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Twitter Fetish

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Twitter Fetish

Twitter. What started to be a basic and entertaining technique of keeping in touch with  friends, has been taken over by technology like a swarm of migrating birds. Now, with huge numbers of websites utilizing this new technology and mobile phones accessing the internet from any location, twitter has expanded to ensure that over 100 million followers are now informed of each single menial activity happening at any time.

Twitter, for all of us who aren’t accustomed to it, is much like a cross between Facebook and texting. From your phone, you can choose who you follow and who sees your twitters. It’s like Facebook because you can follow a writer or online groups which will post tweets, often available as updates, directly on your phone via text messages. It resembles updating your Facebook status, just put into practice more frequently.

Younger generations developed a fetish for twitter and connect to friends virtually. Yet, something few anticipated was the power twitter, and also other technology that allows frequent status updates, possesses. People are unaware of the risks, while they are posting on their Facebook wall about their vacation, or twitter that they are on their way to the grocery store. But these simple status updates are extremely informative for a thief or rapist.

Online security has started to become an expanding threat. Now, it truly is increasingly simple to know where your friends are and what they are doing. The thing is, many people don’t realize the risk involved with these social networking mediums as a strategy to connect to friends. You are just talking to your pals, right? Well . . . not at all times. Statistics show that approximately two out of three cases of rape are committed by someone who knows their victim. Thus, twittering, or posting a Facebook status update, such as “Jacky Browne is heading towards the parking area to get her car, might not be such a sensible idea.

If  you really want to be safe while using the internet, never make comments, update statuses, or twitter about your neighborhood because that will give away your location to anybody. Also, make an effort to only have trusted friends following your statuses, whether on Facebook, twitter, or other medium. This new world of technology poses dangers, even when used safely, because it can inform malicious people of your confidential information. Technology like security alarm systems do a superb job of protecting homes and people. Don’t give up on technology or declare it evil as of this time. But DO Stay technology savvy. Protect yourself.

– Dwayne Stoltzfus

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