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The Importance of Warm Ups

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The Importance of Warm Ups

I had a session come in today for an OTK spanking.
He said he was fairly new and that last time he was a wuss. I told him he probably wasn’t properly warmed up. I gave him a nice long warn up and he took one hell of a spanking! He wasn’t a wuss at all!

A lot of Dommes neglect the warm up process.
I love a beat down as much as the next person (maybe more), but there are different types of scenes. If one is properly warmed up one can take more. Very few people can last long if they are hit full force from the beginning. It’s one of the many things that are different on-screen vs in reality. In videos they don’t have time to let us warm up our talent. The action needs to be intense the whole way through otherwise the video is boring. I think perhaps too many people that become Dommes have no training outside of watching a couple videos.

It’s so important that a Domme experience what she’s going to dish out so she can be connected to what she’s doing.  A scene without that kind of connection is missing half of the equation.  I’m a heavy player on both sides so I know what it feels like when someone doesn’t warm you up properly. It’s not fun. The sad part is I know there are people who go to a bad Domme or work with a bad production company, get an incorrect version of what BDSM play is supposed to be and get turned off to something they might otherwise love.

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