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Montreal Fetish Weekend

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Montreal Fetish Weekend

I was going to wait until after Fetish Weekend to dye my hair blonde, but a couple days before I got the urge.  I called all the beauty salons in my area and couldn’t get an appointment.  I got a friend to drive me to one in Long Island and va va voom! I had my blonde locks back.  I kept coming across old pics of me as a blonde and it was making me nostalgic.  I also have this thing where I have lots of anxiety before major events so I’ll change my look right before so no one recognizes me.  It’s totally ridiculous, I know, and counter productive since I go to these things to promote, but it is what it is…

Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs picked me up in the early early morning.  We stopped and got two of her tires changed because she was worried about them making the trip.  Maybe an hour later, one of the tires that wasn’t changed was flat!  I turned to the boy in the backseat and told him to change the tire.  He didn’t know how, so I had to do it.  I had him pull the tire off the car once I jacked it up but instead of pulling from the bottom, he yanked from the top and pulled the car off the jack (it was the worst jack ever) and the car fell on his hand.  It swiftly swelled up like something out of a cartoon.  It looked like a baseball!  The jack was now trapped under the car and the cop that had pulled over was being super unhelpful.  He really wanted to call us a tow truck.  I kept asking him to let us use his jack.  Finally I was able to get the jack out with a combination of crawling under the car and lifting the car up off the ground.  By this point my fresh manicure was TRASHED.  But we were finally on our way once I put the spare tire on.  Our next adventure was trying to find a tire place.  We went to at least 5 different places before we finally found one that had a tire in the right size and we were on our way!

Thursday night was the meet and greet at a club in the city.  I was tired from the super long drive but forced myself to go out.  I wore a custom made copper dress with white bows and a ruffle made by Klawtex.  Mistrix Eden, a Chicago area Domme accompanied me.  It was a low key night.  I saw Dutch model Ancilla Tilla – she is so stunningly beautiful. I met her at the German Fetish Ball in Hamburg a couple years ago where she performed.  It’s nice when people who are that famous are still down to earth real people.  SLYX, a latex designer from my hometown, Washington DC, was also there.  I’ve known Slyx for years and years.  He made me my first catsuit and the vac bed that appears in several of my videos.  He now makes a vacuum cube and we talked about a new style that allows access to the face and the ass.  My big problem with vac beds is the lack of access.  You can make a hole for a penis to come out of but you can’t anally penetrate someone that’s in the vac bed.  Very excited to see if he can pull it off!

Friday was a big day for me.  I had a 3 hr rope bondage session across town.  Being a New Yorker, I like to think I can get anywhere I want via public transit.  Of course, this is much harder in a foreign country and without the use of my iphone! When I first started modeling back in 1997 there were no smart phones.  I drove around the country doing shoots using a map.  It’s daunting how dependent we’ve all become on technology.  I ended up having to walk quite a bit, but I left early enough that it wasn’t a problem.  I was happy to be able to see a bit of the city.  Montreal is clean and pretty with amazing food!  Later that evening I walked in the fashion show for Klawtex. I’m their spokesmodel and opened up the show! I was a bit nervous as I had missed rehearsal for my Domme session but I’ve done enough runway that it wasn’t a problem.  Backstage before the show,though, there was a bit of a mishap! Another model came over to compliment the latex gown I was wearing and out of nowhere I felt to the floor!  Lube and concrete floors are a bad combination especially when paired with high heels! She was so sweet and not only helped me up, but she also cleaned the bottom of my shoes so I wouldn’t slip again.  After the event some friends took me to an afterparty quite a distance from my hotel.  They were staying nearby, something they forgot to mention.  I didn’t have much cash on me since the club venue was walking distance to my hotel so I had to make friends :)  It’s good to be a big titted blonde.  I ended up having a fabulous time with a sexy new friend.

When I arrived at the club on Saturday there was a lubing station.  Women in nun costumes were shining the men’s latex, while a really hot guy in latex shined mine.  Then one of his sexy friends joined in and I was having my own little latex lubing 3 some. It was pretty hot, it was hard to contain myself. I’m sure I had a BIG smile on my face!  Later that night  I performed with Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs in a big show with 12 people set to the tune of Madonna’s “Human Nature”. The concept was a club within a club or a fetish inception.  I love working with Lydia on shows, she’s so creative and open to other people’s ideas.  I was so proud of her and all of us, the show came out beautifully.

Sunday was the Fetish Walk where over 150 people in full rubber outfits took over the city of Montreal! I put on a catsuit and thigh hi boots.  We gathered in a park, took the subway, went into a really cool building, then played in a fountain.  It was so amazing to see so much rubber in one place and during the day.  Ever since i was a little girl living in Southern Germany I have loved fountains.  I always wanted to play in them but you’re not supposed to.  It was thrilling to be able to play in the fountain.  The cold water was exhilarating.  As more people joined in, music started playing.  It was surreal.  You see scenes in movies that are party scenes with people gathering but the music is in the soundtrack, the people in the scene aren’t hearing the music.  Here the music was actually playing,  It was incredible.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  I felt so happy and free.

Later that night I did a performance on a side stage where I turned Deanna Deadly into my little pony, tied her to a bed, then molested her and did bad things to her huge horse cock including spitting on it, slapping it and deep throating it.  I had tons of problems with the props but we seemed to play it off well, as the promoter said really positive things about my show.

Next Mistress Hibiki from Japan did an amazing rope bondage show. I’m a rigger so it’s hard for me to watch other people rig, just as it’s hard for me to go to a ballet.  You want to lose yourself in it but you can’t help but criticize.  She was great, I couldn’t’ find a single flaw which was nice because it meant I could enjoy it as a performance and not a critical exercise.  She was fast and entertaining.  The bondage was fluid and she changed it up from one position to the next without having to fully untie her sub.  That night I had one slave massaging my feet, then I fucked his mouth with my feet while another slave was massaging my shoulders and hair.  Every day should be like this!

I met Denver based Dominatrix Domina Elle at the afterparty.  I had seen her in a documentary about balloons at Cinekink NYC and was fascinated by her.  She looks like a rockstar. Her voice should be recorded.  It has this rhythm and pitch that’s just so sexy and soothing and cool.  She and I talked about doing an art event together, I hope it happens!

All in all Montreal Fetish Weekend was the best time I’ve ever had in my life.  I met so many amazing people and had so much fun! I will definitely be back!


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