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Lured to Sleep Part 1

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It was typical Auckland November weather; Ys had just come back from his holiday trip after recently visiting a buddy in the Netherlands. He unpacked, glad for the nicer weather than the cats and dogs of Rotterdam.
 He checks his email, the mailbox in his flat, then quickly the hidden cameras set up in his lab, a lab funded by the University of Auckland. The funding was from the university after his slightly obscure but impressive award-winning research about ‘Mind Altering’ drugs, used to supposedly improve the focus of the human brain – with little to no side effects. Little did most people know, Ys was also conducting some rather out of the ordinary tests in his lab…

As Ys finished catching up on his research, he prepared some of his follow up to his research on neuro-pharmacokinetics, then headed to class – he was looking down on his notes when, all of a sudden, a face pops up right in front of him out of seemingly thin air.

”HEY Ys, what have you been up to, huh? How was the trip to the Netherlands? You DO know I’ve want to go there sometime! I have family there… maybe we could travel together next time” she said with a wink.

Monique, your not-quite-average medical student (what medical student is average?), chats up the PhD student. She is constantly, insatiably curious of everything and, as one of the top students of her class, usually asked some of the best questions to Ys. She had cutsie looks combined with a lively personality that had nerds like himself drooling and the hot physical education majors asking for her number enough she reached the point where her ego nearly surpassed her ‘humility’.

”Well that sounds like a plan Mon but I’m not sure though when I will make my next trip, you know busy with my projects in ‘Subspace’ thanks to my ‘mind-altering’ project. It has opened the door to tinkering with the neuro-bio kinesis of the brain and ‘physical arousing threshold’ of a person. Plus I’ve yet to configure the mixture of several chemical and hormonal compounds and neurotransmitters to achieve a certain sensational limit”
Monique’s eyes widen in excitement at the slightly vague yet interesting concepts ”Wow cool you have a gateway to a new project! Well, I certainly hope to read about it, do you have a your copy of said report? Would love to read that on the bus today, right before I dive in to your next work!”
”No problem I will email it to you tonight, gotta go, otherwise I will be late for my appointment with my errr… special supplier.”
As Monique says goodbye she is in a curious head scratching stance with puzzled eyes upon her visage, hmmmm…. hang on a moment did he just say “Subspace”….?

Upon coming home to her spacious flat, Monique became immediately both curious and interested when she saw, on her iPad, Ys email. It was the report he had promised, so Monique gathered her iPad – with a cup of coffee, and began reading with excitement, until a suspiciously curious feeling waved over her through each passing line. Interested, she rubbed her nose and murmered;
‘’Meep, meep , meeeepppp, allons-y! Something seems oddly fishy here! I think I recognize some of these chemicals and the formulas used, hmmmmm…. but I can’t quite put my finger on it.’’
Still confused, Monique took a break to check Space, Science & Robots online to sate her need for some more easy scientific reading, entertainment, and updates on the local bdsm scene she was apart of. Just before bed, Monique came across an article ‘Large quantity of drugs stolen in local Auckland area’; immediately thought about the supplier Ys was due to meet and began to grow even more wildly curious and suspicious. Thinking momentarily before sleep consumed her ‘’Dafaq…. What did he mean by “special” supplier?’’

The next day, Monique decided to skip the nights party to spy on Ys, she knew his routine from a slight, embarrassing crush on him that she chose not to ponder on, with the hint that he might be up to no good. What if it was illegal? “That ridiculous Buttface! To think I liked him!” Calling her friends, she claimed to be staying in due to overwhelming schoolwork; then quickly packed her flashlight, iPhone and a spy kit she had “borrowed” from the uni forensics/pathology lab – ready to collect evidence.

Since Monique was skipping her usual party she packed her bag with some other essential items for –what was in her mind- some real, although absurd, investigation; gummy bears, bacon flavored beef jerky and the stun gun she got as a gift from her parents. She still had a day of classes to attend, so she left the bag under her bed before leaving to Uni, to be picked up later. Unaware that Ys is on to her already after luring her with some suspicious terminology – and of course his report Monique wanted to read so bad.

A few hours after Monique had left, Ys broke into her flat. He browsed through her items and found her bag of ‘essential investigative items’, and although confused by the bizarre food choices he was alarmed by the gun. Prepared for this, he grabbed his duffel bag and reached for batteries matching the type for the stun gun. He simply replaced the charged up battery with an empty one to – providing a false sense of empowerment that should make for fun later on.

Meanwhile at uni….‘’Meep, meep, meep, meep,’’ Monique rubbed her nose and stared at the clock during the days last class, eager to spring into Nancy Drew mode and kick some ASS…. Despite not being sure if her former crush was an actual criminal. Each tick of the clock seemed slower than the last, and the endless questions on the medical ethics of moral rules and deontology vs. consequentialism, the inherent good and bad re: the sanctity of life, the Decalogue, Kant’s categorical imperatives, blah blah blahhhhhh didn’t help time pass. “I did this stuff when I was 17…” Monique grumbled to herself. FINALLY the questioner in the third row finished, the lecture room was dismissed and she shot out of her seat like a bullet to her car.

At this point he received a notification on his GPS tracker: Monique was in the area, heading towards home. Ys was still going through her stuff, and now came across the drawer of panties – in fact several drawers of neatly folded undies. Some very sexy and some very girly cute, Ys decide to steal some for his own amusement – and of course as trophies.
‘’There is no way Mon will notice, after all she is a huge collection for a small army of female soldiers.’’

Suddenly the GPS started going wild, Monique was home! Hearing the door opening, with nowhere to hide, Ys hid quickly in the nearest closet. He saw Monique entering the room, throw her bag onto the bed and with eagerness ripped her pants off – exposing her white cotton panties. Ys was stunned and immediately hard as Monique performed a mini strip show to herself, or at least she thought so. As she stripped she did her impression of that ridiculous Axe commercial, giggled and hopped into the shower to prepared for her “secret lab raid”, providing Ys’s with an opportunity to flee. Of course, grappling with the waiting before he could grab her tonight.

By Dre/Y3_The_Kidnapper

Credit to _Wormwood_ for working together with me inspire and edit my writing.
It is a great joy to write with you :)

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