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Rubber Life Written by 3XL

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Rubber Life by 3xL

Rubber Life” was written by 3xL, a latex fetishist who spent years hiding his love for latex. This book details many of the struggles and challenges that he faced after making the decision to live his life more openly.

The book is a practical, down to earth look at the many different aspects that are related to latex fetishes and how to live a life- a rubber life. It is full of important information covering aspects such as building a latex wardrobe, caring for your latex garments, and some of the different practices that utilize latex in some way.

More importantly, this book helps latex lovers connect with others already in the lifestyle and can give a wealth of information to those individuals who have always wanted to embrace their passion and make it a more prominent part of their lifestyle.

This book is a fantastic and practical approach to a subject which, while visible in many cases, is often misunderstood. It truly is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn more about latex fetishism and those individuals who love them.

Rubber Life is available here:

Why I wrote a book about Latex Fetishism;

Many people have asked why it is so important to write a book about latex fetishism. The fact is that there are a large number of people who are walking around with a love for latex but who are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to talk about it.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about latex fetishism. Those misconceptions are what make many people feel that they are unable to talk to their friends and loved ones about what makes them tick at a very deep level. They may worry that they will lose the relationships that mean the most to them and open themselves up to sadness and ridicule.

Rubber Life is available here:

There is a wealth of information out there that people who are living with a latex fetish need to know about but which, until now, has been unavailable. It can be helpful for many people to know where their love for this amazing material comes from and that it can be triggered by very normal, very healthy experiences in their lives. They need to know about the various practices which may or may not go along with their fetish and safety tips that go along with some of these activities.

A person who is interested in living a latex lifestyle also needs to know how to find the clothing and accessories that make their blood race and learn how to connect with like minded people both online and at events around the world.

Rubber Life is available here:

Regardless of whether you are someone who has been living openly with their fetish for years or you are someone who is taking the first steps towards self-acceptance and happiness, my book is full of positive and practical suggestions on many aspects of a rubber lifestyle. From tips on how to introduce the topic to an existing partner to finding a new partner who shares your love for latex, the book can be a great tool for anyone who is interested in latex.

Rubber Life is available here:

I know first-hand how important information like this can be. I lived for years with my latex fetish. My particular attraction to latex began in my early teens as a response to wearing rubber rain-wear. I began to dream and fantasize about latex in general as well as the people that wore it. Since I did not have any resources about latex, it took me years to fully accept my fetish and to learn how to live openly with it.

My book Rubber Life is designed to help others, who are in the same position as I was in, learn about their fetish, accept that fetish and incorporate it into their daily lives.



In roughly 10 years time, 3XL has gone from living his fetish in complete secrecy, to accepting it, sharing it with his entourage, living it out in public happenings, built in the process a strong latex network online for like-minded fetishists, and finally found a partner with whom he shares today a passionate & loving latex fetish lifestyle. RUBBER LIFE is the fruit of 3XL`s personal journey. It is THE “Introductory to Latex Fetish 101″ BOOK I’m sure he would have dreamed to read ten years ago when he went through the sometime difficult and often challenging process of accepting & living one’s fetish. RUBBER LIFE is all about acceptance, understanding, and love.- Martin Perreault.

Here’s some very good news for guys and girls that have an unspoken love for latex and haven’t a clue where to start. This book takes you by the hand and will help you out in every possible way. Easy and very entertaining to read and full of information, suggestions and valuable buying tips. It will help you live your rubber life to the fullest. This is where it all begins and beyond.- Martin & Anita,

Rubber Life is a lovingly assembled and beautifully designed guide and testament to the joys of the latex lifestyle. It’s equally valuable for those who are just discovering their new passion and for those of us who just need a reminder of what makes this substance so special and alluring.- Steve Diet Goedde.

Everything you ever wanted to know about latex is in this tome. I will certainly be telling my Club Rubbers about it and it has to be a ‘must read’ for those attend my Latex Workshops.- Kim Club RUB.

Rubber Life is the one book on latex and rubber to read. It goes on my permanent recommendation list.- Violet Blue.

This is the book I would point people to if they wanted to know about latex/rubber fetishism.- Jackson Rocco, freelance writer &

Living the latex lifestyle myself, I would gladly recommend this book, both to people who have never experienced or even heard of latex and to friends who are very experienced in the industry. This book gets five out of five stars, and it is totally coffee table worthy, if/when the hard copy comes out.- Khrist, Liberator Ooh.

Rubber Life does largely live up to its cover-page blurb’s claim to be the ultimate beginner’s guide to the fascinating world of latex.- The Fetishistas.
The e-book is true to it’s name as a PERFECT beginners guide to latex fetishism. A great overall review of what it is to be a latex fetishist, full of sound advice for the many MANY people out there who are wrestling with their internal desires for latex lifestyles of all sorts.- Matt, Kink Engineering.

Rest easy, weary traveller, for 3xL has witten the ultimate guide book to living a rubber life. It’s called, um, Rubber Life and it covers all these things and more!- Deep Down & Kinky.

I really wish an all in one resource would have existed when Miss K and I were first starting out, it would have saved me the hassle of many mistakes as well as many hours of scouring forums.-

Rubber Life



My first contact with 3XL was with a smile in my face, reading about his life and sharing the same fetish. It accord to me that I’m not alone, not strange kinky or anything bad I’m a normal person with a fetish for latex. So a big Thank you!
- Mikael, Stockholm, Sweden

I have had a latex/rubber fetish for many years. 3XL has been a valuable resource in a humorous way and has most assuredly helped me be more mainstream about my fetishes.
- Ward, Minneapolis, US

It’s been a long road to get my wife to accept my rubber life style but seeing 3xL has helped her to appreciate that everything about rubber is not negative.
- Rob, Manchester, UK


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