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The Tiksi Experiment

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It was cold. Not just a little cold, a lot cold. Proper freeze your tits off and no mistake kind of weather. Princess Indigo had been in a quite a few godforsaken places in her time and the town of Tiksi was certainly one of them. The small town the northern most settlement of Siberia’s Sahka Republic overlooking the Arctic Ocean.
Travelling there the Princess had a freezing stopover in Yakutsk the coldest city on Earth, and a very familiar name to anyone who plays Risk. Tiksi made Yakutsk look like paradise. There had been money here once in the Soviet days but that had all but evaporated. Now it was as far off the grid as it was possible to get without wandering in the wilderness on your own or living at the bottom of the ocean.
The helicopter was delayed by six hours due to bad weather. Once again there had been a false alarm for its arrival and the Princess had stood in the minus 40 centigrade cold for no reason. She stamped her feet grumpily and went back inside the shabby airport terminal. Several of the airport staff shrugged as she came back inside and patted her on the back as if to say ‘That’s how it is round here some days.’
She went back into the manager’s office and threw her heavy coat down and one of the staff apologetically brought her a fresh cup of tea which returned a smile to the Princess disgruntled face.
She switched on the small dated television set pulled her thick waxed combat trousers and thermal leggings down to her knees and lowered her million dollar English ass back onto the airport manager’s face. He had been kneeling there in his own office praying the helicopter would not arrive and now there was muffled babble of satisfaction that he could once again be the Princess’ personal furniture.
The Princess sighed, took a sip of tea and lifted the remote from the hand of the manager who had extended it in her general direction. Periodically the manager would try to slip his hand between her legs and she would angrily slap it away. When he wouldn’t take the hint, she would lift one of his fingers into her mouth and bite down hard, which was her favourite part of the game.
She surfed the music channels moodily until she found a channel playing an endless loop of songs by the all girl trio Serebro. Overly saccharine girl pop was one of the Princess guilty pleasures. She waited for the video ‘Malo Tebya’ to come on and prayed in vain that the Wachowski’s would remake it into an edgy lesbian Vampire film. Feeling her temper finally softening she wiggled her English ass a little just for the hell of it.

The windows of the manager’s office began to rattle and an old CB style radio sitting on his desk began to crackle with the sounds of a cheery Russian voice. There was a knock at the door and a round pretty faced middle aged woman with swept back blonde hair came in and let out a hearty laugh at what she saw. She stood looking at the whole scene her dazzling blue eyes savouring every detail, as the ex-Soviet army Mi-24 helicopter landed on the snow covered tarmac outside.
The woman was Itka Zarya and she was the current Mayor of Tiksi. With a smile she informed the manager that his presence was required and he responded affirmatively as best as he could manage. The Princess didn’t get up, enjoying teasing the manager just a little more. Itka gave the Princess a conspiratorial pat and they both looked at each other burst out laughing and the Princess merrily finished her tea and pulled up her pants.

‘Come Princess.’ said Itka, who even with her little English,  had helped organise most of the proceedings.
The Princess put on her coat pulled out her long red scarf and followed the Mayor out through the door, the manager coming hurriedly behind.
They stepped back out into the small old fashioned terminal. It was very clear from the blush on the manager’s face and the cheer from the staff showed that word had got quickly round about his furniture duties. One of the customs officers crouched down and wiggled her ample behind, then stood up banged her clipboard on her thigh and howled with laughter.
The Princess let out a loud lewd snigger and another customs officer rushed over and gave her a powerful hug and lifted her off her feet. He then put the Princess down shook her hand vigorously and babbled enthusiastically in Russian. All the while Itka laughed and laughed, continually nudging the Princess with her elbow as the manager’s face grew redder and redder with embarrassment.

The ex Soviet army Mi-24 that sat on the runway looked like an angry winter hornet as its rotor churned up the snow. A large set man with a grey beard came down the small set of steps onto the snow covered runway as the three of them approached. A large box on a small trolley poked its way through the doorway of the helicopter and he turned round grabbed the handle and with help from the Mi-24 crew lowered it onto the ground. With no ceremony he dragged the box away from the helicopter which took off without any goodbyes.
Itka rushed forward opened her arms wide and yelled ‘Sevastian!’ and gave him a large hug.

Itka and Sevastian had known each other for a long time. In more prosperous days in Tiksi he had been stationed there. After the end of the Soviet days and the rise of the oligarchs he had been radically retrained and remoulded as a business man eavesdropping on his colleagues and when ordered to, liberating their assets for the state.
Over the past decade he had made rather a lot of money himself and his card was marked. He had come to Tiksi to have his programming removed and disappear. Itka and he had been lovers on various occasions and she had very interesting tastes. She had got it into her head that a Dominatrix would be a perfect antidote to the decades of indoctrination he had received. Knowing her friend’s preferences down to a tee she had scoured the internet looking for a suitable candidate. That’s how Princess Indigo came to be in Tiksi freezing off her little English ass.
Itka took Sevastian by the hand and walked him over to the mess of orange hair that flailed around a fake fur lined hood.
‘You must be Sevastian.’ she yelled over chaotic sound of the wind.
‘You must be the Princess.’ came back a similar reply and the man extended a gloved hand, shook the one extended into return and looked into the sparkling blue eyes that stared out at him from underneath the hood.
His life was never the same again.

The manager had disappeared and returned with an old Soviet era pick-up truck, onto which the large box was lifted. The four of them were squeezed tightly together on the long front seat. It drove them through the snow covered streets of Tiksi lined with square buildings. There was some notable colour variation in the buildings which the Princess was very thankful for. The streets weren’t deserted by any means and people recognised the manager’s truck and waved cheerfully at him. They would then spot the orange haired passenger nudge each other’s elbows and run back inside laughing at having fresh gossip to tell. Causing the manager to blush even deeper than he had at the airport.
Itka placed a warm Russian hand on the Princess’ thigh and kept it there throughout the whole journey. Slowly letting the momentum of the pick-up truck make her hand slowly slide down until it was very firmly between both thighs. Itka’s fingers making little teasing movements which pleased the Princess no end. By the passenger door sat Sevastian unable to take his gaze from the disappeared hand of the Mayor. There was an electric silence to the whole journey which made the Princess tingle in her underwear.

They pulled up outside a long grey building which still had a huge red hammer and sickle painted on the side, with bold red letters depicting a slogan from bygone days. Sevastian rubbed his temple realising they had reached their destination and then opened the passenger door causing an in rush of snow and stepped out. Itka removed her hand as slowly and purposefully as was possible then followed, with the manager close behind. By the time the Princess had clambered out, the large box had already been unloaded.
As the Mayor led them down the side of the building a particularly cold gust of wind blew over them. They held on to their various hoods and hats as Itka let them inside, Sevastian and the airport manager dragging the large box over the threshold.

The old building had crudely been converted into flats. Itka
led them through the small entrance after they had all stamped their boots on the small mat. There were several old postcards pinned up on an old notice board and before Princess Indigo could look at them they were led through an interior door with a piece of red and gold ribbon tied round the handle.
They went through to a small box room with lots on chairs stacked on one side and large stash of many different coloured blankets for days when the heating broke down and peoples own resources weren’t enough to keep out the cold. Then out the door at the far end, down a small passageway out into a huge loading bay at the back of the building.

The space was a hymn to the height of Soviet era functionality. The metal girders running down from the ceiling were painted green with hundreds of chips revealing earlier different coloured layers of paint. Cables running along the ceiling had slipped loose their bonds and hung down too far out of reach to re-secure. Water from melted ice on the roof dripped into small pools all over the enormous uneven concrete floor and icy drafts hit the new arrivals every time they took a fresh step.
In the middle of loading were eight shipping containers stacked together in two levels of four. The containers were mismatched colours, the paint scarred and rusty. Next to them chugged a little diesel generator with a cable leading to small hole cut neatly into the side of one of the containers. They had arrived.

The Mayor of Tiksi dragged Princess Indigo enthusiastically inside and the rest followed. The containers had been cut open and welded shut to create two storeys and several rooms. The walls, ceiling and floor were covered with black and white tiles, with a retro egg shaped plastic chair in the corner. Spotlights had been fitted into the ceiling and the generator powered several little heaters so the whole place was snugly warm. At the far end of the first floor was a partition which held kitchen a bathroom and a tiny bedroom.
Itka thought for a moment then patted her coat for her little Russian into English dictionary then spread her arms wide with a grand gesture.
‘Your laboratory.’

The second storey contained the Princess’ private apartment. The large box of her possessions was carried up the metal stairs. The room was rather Spartan but there was a kettle, a wireless router and about three years supply of Earl Grey tea bags for which she was eternally grateful.
Itka gave the Princess a long lusty kiss and lead Sevastian downstairs, then departed taking the airport manager with her. The Princess had a shower, made herself a cup of Earl Grey and began to unpack her box of things. She had had a special red and white latex outfit made especially for this assignment.
As the Princess put the costume on in front of the mirror she felt a small sense of trepidation. She had moments of recalcitrance when meeting potential slaves. The eager slaves in question would never understand why.
So many of them had only dabbled in their hidden fantasies. They had never been truly possessed by someone and it often made her a little cautious. They didn’t know what was coming, how deeply she could get under their skin. Quite simply she was very good at what she did and once the bit was in her teeth she would sink her claws into someone as far as they would go.
It didn’t really matter, it was in her blood now, the Princess loved these games too much to stop playing them. That look of helpless devotion gave her a feeling of supreme satisfaction like no other. She pulled on her long red thigh length boots, buffed her outfit until it shone, then sprayed a black line of liquid face paint across her closed eyes and went downstairs.

Sevastian came through the door of the partition and stared at her radiantly delicious form in shock. He stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights and could not find the words.
‘I want you naked and on your knees little puppet.’ she said with an amused seductive tone.
‘Little puppet?’ he said without thinking not remotely used to the situation he found himself in.
‘That’s exactly what you are. Don’t make Me repeat Myself little puppet.’ she said in a voice of seductive mischief.
‘I’m sorry, Princess.’ he said flustered, which made the Princess smile and made him flustered even more.
Uncertain where to change he went back through the partition and came out undressed, obviously embarrassed.
‘On your knees.’ said the Princess slowly and Sevastian knelt down in front of her.
He was nervous and out of his comfort zone, finding himself staring at her shiny red boots and developing a tingling sensation between his legs.
‘You kept Me waiting little puppet.’ she said looking down at him with a grin spreading across her face.
‘I’m sorry Princess, I didn’t know where to change.’ he answered finding himself blushing and his cock hardening at the sound of her voice.
‘That’s not what I meant little puppet. You kept Me waiting and waiting out in the cold.’ she replied shifting her stance which sent a thrill through his whole body.
‘The Artic weather is moody and unpredictable, I’m sorry the helicopter took so long to arrive. At least you had somewhere comfortable to sit.’ he laughed feeling slightly unsure whether it was appropriate to make a joke.
‘Yes, I did. I don’t think his face will ever be the same again.’ came her response with an involuntary laugh attached to it.
‘Lucky man.’ he replied his mind obviously contemplating what it would be like to be used in such a way.
‘We appear to have a guest.’ said the Princess with a cool smile looking down at him at the erection that had grown to its full height at being so close to her.
‘I can’t help it. Just being alone with you makes me burn.’ he answered blushing unable to meet her gaze.
‘You’re not in some brothel in Yakutsk little puppet.’ she said with a playful scorn that made his cock jump unexpectedly. ‘Stand up.’ she commanded with a voice of velvet.
‘Yes Princess.’ he stuttered and got to his feet, his joints obviously not liking the sudden movement.
The Princess reached over and grasped his erection and pulled it firmly until Sevastian let out a loud gasp and had to stand on his tip toes to prevent it hurting. She pulled the unlucky appendage as far as it would go until the man let out a moan of pleasure and pain. She then let go of him and wiped her hand slowly and teasingly in his hair, leaving his cock so hard it hurt.
‘What are you?’ he said frightened, excited and beguiled all at once.
‘You have no idea.’ she said placing her palm flat against his chest and pushing so he had to make a quick step backwards. She kept going until his back met the chequer board painted wall with a thud,  breathing heavily, his pupils wide.
‘Say My name.’ she whispered, her hand still pressed against his chest, the warm latex pushed against his bare skin.
‘Princess Indigo.’ he said shakily.
‘Call Me Princess!’ came the stern reply and she lifted his chin upward until his head banged against the wall,‘Say it little puppet, say “Yes Princess.”’
‘Yes Princess.’ he stammered, the volume dying in his throat.
‘With conviction.’ came her unimpressed reply as she pushed the top of her thigh boots uncomfortably between his legs.
‘Yes Princess!’ he said urgently.
‘Try harder.’ she replied the corners of her mouth turning upward cruelly.
‘YES PRINCESS!’ he said loudly, the words filling the whole room.

‘Better little puppet.’ she said stepped back, he motioned to follow her, ‘Stay where you are.’ she commanded freezing him to the spot.
The Princess walked into the kitchen, feeling Sevastian’s eyes glued to her departing form. He listened as the kettle was filled and began to look around him. On the wall directly opposite, exactly level with his eye line one of the chequer board squares was a raised block of wood. He was stood wondering what it was for when the Princess returned and emptied a very large box of drawing pins in a wide circle around is feet.
‘Was that really necessary? I wasn’t going anywhere krasivyj.’  he found himself saying.
‘Your terms of endearment are not required.’ the Princess scolded with a smile on her face and returned to the kitchen as the kettle came to the boil.
He heard a cupboard door opened, a cup put down on the work surface, water being poured     and the fridge door opened and closed.
Sevastian was alarmed when the Princess emerged carrying a hammer and a nail. She strutted slowly over to the raised black wooden block and nailed a small something onto it.
‘Say my name.’ she said not turning round.
‘Princess.’ he said instantly.
‘Again.’ she snapped.
‘Princess.’ he replied eager not to disappoint her.
‘Not good enough little puppet. Again.’ she scolded, looking over her shoulder.
‘Princess!’ he said with all the intensity he could manage.
‘Good.’ she said reached up for a small metal lighter that sat on the wooden block and lit the blue touch paper that dangled from the Catherine Wheel she had nailed there.

Stepping back, Princess Indigo turned out the lights and Sevastian’s eyes were drawn to the bright spinning Catherine Wheel.
Every ten seconds a projector flashed the word ‘Princess’ in bright neon letters onto the scene and he found he could not look away. Round and round it went lighting up the small room, the sparks burning tiny holes in the paintwork and the flooring, the room filling with the distinctive smell it made.
Round and around it continued creating vivid circles of yellows, oranges and reds in bright succession. It span erratically pausing on the nail it was held by and then launching itself once more as a new cascade of colours began. Each time her name flashed onto the screen he felt his cock throb, his head lost in the whirlwind of colours and sensations, until the Catherine Wheel exploded in a hail of urgent sparks and the lights came back on.

Princess Indigo emerged carrying a cup of tea and lent provocatively against the doorway and smiled to herself.
‘Twisted little English girl. My eyes hurt. I almost stepped on the drawing pins when you switched the lights back on. What a noise I would have made.’ said Sevastian and rubbed his eyes with the large muscle of his thumb.
‘You better pick them back up then little puppet.’ said the Princess recovering the box from where she left it and tossing it nonchalantly at him. She sat down in the large white egg shaped chair which had smouldering red upholstery to match her outfit and sipped her tea imperiously.
‘Yes Princess.’ he answered and crouched down gingerly and began to pick up the drawing pins and return them to their box. He pulled a face as his knees protested at the action. Even though the room was warm, the bitter artic did not agree with his age.

‘You’re not what I expected Princess. I’ve never imagined a Dominatrix sitting there casually drinking tea in the middle of her work.’ he said and made a noise as one of the drawing pins stabbed the fleshy tip of his finger.
‘This is one job where I get to do what the fuck I want. What did you expect little puppet?’ she said holding the cup close to her mouth and smiling.
‘More whips and chains, more bow and scrap, more kiss my ass. You’re a little eccentric.’ he said not brave enough to look at her.
‘The word you’re looking for is nutty.’ chuckled the Princess.
‘I can feel the warmth from you from over here. There’s a benevolence to you but it’s mixed up with darkness and anger. You enjoy letting the devil out of the box, however sweet your nature.’ he said.
‘You’ve been talking to Itka. Now stop basing your assumptions on other peoples words and pick up your drawing pins little puppet.’ she said matter of factly.
He carefully swept up the last group of pins with the edge of his hand, closed the box and slowly stood up. The Princess put down her cup, strutted over to him, retrieved the box, opened it and emptied the contents out in a big pile.
‘I haven’t finished my tea.’ she said and sat back down.
‘Yes Mistress.’ he said and bent back down.
‘Mistress is not an acceptable form of address to me. Call Me Princess!’ Princess Indigo growled.
‘I thought that’s what you were.’ he said furrowing his brow as he crouched back down again.
‘I am obviously a Dominatrix little puppet, but I am also much more than that. It is something you should always remember when dealing with Me. Call Me Princess. It is a title I chose for myself but I earned the status it implies. That is how I choose to be addressed by those who know Me and serve Me. It’s what pleases Me the most and you will not forget it!’ there was a dark seductive fury underneath the words and Sevastian found it both chilling and exciting to behold.

‘Chyort voz’mi!’ he swore as the bottom of the box fell open, return its content back to its brethren and he had to begin again.
He felt himself blushing brightly as the frustration made the erection between his legs grown harder and harder. He could sense her eyes upon him, examining him, judging and appraising him silently. He concluded his task once more, and as the Princess rose to her feet he felt confused, beguiled, humiliated and excited all at once.
‘Finished Princess.’ he said and bowed his head a little.
‘We have not.’ the Princess answered with a cold curtness to her voice and she hurled her cup at the closed main door, breaking it into several angry pieces causing an electric jolt of surprise to run through his entire body.
‘Ty sumasshedshiy.’ he said covering himself with his arms as it broke.
‘Translate little puppet.’ she said impatiently.
‘Crazy. You’re crazy Princess. Crazy.’ he said unable to hide his emotions.
‘You have no idea little puppet. You have no fucking idea.’ was all she said.

Sevastian woke up with a start and for a few moments he did not know where he was. His watery eyes began to clear and the black and white squares that covered everything prodded his travel weary memory. The realised he was perched on a chair, tried to stand up and quickly discovered that he was tied to it and his tormentor was nowhere to be seen.
From the kitchen came a sound and the Princess emerged without a word, carrying a glass and carton of fruit juice on a silver tray.
He found himself fervently watching her every sublime step as she placed the juice and the glass on the wooden block where the Catherine Wheel had been before.
As he lifted his eyes he noticed a spiral had been painted on the square. He found his gaze continually drawn to it, as if it were something shiny that caught the light.
‘How nice of you to get me a chair Princess.’ he said with the tiniest morsel of sarcasm.
‘You were very tired after your journey, Mayor Itka was very helpful.’ the Princess said with a knowing smile
His head was fuzzy and even though they had been lovers he blushed at the thought of Itka seeing him naked beside the Princess. He had an image in his mind of Itka whispering in the Princess ear and handing her something. There was another image of the Princess stood over him wearing a strap-on and her saying the words ‘Call Me Princess’ over and over again in his mind making his cock throb harder than it had ever throbbed before.
‘What happened?!’ he said the memories too cloudy to recall.
‘You’ll never know for sure. You liked it though little puppet. You liked it a lot.’ said the Princess seductively, ‘Almost as much as you obviously like being tied up.’ she laughed.
‘Tell me what happened!’ he yelled, struggling in his bonds, causing him to become more aroused more stimulated and more confused.
‘Hussssssh little puppet.’ said the Princess purring and placed a finger on his lips, then ran her fingers through his hair making him moan softly, ‘You’re my prisoner little puppet and I’m not going to let you go.’
‘Is this what you do in your job? Is this what you do to people?’ he said in a quiet breathless tone, his eyes catching the painted spiral on the wall once again.
‘I do all sorts of things.’ she purred.
‘I can’t do this. I shouldn’t be here. I just want an ordinary life.’ he said his emotions getting the better of him.
‘Ssssssh, little puppet.’ said the Princess her hands sweeping through his hair slowly one way and then the other in a totally disarming manner, ‘Be a good little puppet and you can have some special juice later. You want some special juice, don’t you?’ said the Princess in a syrupy tone.
‘Yes Princess.’ he said quite pathetically his head swimming.
‘Good little puppet.’ she said in an overly breathy way and ran a fingertip along the underside of his cock which made him gasp.
‘Did you like that little puppet?’
‘You know I did.’ he blurted out, breathing heavily.
The Princess leaned in and kissed the side of his neck softly and rubbed his cock with the flat of her hand until he let out a loud moan which caused her to immediately stop.
‘I think it’s time for you to have some of my special fruit juice.’ she said rising slowly and walking to over it.
His eyes glanced from the spiral to the Princess’ dizzyingly beautiful latex clad body and back again. As she stood there slowly pouring the juice into the glass, it gave him a rush of pleasure that he had absolutely no control of.
‘Shall I tell you a secret little puppet?’ said the Princess with a knowingly disarming smile.
‘Yes Princess, please…’ replied Sevastian his voice full of longing.
‘This isn’t just a glass of fruit juice, it’s a magic potion I made especially for My little puppet.’ she answered and without giving him chance to respond the glass was at his lips and an exotic mixture of flavours in his mouth.
Despite being unsure of what was in it he found himself swallowing. His head felt dizzy and he couldn’t be sure if it was the intensity of the moment or something in the drink. He found himself staring at her unable to concentrate on anything else.
‘Little puppet…’ he muttered unable to form a sentence, her presence wrapping around his psyche and squeezing slowly like a python.
‘That’s exactly what you are. A helpless little puppet for My amusement. I know deep down inside that’s all you ever wanted to be.’ said the Princess slowly, making Sevastian hang on every word that came out of her English lips.

Without him barely noticing she raised the glass again. He swallowed once more and felt a warm dreamy tide wash over him. The proximity of her soft orange hair and the tight latex made her seem more and more vivid. Images of the Catherine Wheel he had been made to watch earlier began to flash into his mind and he felt part of himself surrender in a way he had never done.
‘What have you given me? It’s very good.’ he said forcing the words to form even though all he wanted to do was remain silent and gaze at her.
‘Perhaps it’s just your imagination little puppet. I know how impressionable little puppets get.’ said the Princess wickedly, and the uncertainty just made his cock ache harder and harder.
He began to feel giddy. His surroundings seemed fuzzy and blurry, while the Princess glowed bright and shining. Sparks seemed to fly from her and he felt a surge of euphoria as more and more emotions were emptied from their dusty boxes. There was a supernatural quality surrounding her and he felt his old life crumble beneath his tired feet.
‘Don’t fight it little puppet.’ urged the Princess seeing the looking in his eyes and she raised the last glass of juice to his mouth, like a beautiful exotic sorceress from his adolescent dreams.
‘Princess, what’s happening to me.’ he said in a weak defenceless voice drinking down the last of it.
‘I’m going to take over your life little puppet and you won’t be able to stop Me.’ she replied.
It was the most alluring thing he had ever heard and a flood of pleasure swept through right him and the room swallowed him up.

He wasn’t sure if it was morning or evening but he felt like he had slept for a long time. He found himself in his bed, in the small room specially built for him. He pulled back the covers and sat up putting his feet on the floor. Looking down he realised that someone had taken up the carpet and painted a large spiral on the bare metal beneath. The sight of the spiral made his cock start to harden again and he couldn’t hide from himself that he liked what was happening to him.
He stretched, showered and when he returned to his room found a box sat on his bed with a robe and pair of shoes in it. He put them on, made breakfast, found another spiral on the kitchen door and stood there eating toast and staring at it, longing for the Princess, his erection poking through his robe.
He went through to the main room to find it devoid of furniture. Instead there was a rickety tower of children’s building blocks, upon which sat the silver tray with a small bottle of perfume on it. Round the neck of the bottle was a folded little black tag, which he had to ease open to read. ‘Deeper and deeper little puppet.’ it said.

The tower of bricks began to wobble, the silver tray tilted to one side and whole structure collapsed, causing the perfume bottle to smash on the floor. An overwhelming sweet ethereal smell filled the entire room. His senses became foggy and the longing for the Princess grew even stronger. A large screen dropped from the ceiling in front of him, separating him from the broken glass and a spinning spiral began to turn right in front of his eyes.
As he stood there transfixed by it, he remembered that he had been woken on several occasions before, made to watch it then commanded to forget. The covert disorientation and manipulation by one so beautiful and alluring made his cock stir even more. Being tricked into watching the spiral was erotic on so many levels. The mesmerising feeling becoming more and more sexy with every moment. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Princess.
The sweet vapour of the perfume touched every surface and his nostrils would get a new rush of it his body responding with a powerful shower of euphoria with flashes of the firework and her name in his mind. Then the moment would fade only to have nostrils register the scent again and the cycle would repeat.
The only other sensation he had was growing hunger, a huge need for the Princess he could not ignore. The more he watched the spiral the more the sensations spread through his entire body and the recent memories of the Princess in breathtaking red and white latex seared themselves once more into his brain.

The hours crumbled away and he found himself drifting out of the deep erotic state to find the room empty and cleared of all signs of earlier activity. As his mind began to clear he sensed he was naked once more, even though he had no recollection of taking off his robe.
The main doors opened and in she came slowly, confidently. Her flame coloured hair and the glistening tight clothing so entrancing, so vivid, so utterly powerful. There was a fire in her eyes. Underneath her sweet nature was something wild, burning incandescently.
Just a single glance from her cut right through him. In those few short steps across the floor she took the last of him and he fell to his knees quite pathetically.
‘Hello little puppet.’ she said in a soft but superior tone.
‘All I can see is your name in my mind.’ he said, a giddy desperate mess at her feet.
‘Round and round it goes little puppet. Like a Catherine Wheel, like a firework. My name burning brightly as it spins around and around like a spiral in your mind.’ she said slowly and softly the words filled with temptation, like a lipstick kiss on his very core.
It was all so deliberate, so calculating, so effortless. He felt caught and liberated at the same moment. Freer than he had ever felt but bound in bright silver chains.
‘Welcome to your new life little puppet.’ she said, recognising the moment she had broken someone, as she had done so many times before.
‘Even when you’re not there I feel you in my mind, toying with me, manipulating me and I love it. I totally love it.’ he said helplessly his emotions in freefall, on the verge of tears.
‘From the first word you uttered, I could see you didn’t stand a chance.’ she said with a warm chuckle that had conquered slaves by the score.
‘That laugh. That evil fucking laugh. It’s so delicious.’ was all he could manage.
‘Is that all you have to say little puppet?’ she answered with razor sharp allure.
‘I want to give you my life. You can have me. Take it, fucking take it all. I want to be the best slave you’ve ever had. I want to be your favourite. Show me what it takes to be number one.’ he said the tears breaking.
‘They all say that little puppet. They don’t understand what I look for, what interests Me. What delights Me little puppet is personality, creativity and loyalty. Someone who can amuse Me and make Me laugh. Someone who deep down inside wants to serve Me, not just to get their kicks. People who will stick with Me through thick and thin. That is what I look for. I cannot teach you those things little puppet, only nurture them and watch them grow.’
‘Show me how, show me! I surrender. I’m yours!’ he pleaded with tears running down his faced and the Princess sighed a long sigh.
‘So desperate so soon little puppet.’ the Princess replied with a tiny smile, ‘A long time ago, a dark mysterious woman with magical green eyes and long raven black hair taught Me something about surrender. She has done far more wicked things than I and enslaved far more many souls, so she was apt to know of what she spoke.’
‘Tell me. Pleease.’ he begged, his emotions flooding his little heart.
‘It is like a journey little puppet. There are many twists and turns, it ebbs and it flows.’ replied the Princess.
‘I’ll do any test, any ordeal, whatever you want. Just tell me what I have to do.’ he implored.
‘Like all great mysteries, it will not reveal itself all at once. The only way to experience the journey is to take it.’
He fell silent not receiving the answers he expected and looked up at her with an uncertain expression the way a dog looks at its owner seeking clarity for some unexplained action.
‘And you little puppet, have already begun…’ was her reply and she walked out the door.

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