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Which of your fetishes are sexual, and which are spiritual?

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Scarlet Starlet asks- ‘Which of your fetishes are sexual, and which are spiritual?’

I am a strong advocate for BDSM and fetish to be used in a spiritual context- many acts within these disciplines have been carried out for millennia within the realms of ritual and religion. As a pagan I find it very important to listen to my body, as well as using it as a portal for extraordinary experiences outside of the day to day.

Pain is used often in tribal and religious as a rite of passage or a form of penitence. Pain puts the head in a space which can not be achieved otherwise with out herbal or chemical stimulation. By earning that space and reaching it through sacrifice there is an extra dimension brought to this experience. For me hook suspensions, as well as heavy pain play can provide this form of experience for me- though it is harder for me to relax into the correct mind set to get the most out of these experiences if I am fully in control- so for me submission is important- or stricture like performance which means I have to go through the act in a certain way.

Bondage and sensory deprivation are often used to encourage a similar mindset. Though I do less durational bondage these days outside of my art performances I have had very spiritual experiences from long periods of encasement bondage as well as from the endurance based self bondage- using my own will power to stay motionless for long periods within my art works.

Through total submission within my Master’s dungeon I feel we follow an invocation ritual, which echos deity worship. To give oneself so completely to another within such a sacred space can be nothing other than spiritual- to love is spiritual act as is to submit, and conversely to dominate.

When I use costume at clubs and within performance I echo many tribal rites using masking and costume, music and dance, theatre and spectacle to create magic, invoke deities and send out energy or wishes into the world. A spell can take  on any form. This also relates to object fetishism and the historic use of the term fetish to mean an item instilled with magical powers, if you are to fetishise an item of your lovers to become a totem of them- when you use that item for comfort or sexual purposes are you not invoking them?

Blood is considered a strong magical constituent across history throughout the arts, religions and tribal spaces. I adore bleeding and feeling blood come close to the surface of the skin- bodily fluids are powerful when used within ritual. Consider the myths surrounding semen (look at the rape of Athena) and menstrual blood (there were an incredible amount of magical properties which it was taught menstrual blood had including that ‘crops touched by it become barren’***) So if we are able to sense the power within blood it is unsurprising we are so drawn to it- think of the undying vampire fandoms! When I bleed- usually from piercings I enjoy the sensation of bleeding and enjoy the feel of it on my hands, tasting it and applying it to my face. I feel powerful and vital- alive.

The use of sexual energy and fetishistic acts are often over looked within magic but if we are considering that the more energy tied into an act there is the more powerful it is. If we are to use the LaVeyian idea that the more taboo an act is, the more it outrages the more energies are attached to it and thus is has more energy, more power behind it.*

LaVey, Annie Sprinkle and many other magic practitioners also suggest that an orgasm is one of the most powerful ways to push out energy into the world- and this can be harnessed within rituals or spells. Alternatively- Phil Hine** suggests that an orgasm dissipates any sexual energy built up and the energy built with out orgasm can be used more effectively.
But this is a pre-existing discussion for others to carry out- not I!

So in conclusion I feel a great deal of my fetishes can be used in a spiritual way. For me sex and fetish and spirituality exist in over lapping planes which can be self satisfactory with out the need of the others [expect sex- that almost always needs fetish for me!], whilst at other times the overlap is vital.

*See Anton LaVey: The Satanic Witch.
** See Phil Hine: PerMutations
*** Pliny the Elder: Natural History: A Selection

About the Author
Cynth Icorn is a young fetish model, performer and club promoter based in London, England.

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