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Masuimi Max

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Masuimi Max Interview

SM: Hello Masuimi Max and thank you so much for taking time to do an interview with SceneMagazine.
MM: Hi, thank you for having me!

SM: What would you say is the difference between Fetish and Alternative modeling?
MM: I don’t think there is a difference between fetish and alternative because although the mainstream is dipping into a little fetish it is still not the norm, which makes it alternative. However, alternative to fetish is a different story, not all alt modeling falls into fetish. Alternative modeling is a term that covers a wide range of non-mainstream modeling, fetish to me is more specific.

SM: What do you love about the more edgier part of modeling and performing?
MM: I like to take apart different parts of my personality and create characters where I act out different roles. When I do shows I get a really big rush on stage, especially when the energy is good and the crowd is roaring. For modeling, I look forward to seeing everyones ideas come to life, especially my own, ha ha! I do my own hair and makeup for most of my shoots and I have created many different looks throughout the years. I’m also super lucky to work with the designers and photographers I love.

SM: Why are you trouble and how did Iamtrouble come about?
MM: When I first started my website I bought my name, but no one could spell it, lol. I figured what good is a website if no one could spell it? Trouble was my nickname when I was a kid, I was always in trouble, even for things I didn’t do. I decided to buy because it’s easy to spell and people can hear me when I say it, especially good for interviews on the radio. I decided to keep and make that my free website and use as my pay-site. The funny thing is now when you type my name in incorrectly into google it corrects you!

SM: Can you tell us a little about your extra nipples?
MM: I was born with them and yes they are real! Sometimes they get a bit swollen and sensitive. I used to have them pierced, but I took them out because my cat would attack them in my sleep and they would get caught in my bra straps. All around ouch.

SM: What part of the world have you not seen yet, but would really like to explore?
MM: Australia! I REALLY want to go.

SM: When you are not modeling, what can we find you doing to relax?
MM: I don’t have much time to relax, it’s mostly my fault because I feel weird if I’m not doing anything, like I should be working on something when I’m awake. Aside from modeling and performing, I work on my websites and help people with their websites, create costumes and shows, handle my own booking inquiries and I’m working on other projects that I can’t talk about yet. I am impatient, I like to finish my projects as soon as possible, I hate waiting.. usually after I come home from a shoot I get on my computer and work on my websites and answer emails. But I have been trying to relax more now because I’m more productive if I’m not all tense, lol!

SM: Do you have any role models?
MM: I have a lot of role models, I look up to people that are kind, honest and subtly confident. There are a lot of people I admire, but I don’t consider them role models as it’s only from afar if you don’t know them. I would say my role models are my family and friends. They are good people with positive energy. Sometimes I think too much about the nasty side of humanity, usually after watching the news, and it can get me down. I just remind myself of all the people that are trying to do good.. those are my role models.

SM: Masuimi, you love hello kitty and you love making cupcakes what else do you love?
MM: My husband Morat : )
Hmmm, let me see.. I love massages (but then who doesn’t), corsets, latex, shoes, sushi (I make it myself!), Dexter, Dr Who, cats (I love all animals), cleaning and yes, I actually like cleaning. Or maybe it’s the end result I like, lol.

SM: Masuimi: Let’s talk about your tattoos, how many do you have, where, what are the inspirations, and any plans for more tats and where?
MM: On my back I have 2 large black dragons and a color dragon in the middle along with cherie blossoms. I have red dragons on both arms and my name in Hirigana and Katagana. On my left hand, on my knuckles I have my wedding tattoos; club, heart, spade and diamond. I have the word FUCK tattooed on the inside of my left hand. I used to have a tattoo on my stomach, forehead, eyebrows and different tattoos on my back. I had those tattoos lasered off, the one on my back I had lasered until it was light enough to cover. I do plan on getting more work done, but I will wait till it is done before I talk about it.. a lot of people get my tattoos, I want to be the first to do my own idea! : )

I used to have a lot of piercings, then I took them all out because I got tired of them. Things I had pierced; septum, both nostrils, upper lip, bottom lip, 3 in chin, 3 in tongue, 2 in each nipples, belly button, my lady bits, and my extra nipples! LOL

SM: Has your body always been this flexible and did you get freaked out when you noticed you could do more than others? How do you keep your body in excellent shape?
MM: Yes, I was born this way! It never freaked me out because I was used to it, but I do remember chasing boys when I was in elementary school around the playground, bending my fingers while they ran crying, lol! I keep fit by exercising a lot, I go workout 5-7 times a week. It’s horrible and I hate it, but I love the results! I also cook really healthy meals, I rarely eat out.

SM: Any exciting plans for the future?
MM: Oh yes! I am releasing my newly revamped and renamed makeup line, I Am Sin cosmetics very soon! I teamed up with my best friend Laura Byrnes from Pinup Girl Clothing and Claudette from Fluff Girl artwork, I can’t wait to spill the beans!

SM: What is your interpretation of sexy?
MM: A lesbian sex scene with Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Scarlet Johansen and the blue alien chick from Star Trek. What? : )

SM: Where can we come to see more of you? (live performance, website, personal appearances)
MM: I am performing 4 nights in a row in Chicago at the Admiral Theatre on Oct 18-21, Bar Sinister in Hollywood Oct 29 and Crimson Events in Calgary Nov 19. please visit my website for up to date info on my events and appearances, you can see more of me there too. : )



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