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Sexually Broken

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Sexually Broken


Intersec Studios has launched, a new BDSM website where models will be pushed to their sexual limits.
The site will be directed and rigged by Matt Williams, former director of, and and will feature his style of extreme rope bondage.
SexuallyBroken will be the most realistic, authentic, and true marriage of tough bondage and rough sex on the Internet,” Williams said. “This site is really the first of it’s kind. In all BDSM porn sites with sex, either the male dominant is capable of doing professional rigging and handling but doesn’t bring out his cock to sexually wreck his beautiful captive or the porn stars who can bring the cock can’t do any of the bondage or rigging worthy of professional BDSM.
“They have other people do the bondage, and they simply walk into a scene. This creates a massive disconnect and takes away the true authenticity and chemistry that is needed to produce a realistic BDSM sex scenes. If you don’t have the rigger/handler doing both the bondage and the sex, then you just have two actors, faking a sex scene with rope in the mix.”
Intersec said it is happy to add SexuallyBroken to its family of sites including, and
“Matt is a great artist and we are so happy to have him on board,”  said PD, founder and figurehead of Intersec Studios. “His style will bring a different aspect to our business which will help it continue to grow and ensure our success in the future.”

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