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RockLove Jewelry

Jewelry with the Alternative Edge

RockLove jewelry can be found on fashionistas internationally – some of their more notable customers include Kat Von D, Courtney Love, Lindsey Lohan, Brea Grant, Max Ryan, Paris Hilton, Holly Madison, Fran Drescher, bands like Ministry, The Misfits, The Creepshow, Skinny Puppy and more.

Some of their more notable stores include Kat von D’s Wonderland Gallery in West Hollywood, CA and Club Tattoo in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

RockLove was honored as a Top 5 Silver Circle Finalist in a national annual competition for emerging designers “The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant” sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc in July 2009.

RockLove worked with Lionsgate film “Repo! The Genetic Opera” to create limited edition Repo-Man scalpel necklace merchandise in November 2008. All proceeds go went the Repo Road Tour, bringing the film across the country for live Rocky Horror-styled showings. After selling out of Scalpel Necklaces, RockLove created the Zydrate Gun Necklace – and topped out at 2000 pieces.


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