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My obsession with Latex

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By ZaraDuRose

It wasn’t until recently that I started thinking back to when my fetish first started. It’s something that has been there for so long, it was like a part of the furniture.

It all started when I was in primary school, I couldn’t of been any older than 6 at the time. All I can remember are these flashbacks of swimming time. Everyone getting ready in the changing rooms, and me sitting there absolutely fascinated with the rubber swimming cap I held in my hand, the feel, the smell and how it felt running my hands over my encased head when it was worn. It felt, nice.
Of course, at that age, I wasn’t sure of how my relationship with the fabric would progress, and how it would become such a major part of my life!

Growing older into teenage years I already had a interest in gothic things, clothing & alternative music etc. It was coming across pictures on the internet of women, tightly clad in shiny latex, looking absolutely breathtaking that took my mind to wondering about getting some of my own. I often wondered how it would feel, smell and move with your body. Would it be cold, or get hot and sweaty? Could you see you goosebumps through the fabric when there’s a chill?

When I was 16, I first started talking to my now husband online. We met on a alternative music website and started talking about general things, fetishism being one of them. It felt great to finally pour my heart out to someone who understood me and was perverted just in the right ways! I grew up in a very secluded area of the UK where there was no fetish nightlife, or anyone who dared to dress differently. It had often made me wonder if my fantasies were ‘normal’ as everyone else seemed so vanilla.

Skipping forward a few months to when my husband and I first met is when things really changed for my love of latex. I was spoilt from day one, a trend that has lovingly continued until today!
He surprised me with my very own latex dress! It was a very tight, black dress from Westward Bound. High neck & full length sleeves, with a red fire detail at the rim of the cuffs and hem of the dress.
I remember carefully sliding myself into the somewhat alien fabric, and soon being overwhelmed by the feeling as it warmed to my body and moved just as I did. It was the perfect second skin. I felt complete. Shining it up was such a pleasurable process, feeling your hands run over your body and watching the latex become a beautiful shined black. Being shined up is something I still enjoy to this day, it takes me to a place of senses, where everything is heightened to a fantastic point. It’s like a form of foreplay for me.

As I grew older (& to legal age!) my wardrobe has grown, I have enjoyed many different outfits over the years. Sadly, my original dress got damaged beyond repair, but I still have the flame sleeve kept in a drawer of memories.
I also started making latex outfits about 3 years ago. It’s mainly a personal venture, I love wearing something different that no one else has, and of course its totally made to measure! I have been lucky enough to put on my own fashion shows in Bulgaria and Athens. It was a great feeling to watch others be admired in something I had created. But deep down, I wanted to keep it all for myself, because the models just didn’t ‘get it’.

My fetish for latex has blossomed into something beautiful. I am so lucky to model for a living and actually get paid to wear something I enjoy so much. Not many people can say that they love going to work! Being part of the ‘vanilla’ adult industry has been a great adventure too, I always try and get away with my own styling & of course latex comes in wherever it can! If not then I will sneak in some stockings at least!

I think currently, my favourite thing to see is every day clothing in latex. From pencil skirts, blouses, tight trousers & dresses to ball gowns, stockings and elaborate lingerie. There are so many amazing designers out there to follow and admire, my Tumblr dashboard is a never ending scroll of beautiful, latex clad women!

This last year has been extremely busy, in the best possible way. I’ve worked for wonderful companies such as KinkCanary, AlterPic, LatexGirlsHD as well as many others.
2014 has some very exciting things in store too, I am in the process of making my own members website. I will have a mixture of everything on there, to appeal to all of my followers, but there will be a special section dedicated to my all time love!
There’s also a YouTube channel in the making. Of course this is softer content, but I will be doing a new video for each piece of latex that I have, so I can share my wardrobe with you all! It’ll also include my other fetishes, high heels, stockings and a questions area where you can ask me whatever you like!!

So, theres a little insight into the mind of Zara DuRose, and how my fetish with latex started! It’s been a long journey, but it’s no way near over yet!

Zara -X-

Twitter: @ZaraDuRose
Fetlife: ZaraDuRose
Tumblr: ZaraDuRose

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