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Mistress Madieanne Interview

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Mistress Madieanne Interview

Scene Magazine spent an afternoon with world renowned Mistress Madieanne in her Amsterdam home and tried to get to know more about her life and work in the BDSM/Fetish scene. We got a tour through her extensive dungeon and private garden, and sat down for a nice chat.


SM: If someone didn’t know already, can you explain the term “vanilla”?
MM: Sex: him behind the tv, her in the kitchen
Vanilla: actually still doing it together in exciting ways but only standard toys tops
Bdsm/fetish: also doing it but with extra options for the toys ;-)
So you might say vanilla is the regular but active type of sexual relationship usually based on equality.
To me, vanilla is standard sex, without domination or special toys. Often people use dildo’s or vibrators, but as soon things get really exciting, for instance by the use of bondage, pain, humiliation etcetera, the term changes.

SM: Is there a difference between the words Mistress and Dominatrix?
MM: There might be. Different people, different opinions…
For me the difference lies in the concept of ownership.
A mistress owns her sub(s)/slave(s) to use as she sees fit.
A dominatrix dominates, often studio based, for the more temporary relationships.


Why do you think you are who you are today? What made you this way?
MM: I did. I made choices. I have preferences. This is who I am.

SM: Why do you enjoy teasing and challenging men?
MM: Why is blue more beautiful than grey? It totally helps to make the interaction a lot more exciting and the opposite wouldn’t work for me as a dom so it just comes natural.

SM: Is it all about control?
MM: For a large part, yes, but it also encompasses fantasy, transformations, liberation and fun.

How does that make you feel?
MM: Very good! Being surrounded by happy people rubs of in a most rewarding way.
The trust that is placed in me and the respect I get fuel my person.
In return I can provide a safe haven where people can be their true selves without fear of judgment or ridicule (unless it’s necessary of course, grinnnn)

SM: Do you get turned on by it?
MM: Not in a sexual way, no, but it makes me very happy if I can fulfill dreams/fantasies.
The sexual part is reserved for my also dominant partner Erik.


Do you think someone can be taught to become a Mistress/Dominatrix?
MM: Yes. I know many former slaves that turned into very good doms, mainly because of their deeper understanding of the game.


Do you have anyone serving you presently?
MM: There are guests that might be in a serving role sometimes. Also some subs that are willing to do whatever lies in their power to assist and please.
It may sound funny but I tend to see my private toys as friends also.
So no 24/7 things, just interacting as feels required by the situation.

SM: Your schedule is pretty jammed packed how do you manage all this? Do you have any tips?

SM: Who is Erik and what is your relationship with him?
MM: Erik is the love of my life, an equal partner in crime, an IT nerd/photographer/master.
We make for a very compelling and dangerously exciting team so they say.
We ourselves just think we are wysiwyg people and that makes it easy for others to connect.
He is also a top photographer and nerd who builds excellent PC’s or even repairs them.
We are a loving couple that share all these wondrous things.

SM: What is Peculair Desires?
MM: It’s the name of my studio, the Peculiar Desire Home, where special needs become reality.
Erik adopted the name to make the link to my studio and he is my Peculiar Desire…
It is also his fetlife name.

Can you explain to us anything about the creative force in your relationship?
MM: We both have similar naughty minds so we fuel each other until eruption.
Erik is a good technician and I am more in tune with the emotional side.
Together we cover the spectrum completely.

SM: What type of workshops do you have at PeculairDesires?
MM: Anything that I find morally acceptable can be done here at my Peculiar Desire Home, the limits are: common sense and my own preferences.
For example, I like babies but not the dirty diapers, so, no shit.

SM: What motivates you?
MM: Hmmm, mostly my desire to interact with people.
And not only in sessions, also vanilla so to say. I’m a people person.

Why do you like challenges?
MM: it’s the best remedy against being bored.

SM: What is your favorite subject to teach ?
MM: Since i do not like restrictions, just about anything.


Any new ventures for Mistress Madieanne upcoming?
MM: That is the idea. To stand still is to regress. So, always forward! All the time!


Can you tell us why you are different and why you offer more than traditional SM?
MM: Because I am me, we are us. We have unbridled energy and fantasy and cater to almost every idea or need.
Some of the specialties here are transformation, latex, mummification and many others.
The amount of energy here can not be dissipated by just one single outlet.
So we channel that energy in letting people fulfill their dream.
We do not Judge people for what they are, but treat them like a new discovery.


Do you have a most memorable shoot ?
MM: Every time, and then another one comes…


Can you tell us a little about kink in the caribbean? What do you like about it ?
MM: It’s the “be you, be free” vacation. So it’s like it was designed for us.
A great  kinky place with likeminded people, fun to be under the sun.


Mistress Madieanne, do you think your work is challenging?
MM: Yes indeed, very much so, because I love people, even when they take punishment or degradation, I love them even more for doing so.
 And for those that I see often, the challenge is in the constant renewal of ideas and games. Especially walking close to the edge without pushing somebody over can be quite a challenge.
Organizing adventures safely is a task…

SM: Mistress Madieanne do you consider your work demanding?
MM: No way, I just like everything about it, enjoy it to the fullest.
It is not work, it’s more of a supercharger for my batteries.

SM: Do you feel your work is rewarding?
MM: Yesssssss, it is. It makes my life complete and I couldn’t be without it.
Every day is different, every person reacts different (including myself) and this way I have a constantly changing creative outlet.
It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle, and the fact that people give me money makes it possible to continue in helping them make their wildest fantasies come true.
I never considered my profession “work”, in stead I see it as “playing” people.


What type of photo sessions do you offer?
MM: Everything except babies and weddings, unless they are kinky and cool.
Be it here or on location, if it’s fun and we can relate to the subject it’s a go.


Do you like to be pampered? And how so?
MM: No, not into diapers, grin. As a lady I do like to be spoiled with good manners, great food, massages, trips, and so forth. Bubbles and scents are high on my list.


Any words of wisdom or inspirational thoughts that you would like to share?
MM: Enjoy what you do and who you are, respect yourself and others, do not judge but try to understand.
The better you feel, the more you radiate that feeling and the more people you will attract that share that positive energy.
Don’t worry, be happy and carpe diem are good basics.

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