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Shiny and New 2012

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Written By aRubberDoll Paris.

It’s a brand new spanking shiny new year. All shiny and new for you and me. And with the new year we all like to think of new beginnings. I love the thought of being able to have a new beginning. The new year brings a chance for us to reflect and change something in our lives or improve something about ourselves that we are not happy with.

Have you made any new years resolutions? Perhaps you have promised yourself to be more organized with your toys after a play session, or to wash out your latex and rubber right after playtime so it does not accumulate on the floor. Maybe this is the year to shed those last few ungodly pounds so you will look even more spectacular in your catsuits. Or have you resolved to workout harder to show your muscles through all that liquid black sexiness?

Yes, yes, yes, to all of the above right? But my dear sweet Rubber Lovers my resolutions seem to be taking a different turn for some reason. I have found my thoughts lately wandering and focusing on the most perverted and sexual thoughts that I have ever had before. I know I should be doing something more productive but I can’t help the urge to fantasize.

Dare I share this with you?

My fantasy runs wild with images of well proportioned men-dolls, dressed in shiny, shiny black rubber. Faceless. Coming closer to me. All of them slowly coming closer to me. My eyes are being dazzled by these amazing images.

I glance up and down and my eyes focus on the most intense parts of the dolls, their huge hard rubber cocks. Oh God! How I dream of being taken by each and every one and fucked mercilessly. Taken over and over with those perfect big, black, hard, dildos. Making me breathless and wanting more and more. I can feel myself getting extremely warm and wet right now inside my black rubber suit. It looks like 2012 is not only going to be a very shiny new year but an extremely hot & horny one as well.

Happy New Year My Rubber Lovers!
Shiny RubberDoll Love
aRubberDoll Paris

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