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The Power I Possess

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The Power I Posses

One of the hallmarks about Dominance and submission (D/s) is the power exchange, right? Whether you’re Master and slave, Dominant and submissive, whatever, the submissive grants power to their Dominant. The amount of power varies depending on the relationship. Bedroom D/s, a 24/7 relationship, a hybrid of the two – everyone’s experience with the lifestyle and power exchange is different.

There are plenty of people smarter than I am who write about the power of a submissive. A submissive has the power to stop a scene with one word. A Dominant doesn’t exist without someone to dominate. Submissives give the gift of their submission. I think many people in the lifestyle have heard those statements a time or two. I don’t disagree with any of that. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

The power I possess is unique to the relationship I share with my Daddy. I have the power to turn him on, the power to make him gasp or moan, the power to make him even more animalistic and primal than he already feels. Sexually, we arrive at another level when I release that side of myself and take advantage of what he allows me to do.

I admit that the power I possess has nothing to do with D/s. Maybe it’s my feminine wiles (yeah right). Maybe it’s simply the love and lust we feel for one another. Maybe, like he’s told me before, I’m simply unlike any woman he’s ever known.

Not every D/s relationship has the same dynamics. I’ve been in a relationship where I didn’t have the freedom to touch my Dominant; permission had to be granted first. With my Daddy, I take full advantage of the opportunity and freedom he’s given me. Pinching his nipples, raking my fingernails over his back, sucking on the head of his cock until he gasps and shudders underneath me – this is my power.

Do not be mistaken – Daddy is in control. I am well aware that he’s allowing me to play, and I can always tell the moment he’s had enough. There’s a split second before he growls and throws me into position, before he thrusts fingers or cock deep inside, before his teeth sink into my tender flesh, before he takes over – before all of that, there’s a moment when I can tell he’s at the brink of losing control. His muscles tighten. His breathing hitches and catches in his throat. The gleam in his blue eyes deepens.

In that moment, I feel both powerful and powerless. I can see the results of what I’ve done. I’ve taken him to the edge of some nameless, ephemeral feeling, and he’s taking full control. I’m at his mercy, and I know it. I’m at his mercy, and I love it. I’m happy to give up my momentary power to him.

© Kayla Lords

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