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Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2012

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Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2012

I’ve shown work at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival three years but have never gone.  Until this year.  I was a bit nervous, as I often am in social settings.  I called  a friend who lives nearby and asked him to join me.  Turns out he’s now another Mistress’ pet so permission needed to be obtained.  She was super nice and we chatted a bit.  She likes it when he plays with other Mistresses and instructed me to give him a present.  I wanted him to wear a suit.  She seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to have him in fetish wear.  I’d never been to the event so I wanted to walk on the conservative side.  Then inspiration hit!  I had him wear a black latex hood with his suit, along with a steel collar with a leash.  He looked fabulous.  I really loved how the suit (one of my other fetishes) looked with the hood.  People at the event responded well to his attire as well.

I was really pleased with the collection of art exhibited.  I’ve been to a wide range of shows with the Dirty Show in Detroit being the top in size and quality.  The Seattle Erotic Art Festival was smaller but all the work in it was top notch.  It wasn’t as many erotic shows are, a collection of penis art, not that would be anything wrong with that.   I love cocks and I LOVE cock art!

There were also performances which ranged from really bad – aerialists using harnesses that went up and down controlled by a remote where the dancers apparently never learned to point their toes, to really awesome and dramatic.  My favorite show started out cutesy with a blonde girl scrubbing out a tub.  Then the music changed and got dramatic as she got wet and did amazing gymnastic moves and poses.  That she could do them at all, much less wet was impressive.  And she pointed her toes.  She didn’t get naked, I loved that.  All we saw was her bare back as she unzipped her dress when she walked off the stage.  Nudity is great and has its place but one can do a show that’s sexy and still be fully clothed.  Too many people rely on nudity vs substance and training.

I got in trouble for photographing some of the work, but I was able to take pics of many of my favorite pieces.  As an artist myself, I would be thrilled if someone photographed my work and posted it on line for millions of people to see vs the mere thousands that are able to attend the event in person. I think no photograph policies are probably in place with the intent of protecting the artist, but I think it rather limits the exposure instead.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

Wait, I forgot to mention the present :) She asked me to slap him three times at random moments.  I didn’t want to do it at the event, lest people think I was some sort of brute!  So I waited until we were in the car sitting at a light.  Problem is, I was on the passenger side and I’m left handed so I couldn’t get a good slap in!  When he dropped me off at my hotel I had him come inside so I could give them to him properly.  I do have a reputation to uphold and couldn’t let his experience of my technique be represented by the lame slaps lacking in any precision (or aim)

All in all it was a fun event that I’d recommend.  Check out their site for submission and event info for next year-

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