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ObsessionArt, the world’s leading online art print boutique, will be celebrating its fifth anniversary with an exhibition at The Gallery in Cork Street, from 12th – 17th March 2012.

ObsessionArt, the world’s leading figurative and nude online art boutique, will host a major public art exhibition to coincide with its fifth anniversary. This exhibition will combine eight of their world-renowned artists and photographers, perhaps the most famous of which is Hajime Sorayamam, best known for designing the Sony AIBO dog and the Replicants in BladeRunner, who has chosen ObsessionArt in London for his first European exhibition in ten years.

The exhibition will provide a rare opportunity to view and buy exclusive works of art by all eight exhibitors, including Stephen Perry, who regularly photographs Gordon Ramsey and Jesson Button, and whose work may well exemplify the ObsessionArt key message – high quality professional work and accessible to all. The fifth year celebrations also involve Igor Vasiliadis, voted as one of the ‘Top 10 Best Photographers in Russia’ who has an extensive and high profile client list in his own right, and Italian artist Saturno Buttò, that having isolated himself in his studio, created an immediately recognisable and unique style of painting, which owes nothing to any past or contemporary artist. For both Vasiliadis and Buttò, this is their first ever exhibition in London.

Each photographer and artist are bringing with them their own flair and creativity for making figurative and nude art both poetic and captivating. The full list of exhibitors for the ObsessionArt fifth anniversary exhibition are:  John Wellington (New York), Stephen Perry (London), Lee Jones (Liverpool), Hajime Sorayama (Japan), Mick Payton (Birmingham), Dahmane (Paris), Igor Vasiliadis (Ukraine) and Saturno Buttò (Italy).

ObsessionArt houses some of the world’s most dynamic and sophisticated artists. This impressive collection caters for every obsession – from the demure and subtle, to the astonishing and eye catching, and everything in between. It is the only website to offer such an extensive, sophisticated art collection and is undoubtedly still ahead of the curve it helped to draw.

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