newton and Bob Carlos Clarke, but sadly that’s not possible anymore :-(

SM: Who has inspired you the most throughout your career?
Louva: Nobody, just myself with my imagination and spontaneity.

SM: Does anything get on your nerves?
Louva: Liars and kids rapists.

SM: Do you always take off your make up before you go to sleep?
Louva: Yes unless I’m a bit too drunk after partying, hihi!

SM: Ten things you love to do?

Louva: Kiss and hug my kids, chatting and having good sex with Anton on my terrace, drink very good wine, wear high heels, rubber and eye lashes, partying, cooking, listening Daft Punk, working in my shop, make new designs, go to Paris and see my friends + family.

SM: Do many people want your time and attention? (other than Anton and your children)
Louva: Yes, it’s not always easy but I love to give attention to nice people around.

SM: Five favorite makeup products?
Louva: Maybelline super stay lipstick, Dior foundation, Lancôme mascara, Gosh eye liner and Serge Louis Alvarez shadow color.

SM: Five Fashion do’s?
Louva: Alexander Mc Queen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, Karl Lagerfeld and of course John Galliano.

SM: Five Fashion Don’ts?
Louva: All the one I will never wear or follow, many…

SM: Why is the book “Le Scaphandre et le Papillon” so significant to you?
Louva: To me it is the best example ever, to never give up and do the best with what is left of your life.

SM: What is confidence?
Louva: To believe in yourself.

SM: How did you meet Anton?
Louva: Oh that’s a long story, all I can say is that I met him in Paris and our fairytale started…

SM: Do you have a favorite location that you like to be filmed or photograph?
Louva: No specific location, basically anywhere I feel good.

SM: In your opinion – What does it take to become a high fashion model in the fetish industry?
Louva: To believe in the scene, to be into it.

SM: Five things you can’t live without (excluding your children and Anton)
Louva: My pray, having sex, sleeping, eating, being happy and make some money to live on.

SM: Why do you love camping?
Louva: I feel free with no computer, to do basic things, to be in another dimension and back to the source of our lives, nature!

SM: How did you meet Gernot?
Louva: Through Shiren and Zaki from Sexy Art Gallery, they proposed us to cooperate for the vernissage of Gernot.
I specially made new designs of rubber outfits, inspired from his art and made it real with live models. It was a big success, we were even in the newspaper “Het Parool”.

SM: What is your most favorite part of the day?
Louva: Every day is different….

SM: Do you consider yourself submissive, dominant, or switch? How would you describe yourself?
Louva: Well interesting question, I am still discovering, maybe one day I will find out and can answer this question.

SM: Other than being a High Fashion model, designer and hair stylist, you are considered one of Europe’s best makeup artist. What else do you want to do in the Fetish-World or The World in general?
Louva: Thank you, in the Fetish World, to make our business a success and in general to be a good mother and wife.

SM: Are there any models that you follow and who are your role model?
Louva: No I have been always myself as I know and maybe that’s why they call me “different”.

SM: What do your kids do that make you laugh?
Louva: I always have a big smile when they speak in French to me.

SM: If someone had no clue about Fetish Fashion what would your advice be?
Louva: I would invite him or her to come to our shop :-).

SM: Your tattoo down the front of your body what does it say or mean and why did you get that?
Louva: it means “propagate widely peace in the world” the marvelous law of Lotus Sutra. I practice japanese buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin since I’m 17.

SM: How many tattoos do you have and do they all have special meanings?
Louva: I have 11 and most of them have a meaning.

SM: You really give it your all when you are modeling. How far do you go for a good shot?
Louva: Until the photographer is satisfied as well as me and got everything in the box.

SM: What makes you a good stylist?
Louva: Bringing out the inside beauty.

SM: Have you met any famous designers?
Louva: Yes, Jean Paul Gaultier.

SM: With your new exciting venture with the brand DeMask, do you think your personal life / relationships will change dramatically?
Louva: No, but will evoluate in the good way.


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