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Personal Play –  Part 2

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I wrote earlier in the year that I was never going to do personal play in my dungeon with a lover again and I’ve stuck by that.  I met someone recently that I’ve been corrupting with whom I had a really adorable weekend.  We did not go in my dungeon other than me showing it to him as he was leaving.  I said we could take any gear he wanted to use out of the dungeon but we wouldn’t be playing in it.

When we first started talking about things we wanted to explore I told him I’ve had a long standing fantasy of having a lover tied to my bed while I session, then pouncing on him when I get out.  I saw a pic online of a man tied to a bed with 3 cats snuggling with him and purring & I sent it to him.  That could be him.  We had vanilla time Sat evening then Sunday when I woke up I tied his wrists and ankles to my bed spread eagle, gave him water through a straw, and went to the grocery store.  As I was cooking us breakfast I smiled to myself as I thought – he’s tied up, but I’m cooking breakfast.  Who’s domming who?! :)

I untied his hands so he could eat comfortably.  I tied him back up when he was done and we fell asleep in bed together intertwined.  It was super cute cuddling with a bound man in my bed.  At one point he was holding my hand with his bound hand.

Several years ago I was shooting for Darla Crane in a soft core (pretend sex) bondage video with porn star Dick Smothers Jr and the conversation turned to how doing porn has changed his off camera sex.  He said it gave him back his innocence in a way.  His off camera sex was more tender, more passionate, he kissed more.  I thought of that this weekend as I was doing something so borderline vanilla but oh so very sweet.  While it’s very easy for me to be rough and vicious and cruel,  sometimes it’s nice to do something simple and sweet with a level of intimacy.

I think the key for me is keeping my personal play to my personal living space.  I want to have equipment that is for personal use only, that has never touched anyone else’s skin.  It needs to be special somehow and not simply with the addition of sex.

Julie Simone

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